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From: David W.
Sent on: Tuesday, September 4, 2012 7:43 PM

Ohio was sucessful in beating off this latest attack to remove Gary from the ballot. Seems they have a constant fight there for ballot access.

Larry Nicholas
Chairman, Whatcom County Libertarian Party
Chairman, Libertarian Party of Washington State

In a free country, who decides!

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From: "Kevin Knedler"
To: statechairs
Sent: Saturday, September 1,[masked]:44:18 PM
Subject: [Statechairs] FromOhio

Just FYI from Ohio.   But Gary Johnson WILL be on the ballot in Ohio.

A little wordy but my comments to the Ohio team follow below.

We will not submit to those that will infringe on our first and fourteenth amendment freedoms.

Some of you already know how I react to things like that – LOL.

Kevin in Ohio



From: Kevin Knedler [mailto:[address removed]]


Yes, today the two folks from Central Ohio that filed the complaint against Gary Johnson on August 24 , made the withdrawal official.

Attached is the official document.


We just found out about the complaint on the morning of August 31 and we were headed to a SOS hearing on September 5—talk about not enough time.

BUT, the thugs that want to restrict our voter freedom didn’t count on the LPO and the GJ2012 OHIO team being this organized and prepared to take yet “another punch”.


I was in Indiana on a business driving trip, but many people stepped up immediately and we lit up the cell phones and emails.

Those involved include Robert Kraus of the national office, Gary Sinawski who is the LP national attorney from New York City, William Redpath of the LNC and former LP national chair who happened to be in Ohio with family this weekend, the national staff of the GJ2012 team in Salt Lake City, Richard Winger the leading expert on ballot access, and others.


Once I got up to speed on the situation, I made phone calls and emails to Gary Sinawski, the national office, LP national chairman Geoffrey Neale, our LPO attorney Mark Brown, the LPO Political Director Bob Bridges, GJ2012 lead Debbie Dean, and Alicia Dearn of the GJ2012 team.  

I also asked for some others to get together and coordinate efforts.  I can not say enough about the work that everyone put into this ! 

For the past 30 hours we have been in constant contact with attorney Mark Brown.

We actually responded like a professional and well-oiled machine. THIS was handled in text-book fashion.

It is all because we have a solid organization and specific jobs for each of us.

We could not have done this just 4 years ago.


I won’t go into more details, but I will say our attorney Mark Brown made some “convincing” comments directly to the officials of Ohio and strongly urged them to end this frivolous complaint.

It appears they didn’t want to be away from home on Monday, Labor Day.   We owe yet again a massive amount of gratitude to Mark Brown. 


Many of you on lpoleaders are new to the party since 2010. I urge you to read up on our history, including the constant court battles for freedom. Details on lpo.org and “About the LPO” on left menu bar.

We have had battles for 10 years or more.  We won in 2006 against SOS Blackwell, we won again in 2008 against SOS Bruenner, we won again in 2011 against SOS Husted, and we pushed em back today.

Obviously the GJ campaign is causing heartburn for some in the legacy parties.

Bottom line team . . . this is exhibit A of what we have been facing the past few years. We must stand up to the bullies.


I have asked Director Harris and Director Bridges to communicate with GJ2012 Alicia Dearn and Debbie Dean and come up with a press release. We are NOT done with this.


Thank you all for the patience.  Let’s get back to work and get some Libertarians elected.


Kevin J. Knedler

Chair of the LPO Executive Committee





That IS something to be proud of!

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