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What We Played: Every Time An Angel Gets Its Wings... (Baron Munchausen)

Seattle, WA
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Players: Shuo, Jered, Sam, Adrienne, Marc, Bridget (round 1 only), Xander (round 1 only), Brody (round 2 only)

Let the bullets begin.

  • Bears only cry when an angel gets its wings
  • Freud loves his cocaine (especially while lounging in his crystal palace)
  • Irish coins depict an ass so fine, even the beard of the Chinese emperor cannot resist it
  • When traveling in space, keep an eye out for Venus (actually the gigantic, obese mother of a dread pirate) and Turkey (one of the moons of Jupiter; also a giant turkey)
  • Gryphon/chimera hybrids make excellent air defense forces
  • Real marina contains copious amounts of Ecstasy
  • The only man with more dancing prowess than the Conga King of Spain? The Tango King of Tanzania, of course
  • When dealing with Turduckens, speak directly to the chicken
  • Never trust Jimmy the Fish
  • African pygmy vampires make excellent manservants
  • Ohio State Occult University: need I say more?

Please add further highlights as you wish!
user 13294625
Seattle, WA
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Second round of bullets:

• Sex-change operations in Thailand are more like a costume change
• Partitioning your soul is pretty handy (one day you might need a piece to trap the King of all Demonic Goats)
• The Sapphire Fiddle of Venus will make you play it until you die
• To become a Texas Ranger, one must drink their own head wound and fight off armadillos at the same time
• The only thing stronger than crystal structures made out of bear tears are unicorn sea-horse tears
• Don't put a thousand lanterns inside your paper palace and invite a pyromaniac to visit
• Gryphmeras (chimeras stuffed inside of gryphons) love rave parties
• Pirates will mutiny without alfredo sauce

Special thanks to Adrienne for donating a generous amount of coins to the Munchausen Bank. My funds were low due to losing a remarkable bet from a past Alligator Pope, but that's another story...
Ben R
Group Organizer
Seattle, WA
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Shuo, never bet against the Alligator Pope. Have story games taught you nothing?
user 13294625
Seattle, WA
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Look, all I can say is that the famous phrase "As sure as the pope shits in the swamp" is not as fact-based as you think it might be. Certainly don't bet your copper wealth on it.
user 13146674
Belmont, CA
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  • Quill ink is generated by very small squid placed inside the feather.
  • One can use England's Ashes to resurrect oneself. (Should one be expiring from a recent dire armadillo attack, for example.)
  • Venus' womb has a great view.

This was a great game! I love how anything goes.
Xander Veerhoff
user 14240548
Seattle, WA
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A womb with a view? Groan...

Glad you all enjoyed your first Munchausen game!
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