LA SPIRITUAL BUT NOT RELIGIOUS Events, Philosophy Discussion Groups, & Co-Created Services:  Positive, outside the box, accepting individuals/ communities centered around the wisdom of focusing on positive thoughts, energy, & actions.  This community is made up of individuals who EITHER:

a).  Are Interfaith ~or~ have a different spiritual path, or don't label themselves as Christian, *but* have found something worthwhile to practice, or celebrate ~something~ about the idea of GOD, a-divine-presence or Christianity; or exploring it is part of their spiritual journey;  -OR- 

b).  are exploring an Outside The Box perspective of Christianity (SCROLL DOWN for different expressions of what this now means). 

Diverse network of friends cocreating Outside The Box community Activities/Events, Resources, Services/ Peer Prayer Circles, etc in So Cal, especially West LA/ Santa Monica. Meetups all days & times.  For people who share genuine friendship, acceptance, celebrate diversity & a positive attitude!

Along with diverse other meetups, WE HOST MONTHLY on a Sunday(occasionally on other days/times):

1).  2:00 pm( this month it's 10am July 12th!):  LA BODY-Centered Meditative Interactive Spiritual Sunday Service; followed by--

2).  3:00 pm ( this month it's 11:30am July 12th!):  LA Co-Created Spiritual Sunday Service:  Creative Sharing, Interactive Activities, Discussion, & Peer Support.

For people looking for solid friends, who aren't only interested in their own journey, but instead really enjoy being there for each other: Peers who celebrate the focus of this site. This is especially a safe place for folks who either don't quite fit in at their church, don't have a church or spiritual community; simply feel disconnected in LA;  or have been tossed about by the storms of life, & just need a place to rest & reload before going back out again. This community is for anyone who enjoys & accepts friendship & leadership from positive, friendly, open-minded people from any background (no matter their:  style choices, skin color, shape, age, gender, financial situation, sexual preferences, enjoyment or support of interfaith gatherings, celebration of a sacred feminine journey, nonreligious Christians, Christians who have more questions than answers, People who've grown weary of organized religion altogether, People who've chosen not to have kids, Christians who prefer to pray only in nature, etc... etc...). And especially people who have inspiring new ideas for the directions of Spirituality or Christianity in their community & want to be active cocreating activities, services, & resources with the community on this site! If your definition of religion includes a rule book, then this community is not for you. It's certainly not for the religious:  It's for people who live by their own rhythms & source their decisions/actions from spirit & their heart, --rather than letting their lives be dictated, & limited, by mainstream society.

This site/ community welcomes & celebrates solid friendships with, & leadership from Outside The Box people who don't label themselves as Christian, have chosen a different spiritual path, ~OR~ who may be exploring Christianity or have found some things they really celebrate about it, &/or find worthwhile to practice personally in life:  People who are coming to participate with genuine enthusiasm & friendship: We don't cross-examine people, & we celebrate their individual energy as a gift just as worthy as anyone else attending; & their suggestions & help re cocreation of things do & what this community can evolve to, are as gratefully received as anyone else’s.

We embrace the knowledge that our lives are continuously enriched by each other’s unique gifts: We look forward to coming to this community because it's not ‘homogenized’:  because we celebrate that we’re all exquisitely diverse, & feel welcome to share it, look & act differently; not hide, or change it:  A space beyond conventional conceptions of Spirituality, & what our group, or individual, role is in society:  instead solely focused on the unlimited, fantastic, unknown potentials of spirit & all human beings.  An atmosphere that inspires us to feel welcome to continuously contribute something from each of our unique personalities & backgrounds, & inspire or cocreate new kinds of positive spiritual resources, support, directions & contexts for communities, --& wherever our gifts & inspiration can bring something positive.   And whoever we are, we're all committed to continuously grow:  "Churches" are oftentimes introverted and disconnected to the larger picture: This group seeks to create bridges and link people to a wider community & perspective.

This site isn't focused on internet discussion /chat, but instead providing diverse opportunities to meet in-person & find or cocreate --Spiritual gatherings, ministry, services, churches, home churches, home schools. --that resonate with us, --& build lasting meaningful friendships, find real community.  1 of our members hosts a meetup to 'Discuss spirituality from a new angle ~ possibly leading to a "New Renaissance Church."

