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The Syracuse Hackerspace Meetup group is here to organize people to establish a real, physical, membership run and financed hackerspace in Syracuse.

So, what is a hackerspace? Hackerspaces are community-operated physical places, where people can meet and work on their projects. Your membership in a hackerspace is not like a gym membership, where you get to use the equipment, but you have no say in how the place is run. It is more like a club, where the membership is responsible for day-to-day operation as well as long-term vision of the organization. Without the membership, the hackerspace is only a physical space.

What takes place at a hackerspace? Well, hacking is not limited to computer software. There are plenty of hackable things that have little or no relation to computers. Some hackerspaces are working on open-source ways of duplicating plastic objects using 3d-printers. Others are working on sound and light art projects. Some are tackling technology problems for the communities they are a part of. Still others are making wearable electronic art (yes, electronic clothing) that responds to how a person moves. The list goes on. Basically anything that has a technology bend to it goes on in a hackerspace.

Some people come to a hackerspace with no ideas on how they will participate, while others have vision of a project they want to build and collaborate on. Neither person is right nor wrong: we need both idea people and people willing to help out on others' ideas.

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