Baltimore Whole Food Plant Based Meetup

From: Mark
Sent on: Monday, March 3, 2014 1:24 AM
Hi All,
The next Baltimore WFPB Nutrition Meetup is scheduled for Tue Mar 11 at 7 pm at Szechuan House at 1427 York Road (less than 1/2 mile north of the Beltway) in Galleria Shopping Center in Timonium.

Our topic is "Protein: The Forgotten Vegetarian Nutrient"
For over twenty years, the vegetarian community has made a point of reminding us that typical North American protein intake far exceeds average needs. While this is mostly true, repeated calls to reduce protein intake and apparent indifference toward protein's functions in the body have produced unexpected results. Attitudes have now begun to swing too far in the other direction, resulting in possible protein inadequacy in some vegetarians/vegans. With refrains such as “don’t worry about it”, “every food, even fruit, has protein”, “you only need 30 grams per day or only 5% of your calories from protein”, some vegans have come to believe that vegetables are more important than protein foods. Technically, each of these clichés has a grain of truth to it, but vegetables and whole grains alone will not meet protein needs (or needs for numerous other nutrients). And eating ten to fifteen cups of vegetables daily is simply not practical for most people. What about the concerns about protein and associations with poor kidney function and bone density----are they true?

In this Meetup, we'll discuss

1. What functions does protein perform in the body? Could adjusting protein intake provide benefits in a cold winter and affect our sensitivity to cold temps?

2. How much protein do we need per day? What does enough look like? Can excess protein eaten in one day be useful the next day?

3. What factors could increase or decrease our protein requirements?

4. Which foods are good protein sources, which foods can contribute moderate amounts, and which foods are simply not good sources of protein? Is quinoa really a protein powerhouse as has been claimed? Can food preparation methods affect how much protein we absorb from our food?

5. What harm could result from eating too little or too much?

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Mark Rifkin

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