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What We Played: Raucous Rules Remix (Munchausen)

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We started with a small turn out (only 4 of us by 7:00), so we just hung around and talked for a while. When Jerome showed up a little later, that was the spark we needed to actually start playing. We were 5 seasoned Munchausen players though, and we were feeling inspired to hack the game some. We played 2 rounds, with the following tweaks:

Round 1: Morose and Melancholy Munchausen

This was the same old Munchausen, except we specified that all of our characters were down-on-their luck, washed-out has-beens. Our tales had to be be pitiful tales of tragic loss and pain, to be toasted with "Woe!" and "Fie!" rather than "Huzzah!". Some memorable tidbits:

  • Neglecting to tell your hideous beau that you're blind and not actually seeing past his looks to his inner beauty warrants a pretty harsh reaction.
  • Members of the clergy are surprisingly obsessed with looking up skirts, and the true purpose of a nun's habit is not what you'd expect.
  • Indiscriminately peeling and eating both potatoes and Frenchmen may result in both the creation of many popular potato preparations and the accidental slaying of one's own family.

Round 2: Modern and Mundane Munchausen

For this round, we swapped the typical Munchausen setting for modern day. We also specified that the usual tall-tales would be replaced with mundane stories of every day life. It was a lot more entertaining than that sounds. Tidbits:

  • Carrying a giant novelty check into Nordstrom's does not command the authority one might expect.
  • If a girl requesting you to rake her leaves in FarmVille is considered too forward early in a relationship, what does it mean when your mother obliges her?
  • Baristas beware: your overbearing affection may result in a violent rejection, despite your skillful latte foam technique.

Thanks for the hilarious game, folks!
Ben R.
Group Organizer
Seattle, WA
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Dude, loved your moral stand at McDonald's. Epic confrontation was epic.

"Those guys don't know shit!"
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