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From: Joseph R.
Sent on: Friday, May 16, 2014 11:41 AM

Happy Friday everyone!
The past 3 weeks have been some good gaming times.
Games at the Alley on Wednesdays in the Riverview area have been averaging around 7 attendees and they’ve been having some fun digging into some good games.  Just this week they played Egizia, San Juan, Stone Age, The Kaiser’s Pirates, and Trajan.  Two weeks ago they planned to play Rise of Empires with a copy of the game going to the winner.  They ended up turning it into a learning session and everyone agreed to play again at a later time.  From what I hear it was a fun experience and will sure hit the table again soon.

Thursdays have been averaging 30 attendees, with approximately only half of them RSVP’ing each week.  So if you’re leery about going to a game night because not many people RSVP don’t let that stop you because we always have more people show up than are on the RSVP list.

Last night was good gaming, one member brought Frontier Skies, a couple of us played Ys which was fun, and Splendor hit the table a couple times.  Those were just some of the games played throughout the night.  We also played Eruption which was a game donated by Stratus Games.

If you’re looking to add a new game to your collection we recommend checking out their site (http://www.stratusgames.com ) and seeing if there are any games they have that might scratch your gaming itch.  They have provided the following coupon code for our members: TampaSWEEP, which will give you 35% OFF and FREE SHIPPING on any of their games!  I can tell you at that awesome discount there is no reason to price shop and the game is delivered right to your door!

The President, Chris James, also said if our members show some support and pick up some games they’ll consider sponsoring us by sending us the rest of their line to try out at our game nights.  You can see pictures of Eruption in our photo album of last night’s meetup and if you want to try it out I’ll be happy to teach you the game.  But… maybe you can’t make it out to a meetup soon… no problem.  Their website has awesome videos that teach you how to play each game.  After watching 2 minutes of the Eruption game play video I wanted to buy a copy.

I have some more great news!  We all know what a wonderful sponsor R&R Games is, and we love the ever popular game Times Up! In case you didn’t know it is the 15 year anniversary of the game and all copies of Times Up are 25% off right now directly from R&R Games.  Wait, there’s more, one of the great perks of R&R Games sponsoring us is they also give us discounts on all of their games.  If you buy a game from their site you can use the coupon code: TampaSWEEP to get discounts and better yet those discounts stack with the current anniversary discount of Times Up!  So if you don’t have a copy of that great game now is an excellent time to add one to your collection or gift one to family and friends.  They have Time’s Up! Deluxe and Time’s Up! Title Recall, depending on the version you get it’s about $12-$18 for a game! (You can also purchase through me directly.)

Speaking of R&R Games I also have a copy of their latest release, New Haven, I definitely recommend giving it a try at a game night.  It is a nice tile laying game that works with strategy and family gamers alike.

Wow, I’m pretty wordy this go-around… I’m almost done.  Last thing to make sure you’re aware of for marking your calendar and saving the date is the next Tampa Bay Games Day! It is Saturday, May 24th, 2014, and starts at 10:00am and goes until 10:00pm.  For more information you can check out our meetup and see which of our members our going and get more information about the event.  Plus there will be many other gamers from all over the greater Tampa Bay area.  It is a wonderful co-mingling from gamers all around the area to get together and game all day.

Well, that about wraps it up for now.  Hope you have an excellent weekend gaming wherever you get the opportunity and I hope to see many of you next week at a meetup for some fun and games.



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