Game Summary 2012-11-10

Since we only had three players, we played a "lighter" version of Plasmas vs. Drones, with the Klingons (played by myself and Gren) having a D7L and a D7D, and the Gorn (played by Nick) having a CCF and a BC.

Both sides began by launching waves of seeking weapons at the other. As soon as the Klingon drones approached the Gorn ships, they dropped to speed 4 and dropped a wild weasel to distract the drones their phasers could not eliminate. Meanwhile, the Klingons turned away and led the Gorn Plasma Torpedoes further away to reduce their warhead strength.

The Gorn launched another wave of plasmas, and the Klingons turned back toward them, launching disruptors at the Gorn BC, taking out its front shield. The Klingon D7D closed ranks and launched a few more drones along with some phaser fire. The Gorn phasers responded, taking out the drones and then concentrating on the D7D. The Klingon ship was BADLY damaged, and limped away. The second Klingon ship closed, to expose the BC's down shield to additional phaser fire, then turned away.

The Gorn pursued the D7L, hoping to lock it in a tractor beam (the classic Gorn anchor). The D7L, however, stopped, as had the Gorn to conserve energy. The Gorn attempted to lock it in a tractor, but the D7L had allocated sufficient energy to Negative Tractor to prevent it. The Klingon ship fired most of its phasers into the BC, then performed an HET and fired its three remaining (now overloaded) disruptors at the BC. The Gorn launched shuttles, while the D7L launched a scatterpack to finish off the BC. The Gorn BC and the Klingon D7L were both destroyed, as were all but one of the Gorn shuttles. The Gorn CCF lost its #5 shield and endured some minor internal damage from the exploding BC. The Klingon D7D launched a couple more drones at the CCF, but these were easily dispatched. The D7D fled.

The battle was an obvious victory for the Gorn, who lost one ship and only suffered light damage to the second; the Klingons lost one ship, while their second was crippled.

The matchup was a strategic challenge for both sides. We agreed that both sides had overall performed well; we also readily acknowledged mistakes each of us had made. Still, it was a fun engagement to play, and we all agreed it would definitely be worthwhile to play it again with the full compliment of ships on each side.

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