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From: Mysti E.
Sent on: Monday, March 1, 2010 12:47 PM
Hi Folks,
As we move along toward Tuesday the 9th, this is a reminder that our next meeting at Genuine Joe's will be a discussion of what you discovered when you brought mantra to a specific sense power. To give you an idea of how deep the senses can be, I?ve compiled a few references for your amusement:

First, some pages from the Hindu/Buddhist canons on the sense powers. Please take into consideration ?as you read these-- that monastic Tantra is largely suspicious of desire. There are sensory-repressive systems which call themselves ?Tantra,? but that?s in the same oxymoronic ballpark as ?abstinence only? sex education. I.e., how does one abstain and call it ?education?? Similarly, one can?t fear desire and the senses, and call it Tantra. Therefore: Caveat lector. My recommendation is that you read for structure, but filter out the religious fear of the body.

The first reference is drawn from the Buddhist doctrine of the ?12 Nidanas? which are the 12 moments through which one is said to enter incarnatory darkness? Of special interest to us is the 6th point ?sparsha?or ?contact.? Sparsha ?halfway down the ?endarkenment? list? is positioned to either open or close experience. We?re looking for how to ?open.?

No other aspect of the sensory array is directly named in the 12 Nidanas (which is the roadmap to Perdition, from a Buddhist viewpoint). So touch/contact is key to configuring the senses to awaken.

Across the board, the senses are called ?Indriya? in Sanskrit. You might want to think about what Indra, the god of Water/Rain who makes Soma (yep, it is linked to the Greek word for ?body?) has to do with the senses.

You may also want to do a little independent research on the sense faculty that you drew at last month?s meeting to see what is out there in the ?somatosensory? research world, particularly as it pertains to sexuality. (Okay, my geekliness is showing, truth to tell - this is my idea of a good time)

Institute of Noetic Sciences might be a good place to start - http://biblio.noetic.org/
Wikipedia?s entry on the senses
The Journal of Sex Research -
Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality
Attention, Perception and Psychophysics

Noodle around in as little or as much of this as you like. And feel free to bring along or send what you come across. I am assembling a list for each of the senses that goes into my work on Bobos, but I will also share it here as it gathers form.

Humming along,

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