Most meetups & community resources posted are free, some are by donation no one turned away for lack of funds;  occasionally someone will post something that has a small fee to attend:  Fellowship (& spiritual, mental, or physical well being support) is often times cut off or divided because some folks don't have the financial means necessary to "hang out:" We wish to bridge those gaps and find ways that people can get together (+ find community resources for support) without the added stress of spending money to do so. Some of our members are full time students, others are starving artists; so we're sensitive about other's conditions.  Keeping that in mind you're most welcome to suggest anything you think would be particularly interest or meaningful to people; so long as it honors this & the other themes of our site described on this page.


Some happening, some being planned: Your ideas here: ___________ ... the possibilities are infinite: Please add your ideas! You don't need to be interested in everything below; most activities happen at separate meetups for whoever is specifically interested in that activity; only some meetups have a variety of activities happening together. If you keep scrolling down, you'll find VERY different things listed; +  please remember that no one thing on this site represents every individual or group in this community: This community is extremely diverse; we celebrate & are enriched by each other's differences --without us needing to all agree or all follow exactly the same paths:  & the knowledge of this is what creates harmony & a loving community for us.***


OUTDOORS, INTERACTIVE, PARTICIPATORY, CREATIVE, INNOVATIVE, COCREATIVE, &/or ACTIVE: especially where people are not sitting passively like an audience, being lectured (but instead interacting in groups, pairs, or all sit in a circle; or are walking/hiking, etc...; Communities where ENVIRONMENT & PEOPLE are VIVID with COLOR, ART. Where folks, no matter their appearance/background, sit together, enjoy the experience together, are WARM, EFFUSIVE, INCLUSIVE, LAUGH, HUG, have Deep bonds of friendship. Services that invite you to bring ANIMALS that are family members( & bless them too :); Services that engage & celebrate the body in prayer like incorporates parts of the bible & listen to favorite worship music while doing yoga instead of chanting Indian mantras or listening to Yoga music ).  We provide more 'interactive' participatory activities, + invitations to lead &/or cocreate new directions (...& still a more accepting, Outside The Box approach), --than 'Agape International Spiritual Center', & 'The Loft LA', --but we list them, --as they offer (especially in their smaller meetings) a more positive, accepting, & participatory environment than most places; & it's important for people to always have somewhere to go, if there's not a meetup posted here on some day/time when you're available.


HIKES intersperced with creative, humorous, inspirational, or 'get-to-know-you' GAMES.  Ballroom/ SOCIAL DANCING; + dances where you can bring your dog; GREEN/ SUSTAINABLITY Activities:  Book/Seed/Record/etc SWAPS; PERMACULTURE Classes; Local, EXOTIC Edible GARDEN tastings. HOLIDAY Parties.  Querky Whimsical MUSEUMS; FREE COMMUNITY MEALS (*not* charity) in interesting communities.


1. DRAW/ DOODLE/ PAINT a mureal together, while we DJ our favorite MUSIC, & brainstorm about ART & SPIRIT;

2.  creative ACTIVISM/ community service around Spirit: brainstorm ideas & make plans; etc...;

3.  Separate into groups of at least 3 or 4, DISCUSS & BRAINSTORM our current journeys in some topic; support each other to 'live God' in the journey, + suggest ways/exercises/resources to do this. Some topic examples:  physical well being; education; coming of age; women's empowerment; community building; animals; performing; outsidetheboxness/ future studies/ new frontiers; romance/relationships; gender/GLBT; addictions; grief; sharing joy; arts; service; parenthood; humor :) ...

4.  SERVICE WHILE HIKING --including SINGING while hiking/ MUSICIANS playing while walking + possibly an area folks can BRING their DOGS; contact us if you'd like to colead this service, or play music;

5.  SPIRITUAL or PROBLEM-SOLVING IMPROV: Act out the parts of people in someone's challenging life situation (or something going on in the world):  When you have an idea/solution/supportive-prayer  tell everyone to 'freeze', jump in & replace someone, then the scene starts again --but with your idea/solution/prayer being incorporated.

6.  WILDCRAFTING exotic edibles & cocreated Peer Prayer Circle on a HIKE:

7. AFTER SOCIAL Activities at least MONTHLY we have different COCREATED PEER PRAYER Activities & CIRCLES:

6.   receive or give prayer 1-on-1 from individuals you met that you resonate with;

7.  go around a circle & request prayer from the group for some issue for yourself, other individuals, or the world;

8.  brainstorm as a group world issues, individuals, or groups we’d like to pray for as a group .

