The Way of the Spiritual Warrior is a Meetup group set up to encourage those who penchant is to 'work on themselves" through ceremony or inner work. There are those who seek spiritual adventure and experiences which inform them that "they are in contact with the spirit." And there is a place and a time for such activities.

This group however is primarily for those who have realized that they themselves are the Spirit, that the pursuit of information about spirituality and spiritual adventuring is not ordinarily very healthy or even useful forms of spiritual practice (being motivated by spiritual ambition or spiritual materialism), that the essence of the spiritual path is instead inner work on one's self to raise one's consciousness and vibration. The ultimate goal is, like the Greeks and many others have maintained, to "Know Thyself".

As many advanced spiritual teachers have maintained for aeons, there is nothing to teach. This work is not about getting information about the path. We each are the Path--our own unique walk through life, and our path is walked within our own minds, hearts and body. This experience is not about spiritual authorities, psychics, astrologists, or anyone outside one's self. It is about you and your issues. It is in fact more about stripping off the incorrect understandings, beliefs, fears, assumptions and conditioning that have put one at the effect of our culture, our social behaviors, our opinions, and our own neurotic fixations. Anyone who has done this work will recognize this and look inward instead of seeking outwardly.

What we think we don't have, we have. What we believe we are, we aren't. Everything is within ones self, so there is no need really to go anywhere else than "here now." To access those realms of light we all seek, we venture into the Unknown within, into our subconscious and unconscious aspects of the psyche. This journey is known by some as "the hero's journey" and reflects the disillusionment we experience with the values and fear of life in social cultures, resulting in the dissolution of the ego, the reclaiming of the unconscious and repressed aspects of self, and the reconstitution of Will to live by one's own authority and at the effect of no one. There are many ways a person can work with their unconscious. We can work with dreams or noticing synchronicities. We can learn to work with intent and to restore our Will and Passion for Life. We can work to raise our vibration and to access our intuitive 'knowing' to be our own highest guidance.

Religious beliefs are usually the most difficult obstacles to overcome on this journey, because they are not true but only barriers for consciousness to overcome. But there is a pearl of wisdom in most religious teachings, and the pearl is the understanding that "God is Love." There is truly no "becoming someone acceptable to God"; because we are already unconditionally loved and acceptable, and we always have been. It is we who punish ourselves by choosing lives of pain and fear, It is we who must accept and forgive ourselves for our misuse of life force energy and straying from the Highest Principles we might choose to live by. It is we who must learn how we've mis-created our own lives through our mistaken assumptions or beliefs, our conformance to society's controlling social mores. It is we who will, in our own time, learn Who we already are, What we already are, and How we serve. The Mystery we seek is within Us, and our fear of that mystery guides our every decision on the Path until we surrender to our own Highest Truth and begin to express ourselves here on Earth as God's Will, as Us as we are.

Here at the dawn of this incoming Age, we are being taught about Spiritual Freedom, and the prospect of such a thing...being Free to become Creators in our own right, scarces the holy *** out of most of us...because it means we ourselves must take responsibility for ourselves instead of being in a worshipping or supplemental relationship to the "God out there". It means realizing that the only place one will find or experience That God we all believe is outside ourselves is in our own heart. We are the walking, talking physical expression of That very same God, so to speak. And the quest for our own god within is about how we ourselves choose to express that wisdom, that love, and that heart to one another and to this planet on which we dwell..

The archetype of the Hermit (or the Crone if a woman) is one of the foremost archetypes of transformative experience: the Universal Principle of completion, contemplation and introspection. For those familiar with the Tarot, the Hermit is the 9th esoteric key or "trump card." Like the picture for this Meetup, the hermit carries his (or her) light into his own darkness to discover who he is and restore his own power. For most of us, it is the dark where we discover our own Lightness.

The Hermit is VIRGO, which is the zodiacal sign involving tying up the details from the past, organizing life in harmony, speaking and creating beauty, and reminding us of our own beauty through confronting the inner critic, emotional positivity, spiritual strengths, and external gains in all aspects of outer life. Virgo people create beauty, organize, systematize, bring balance and help to bring harmony.

THE HERMIT is deeply philosophical and demands solitude and space (emotional, psychological, and environmental space). He has a need to experience what is meaningful and significant and has little patience with the superficial or illusory. He holds a deep regard for order and harmony and a deep love for quietude and time spent alone. He is unwilling to communicate or lead in any situations where he has had no experience and  wishes to complete the past before he moves ahead.

The Hermit/Crone is the archetype of the "Wise Person and the Way Shower, Wise Leader, Lantern Bearer"..But the Hermit is also the archetype of Transformation and Rebirth, so the Hermit/Crone contains the entire process of death, transformation and rebirth.

