Group Rules

There are a few "rules" that should be followed when participating in events with the group so that everyone can enjoy the group and feel safe and welcome.

1. Always bring poop bags for your pup. Cleaning up after our dogs is important for keeping everyone else safe, but also so that we are allowed back to the places we visit! Let's set a great example and keep the parks, trails, and other locations clean for future guests. If you forget, someone else probably has one, so ask around!

2. Always bring water for your pup. Especially in hot weather, but even in cooler weather. You know your dog best, of course, but if you're ever not sure, err on the side of caution.

3. Supervise your pup at all times. For the safety of everyone in the group, pay attention to where your dog is and, if your dog is getting into trouble or making another dog feel unsafe or uncomfortable, know when to remove your pup from the situation. Some dogs get pretty amped up at parks or while on leash. This doesn't mean don't come to events! This just means recognize when you need to give your pup a break, walk away, or head home a little early. Group members will appreciate your awareness, and will be more than happy to have your pup back again in the future. :)

4. Know your dog! This seems to go without saying, but be aware of your pup's safety and well-being. If your dog seems overly stressed, anxious, lethargic, nervous, etc., or if he or she is exhibiting behaviors out of the norm, it's OK to leave early, request a break in some shade, or take a break from the event.

5. Respect everyone, in the group or not. There are lots of different theories about training and raising dogs. Please recognize this and respect the decisions of others. If for some reason you believe a dog is in danger or uncomfortable, or if you believe someone in the group is struggling with their dog, please address those issues with respect, and understand that some people may not wish to hear your advice. Along those same lines, please respect those who DO ask for advice or help with an issue or a question, and offer your opinion with grace and without judgment.

6. Bring up any issues or concerns with group members or their pups with the group organizer. If you ever feel like there is an issue or concern that needs to be addressed, please contact the organizer of the group directly. If the organizer feels there is a legitimate concern or ongoing issue, that will be addressed directly with the group member, and it will not be shared with any other group members.

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