9.  hop into a car (or 2, or 3…) & arrive unexpectedly at friends' homes & business (who we know will appreciate this), & surprise them with a shower them with prayer.

10.  In groups of 5, --have 1 person lie down, fully clothed, & receive prayer from 4 people while simultaneously receiving therapeutic massage from them (I bring a table & without taking more than a few minutes, show people unfamiliar with massage simple ways to massage without stressing your hands or body);

11. To live music, walk around a circle & as you meet someone walking towards you --simultaneously sing some favorite section of the bible, or favorite part of a Spiritual song, --while doing dance &/or pantomime/ hand gestures which are symbolic of the prayer;

12.  ~alternative~ pihop activities: pick a phrase or 2 from the bible that is particularly inspiring someone; talk about it, meditate on it, then sing the words improvisationally/ecstatically as a group prayer ( but focused on everyone participating, not 'performing' --not having an audience: At pihop only the 'teams' that 'perform' go thru this whole process).

13.  do Kundalini Yoga together (especially outdoors) before or after prayer circle.


This site is a work & progress, --the front page will continuously change; check back, & collaborate :)

"Life Has No Remote:   Get Up And Change It Yourself"

What Do You Love?  Here are a mix of interests that different individuals in this community love, or have had as part of their journey, + some that are part of meetup topics/events that different folks post.  Also some topics are things people have had experiences with in the past --but are now opening to different perspectives & looking to connect with others who have a similar journey: animals, campfires, storytelling, group singing, egalitarian, peer mentors, ephiphany, collective, Sci-fi/Fantasy, AMICA, reciprocation, unschooling, Dr. Seuss, abundance, mind body spirited, caroling, player pianos, Putumayo, alternative, share, diy, drumming, artists, hikes, hugs, mastery, Corinthians 13, glbt, quirky, futurists, roller coasters, sustainable, intercultural, green trades, volunteering, exchanges, spiritual activism, chanting, jamming, adventure, fun, off the grid, mysticism, collaborate, ancient, regifting, whole raw foods, Sundanese Gamelan, freecycle, recycle, muse, arabian nights, metaphysical, meditative, trance, liturgical, Turkish African groove, Hawaiian, tai chi kung, Native American, Celtic, leadership, Aramaic, Persian, Sanskrit, Social Action, Chinese, Hebrew, Israeli, Spanish, French, guild, consciousness, Bodhi Tree, Agape, reuseit, Burning Man, tribe, Star Trek, Next Generation, fete, soiree, African, esoteric, B'stella, eccentric, somatic, noquartergiven, reenactment, innovation, future studies, rarefruit, SCA, Society for Creative Anachronisms, Art deco, moderne, mad scientists, Metta, Ahisma, Ohana, Hobbit, Houdini, gift economy, Outer Limits, Dragonfruit, Labyrinth of Jared, Halloween, imagineers, Museum of Jurassic Technology, Capoeira, Outer Limits, trampolines, curriculum, homeschool, ministries, acupuncture, Loreena Mckennitt, sisters, pihop, mula bandha, wedding,  transformation, enlightenment, chiropractors, acupuncturists, healers, nutritionists, New Thought, idealism, romanticism, idealists, enthusiasm, Steeleye Span, great blue whale, swaps, really really free market, RRFM, barters, skillshares, reciprocative, Šahrzâd, dojo, Britannic, breathing, whimsical, source, castles, palaces, mentorship, autonomous, underground cities, aquaponics, Career Transition For Dancers; networking, biospheres, independent, intimacy, funtastic, happiness, spirituality, rapturous, friendship, imagination, enthusiastic, delights, Bhangra, Flamenco, masseuse, philosophy, watsu, shiatsu, aston patterning, traeger, thai, swedish, science fiction, fantasy, adventurous, Egyptian, barefoot, partner, desert, spice, Cinnamon, practitioners, diversity, African-American, Mideast, Middle Eastern, Jim Carrey, networking, Yuletide