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Danger Patrol vs. The Fashion Gestapo & The Love Apes

Xander V.
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Seattle, WA
Post #: 12
Time for another exciting evening of the astonishing adventures of the Daring Danger Patrol!

Tonight: Viral villany from the Crimson Republic! Octo-Apes going Bananas over Rocket City! And finally, the identity of Plasma-beard is revealed!

Our Players:
Trilaliala - Kondorean Diva Daredevil! (Bridget)
Unit XL7 - Robotic Explorer! (Job)
Professor Dick Spectrum - Two-Fisted Professor... of SCIENCE! (Rob)
C-4 - Devious Atomic Detective - (Don't remember your name! Sorry!)
Rod Merriden - Intrepid Flyboy Extraordinaire! - (John)

High above Rocket City, Tralaliala plummets out of a starscaper fleeing from the villainous Fashion Gestapo while the rest of the Danger Patrol tours the city in Rod Merridan's fabulous Hawks 5000 Rocket Car. Suddenly, Octo-Apes descend upon them, sending traffic into chase! They have been released from a Floating Zoo by the villanous robo-gangster HAL Capone and his simian bodyguard Furious George! The Danger Patrol saves the day, then sets out to find out why the Apes were released! It was a diversion! The villanous Crimson Republic broke into the Memory Banks and found the schematics for Rocket City's hover engines! XL7 struggles against his Commie-controlled body and releases the Crimson Republic's virus into Rocket city!
As chaos descends upon the city, Rod Merriden, C-4 and Unit XL7 race to stop the Republic Kommandos from shutting down the Hover Engines while Professor Spectrum and Tralaliala fight the rampaging robots and the Fashion Gestapo!

-In Rocket City, all scientists wear miniskirts. No exceptions.
- Having appropriate musical stings for revelations. (Plasmabeard is actually... your missing protege! DUN DUN DUN!)
-The Lamé Ray
- The incredible ending: XL7 lures a group of Octo-apes towards the Reds by playing back their mating call AND a horde of love-starved robots scrambled by the CR virus. And Job rolls a Disaster. But wait! He can reroll if he has a flashback about a similar situation! "...horny paralegic squirrels..."... and he rolls another Disaster.

And so we fade to black as a group of horny apes and rutting robots descend upon the Crimson Commandos...
Jamie F.
user 12636925
Bellevue, WA
Post #: 95
And Jay doesn't believe me when I say "Danger Patrol always goes gonzo."
A former member
Post #: 2
I've got to say, this was the funniest game I've ever played at SGS. I was literally in tears. Thanks, everyone.
Jay L.
Bellevue, WA
Post #: 5
And Jay doesn't believe me when I say "Danger Patrol always goes gonzo."
I believe you that it can go gonzo, I just haven't had it go as over-the-top in my own games. I guess I'm just lucky.wink
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