Michael Greger, MD: New DVD on Nutrition

From: Don R.
Sent on: Sunday, June 21, 2009 12:29 PM
Hey Meetup Member,

Wanted to let you know about this brand new DVD from Dr. Michael Greger. Michael really delivers on his annual reports on all the latest in clinical nutrition. He's spoken for the Earthsave Baltimore group several times, and his presentations, especially theses annual reports, are always impassioned and lots of fun!

Peace, Don Robertson

Dr. Greger Writes:
I'm so excited to announce that the newest volume of my annual Latest in
Nutrition series is being released next week! As usual, I scoured the world's
scholarly literature on clinical nutrition so you don't have to, bringing
together the most interesting, practical, and groundbreaking science published
over the last 12 months on how best to feed ourselves and our families to
prevent, treat, and even reverse chronic disease.

I found so much great stuff this year that it wouldn't even fit on one DVD!
So, Latest in Nutrition 2009 is being released as a special 2 DVD set, with
more than 3 hours of material split into more than 100 chapters.
Here is just a small sampling of the questions I address this year:

Does soy really lower sperm counts?
Does tofu cause dementia?
Is cat companionship or dog companionship linked to human lymphoma risk?
Should pregnant women avoid peanuts?
Should one really not eat the bruised parts of apples?
Which artificial sweetener is best?
What's the latest on chocolate and coffee?
Did they really find benzene in soda?
Did they really find mercury in corn syrup?
Do cell phones really give you brain tumors?
Which supermarket fruit should be avoided?
Are there dangerous herbal teas other than yerba mate?
What are the benefits and risks of moderate alcohol consumption?
What's the #1 cancer fighting vegetable?
Which is worse: sugar or corn syrup?
How does one get nutrition without calories?
Is white bread harmful?
Avocados: Friend or Foe?
Which plastics should be avoided?
What did the first ever study of thousands of vegans find?
What disease did vegetarians recently get named after them?
Why should one avoid fat-free dressings?
Whose health is unaffected by egg consumption?
Which fast food chicken item was found to have the most carcinogens?
Can fecal residues be detected on retail chicken products?
How often were restaurant workers found to wash their hands?
What's this about a sexually transmitted fish toxin?
How common are brain parasites in the U.S. meat supply?
What effect does maternal fish consumption have on the fetus?
Which food has the highest aluminum contamination? Highest arsenic
Is gluten (seitan) really bad for you?
What are the best and worst studies of the year?
Can cancer be reversed through diet?
How can the #1 cause of death be essentially eliminated?
Are there more hormones in skim milk or whole milk?
How can one avoid the consumption of banned pesticides like DDT?
Should people take vitamin C supplements? Multivitamin supplements? Iron
supplements? Antioxidant supplements?

For a complete listing of chapters and to place an order, go to:


As always, all the proceeds I receive from the sale of my DVDs go to charity.


Michael Greger, M.D.
Director, Public Health and Animal Agriculture
The Humane Society of the United States
2100 L St., N.W.
Washington, DC 20037
direct line: (202)[masked]
fax: (202)[masked]

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