carols, discipleship, accupressure, depth, childfree people as well as parents, diurnal, breathe, archery, moms, Caid, sistas, Nefertiti, hip mamas, sarsaparilla, Pirates of the Caribbean, kindred spirits, soul mates, Somewhere In Time, sunlight, daylight, d3, solar, root beer, ceremonial, Scheherazade, Mosaic, futures oriented, worship, Women's Self Defense, Radiance International, Anne McCaffrey, Phantom Tollbooth, cinnamon, mulberry,  integrity, eye contact, player pianos, orchestrions, Fesenjan, One thousand and one nights, sage, Stonehenge, fathers, party, serve, zaadz, spa, auras, psychic, healing, house of prayer, bringing new directions & acceptance & celebration of the focuses of this site to many of the communities listed in this long paragraph like New Song LA New Prayer LA vintagewestside vineyard, Justice Advocacy and Compassion Ministry, Thanksgiving, philosophical, bistella, entrepreneurs, Cannines at Covenant Presbyterians, cleopatra, pets, affirmations, devotional, outdoors, folk dancing,  philanthropists & leaders, success, sappho, cheshire cat, Stitch, Lilo, white birch, Tesla, Buckminster Fuller, Rube Goldberg, Bo Sanders, Chris Spearman, The Loft LA, OZ, Exploratorium,  tesseract, Jane Eyre, disneyland, Magic Mountain, Angelus, Indiana Jones, Easter, reciprocate, Los Angeles, Marina Del Rey, YMCA, meditation, Burbank, West LA, Venice, Earnest Holmes, Brian McLaren, Conversationalists, Theology, Playa Del Rey, Westwood, UCLA, Pentecostalism, USC, Culver City, Beverly Hills, Orange County, Pasadena, Hollywood, San Fernando Valley, Topanga Canyon, Malibu, Lutheran, Mar Vista, San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach, Orthodox, Anglican, Baptist,, Baldwin Park, Century City, Protestant, Evangelist, Bel Air. Palms, Westchester, inclusiveness, accountability, Pacific Palisades, tree, lights, stockings, California, crete, Jesus, Christmas, tango, new wave 80s dancing, Methodists, therapists, therapeutic, Italian, insight, Shahrzād, ballroom, waltz, rumba, authentic, salsa, mothers, Scotland, Ireland, Shaharazad, ENIGMA, disciple, spiritweaves, Continuum, Dancealive, ragtime, mixer, singles, afternoons, tea, Gabrielle Roth, Do-over, Barefoot Boogie, luaus, westside, rounds, improv, Dr. Ernest Holmes, Rumi, Hafiz, Bujold, Lindskold, survivalists, mermaids, singles, couples, friends, progressive Christianity, midnight mass, new in town, Ignite, Murshid, bliss, Karam, new age, Self Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine, Catholic, gaia, Orkut, university, goddess, college, chants, coptic, ceremony, Unitarian, the well, prophetic, ethereal, plan, sanctified, ecstatic, assist, androgyny, mists of avalon, angels, 5th sacred thing, blessings, unity, hermit, merlin, non-violent, NVC, Santa Claus, Kris Kringle, Jack Frost, metaphysics, vow, mystical, androgynous, Yiddush, Israeli, vasclip, vasectomy, girlfriends, Unitarians, praises, Theologians, sermons, chutzpa, daytime, wizards, Scheherazade, timebanks, Charismatics, bohemians, gallery, alternative currencies, ecstatic, 5 rhythms, womyn, women only, rainbow family, therapeutic massage sharing circles & exchanges, barter, open heartedness, heart centered living, New City Church, pepsin, midnight mass, oneness, goth, swim, Golden Bridge, Lyondemere, south, Barony of Angels, sunshine, learning, Shahrazād, renaissance faire, craigslist, Marina Del Rey, Universalists,YMCA, Burbank, Ojai, San Diego, Tustin, Laguna Beach, West LA, Venice, Playa Del Rey, Westwood, UCLA, USC, Culver City, Beverly Hills, Orange County, Pasadena, Hollywood, San Fernando Valley, Topanga Canyon, Malibu, Mar Vista, Encinitas, Dana Point, San Gabriel Valley, Vista, Long Beach, Buellton, San Luis Obispo, Baldwin Park, Century City, Bel Air. Palms, Westchester, Pacific Palisades, Jules Verne, Steampunk,Emmanuel Swedenborg, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Ernest Holmes, Howard Thurman, transcendentalists, Ralph Waldo Emerson, serendipity.*~*~*~*~*

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