Campaign T4, Scenarios II, III-- 2013-05-04 recap

Campaign T4: Piracy Patrol, in progress.

Scenario II (Cattle Drive) continues...

The continuation of Scenario II started with the Federation escorts moving into position behind the freighter convoy to protect it, with the Orion ships closing from behind the escorts. Again, Gren played the Orions, while Nick and I played the Federation and the convoy.

Careful examination of the tactical situation led to a grim outlook for the Federation and the convoy. Again, Gren called out that if one large freighter surrendered, the remaining ships would be allowed to depart. Nick and I had already discussed this and had decided to do just that. One large freighter stopped and lowered its shields, allowing one of the Police Cutters to transport the crew off the ship.

The remainder of the convoy and escorts departed. The Orions captured their prize and departed. This was a victory for the Orions. Congratulations to Gren for outstanding use of the Orion ships!

Scenario III: Ride to the Rescue

This scenario is another convoy raid by the Orions. The Orions brought 2 CRs and an LR. The Federation carrier group is scheduled at arrive on turn 3. The convoy consists of three large freighters (one phaser-armed), five small freighters (one phaser-armed), and two police cutter escorts.

The Orions began at top speed and raced toward the convoy from heading A. They closed distance and unleashed a massive assault on the two police cutter escorts, inflicting significant damage, then grabbed two small freighters with tractor beams and sped toward the edges of the map--one in direction F and the second in direction C. The next turn was spent trying to put as much distance as possible between the convoy and their captured ships.

The Federation arrived at the map edge closest to the second freighter. Examining the tactical situation, Gren opted to drop the captured ship and escape via acceleration. The other was too far away to be pursued by the Carrier Group.

The scenario was a draw, as the Orions only managed to escape with one small freighter.

I believe Nick will be posting pictures of the day's battles as soon as he is able.


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