Kara G.


Gypsy Rose Morgan


San Antonio, TX
Hometown: San Antonio

Organizer since:

April 2, 2007

Since this is a RPG club what Game Systems or Characters do you play & as we support all types of gaming in addition to roleplaying. What other types of games or board games do you play, & name your favorite campaign & movies?

Favorite game is D&D obviously, Favorite Race is Elf or halfling, Favorite class is Cleric, I like to lead people. Favorite movie, there are so many, but LOTR, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Carribean and Gone with the Wind top the list.

Do you have any environmental preferences, i.e. due to alergies of pets or smoke, or do you smoke? We want you to be comfortable.

Yes, Southern Dragons of GB7 and also a small group of friends also.

We are a club and we ask people for a Donation of 15.00 per year to maintain this groups activities, are you interested in supporting Southern Dragons and recieve access to additional benefits? Voluntary, no pay to play.

I already am a member. This allows me the responsibility of running this board and the priveledge of decided what the club does, like when we went to the ren fair and we had our expenses paid by the club, was great. Hope more join!!!

Do you like to sling dice, role play or both? (This helps us determine which type of game you prefer, some of our DM's dont like power gamers, others do.) See <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9_VXVWNV0I">God Made a Gamer</a> for philosophy

I like to role play, hack and slash and no character development lends nothing to the story and takes away from the adventure, sometimes the best way to handle intelligent monster is to talk to him, especially if he is way above your level.

In order to try to better place you in a game, what is your preferred day, time to attend a game or do you have a current group you play with now? (Members are given priority to games/tables will be split if game gets to large/if no game call us).

No answer yet


I like to game, I like movies, I like people. Lets get together and have fun with games or exercise with a game of basketball, tennis, golf or softball.

What Kara G. is saying about this Meetup Group

I love seeing new faces at the table and returning faces even more, we love to fun and grow the groups and add more of your games and ideas. If your serious about fun and gaming, you should make a good addition to the group. We have sources for most games, and experience for the rest, and a lot of creativity. We try to stick to the rules as much as possible, but often find the rule too hard for some players to grasp or too simple to handle the play properly, we play 1st edition feel with D20 rules. High magic is allowed, but not power gaming. We start with core rules and campaign materials. Other materials are by approval only. we are looking for people for a D20 3.5 Wild North Blackmoor - Scarred Lands - Dragonlance - Planescape, Pathfinder Advanced, 4E campaign, Star Wars, Fireborn, Deadlands and a Rolemaster campaign. Kara Geilman 210-641-6712

Club Donation

$15.00 Annually

This covers: Library cost, Library Priveledges, Event costs, & this site (144.00 a year).

Payment is accepted using:

  • PayPal
  • Cash or check - “Mail payment for $15.00 yearly to 6514 Rambling Trail Dr. San Antonio, Tx 78240

Your organizer will refund you if:

  • Your organizer closes their Meetup Group
  • If after submitting your application for membership, membership application is Denied. If you attend an event, bring dues with application to the Event and give it to an officer or counsel member, usually they are your Game Master.

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