The Hermit knows that he does not know the Truth for everyone and feels that truth in these lower dimensional realities is merely a relative instead of any sort of absolute and final conclusion. He or she recognizes that his own idea of what is true is only his own relative truth, gleaned from his own experience and understanding. Therefore, he does not see himself or herself as “wise”, but as one who knows that whatever wisdom he has absorbed during his life is only his own truth, his own understanding and knowing what works for him. The Hermit therefore refuses the mantle of preacher or counsellor or spiritual advisor and turns any seeker who may come to him back into him/herself for their own answers, guiding if necessary their query into their feeling of separation and isolation.

Hermit is one who leads others in the outer world from that which he or she has directly experienced as opposed to secondary information gathered in from sources like books, magazines, heresay, beliefs, opinions, idealistic goals or made up explanations. He is the “Hand” that reaches out to touch others. His 'teaching' is that each of us must touch Life directly through experiencing it and to avoid willing or advising others to be as he or she is. "Be Yourselves" is his guidance. What are you going to do about your life?

The Hermit brings a need to explore and incorporate his dark aspects of self before the experience of wholeness or individuality can be actualized. Therefore, his attention and focus is inward into his own thoughts, feelings and patterns of behavior rather than outward upon others. His work is within and seldom upon the choices, information or transformative experiences of others. His tools include understanding of  basic psychology, philosophical considerations, his own dreams, and his own introspective insights.

He does not mandate anything as the sole truth or as right for anyone else.. He does not insist on the rightness of his own perspectives. He does not prescribe actions or solutions for others. He does not advise others. He does not interfere in the lives of others in his own authority. He does not attempt to change the choices or intentions of others. He may set an example by his own acts and choices, demonstrating his "Way" of Living", but other than that he is "fatherly" (or she is 'motherly"), supporting others as they live their own lives and supporting others as they find their own answers.

The Lesson of the Hermit is to claim back the power you have given away to feel safe in society or in Nature. No one can give you back your power. You must claim it by doing your inner work.

It can be scary realizing that we each must take complete responsibility for our own life. The only time we can do this is once we realize that we ourselves have created the life we are living and that we can assign blame to no one else if we have created a painful or disappointing life. True authority, true power, comes from comes from this realization, and this too can be scary and intimidating. We must choose and integrate the values, ethics, and self confidence to trust our own will, persistence, endurance, strength and character and discern the right thing to choose moment by moment. We must recognize that only our own inner strength, will and fearlessness gives us that power, so we must choose to step into and become the "me" who can hold and exercise power with grace.

Fear of the outside world or lack of self-love and self-confidence will weaken our power and we will fall into victimhood. Knowing how to use our power and having safeguards and clear boundaries will help us relax in life and be able to use will or power to serve the greater good. We learn that each person must attend to his or her own life path and allow others to solve their own inner issues. We learn to balance on ‘nothing at all’. We gain the spiritual understanding and strength to respect our own life and limitations so that others can take responsibility for their own problems and path. 

The archetype of the Hermit's Lesson is Key IV - The Emperor: The Emperor is the energy of the zodiacal sign of Aries, the energy of Mars, swift, male creative energy; the Constituting Intelligence, that powerful creative force which creates all of existence. Both males and females carry this energy within themselves. Stay in spiritual discipline, do your inner work, meditate on Who You Actually Are, and don't abandon your own will or your own power in the outer world. You are Life Itself. You are the Power of Creation.

The Lesson the Emperor teaches is that “you are not alone.”

The Path of the Luminous Warrior winds into one's own Unknown Self. It requires determination, an open heart, the intent of harmlessness and peace, Love for self and others, Compassion for suffering--one's own and that of others--and Service to Mother Earth.

There are many along that path who are waiting to pull the Warrior down, but his greatest enemy is within...the enemy who fears, who loses and gives up, who despairs and turns aside. It is a path in which one travels alone or, if fortunate, with the companionship of a beloved friend.

The Path is into acceptance of self, one's life as it comes, and into all the possibilities of being human. It is the Path of Earth Stewardship and partnership with divine will that this Earth shall prevail and that Mankind will "Return to Eden"...which he might discover in Jesus' words: "The Kingdom of Heaven is spread upon the Earth and Mankind does not see it." Those with the eyes to see will in time realize they are Home now..

Unlike our parent-group, Earth Keepers, which has the intention to create a broad community of seekers who are learning to find a spiritual connection with the Earth in their hearts, minds and souls, with this group I wish to create a more personal connection to members who wish to work together on their personal evolutionary goals within the traditions of earth-based spirituality.

Welcome Warrior, your path opens here.....

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