Summary of the survey - Part 2: topics

From: Sean A C.
Sent on: Saturday, December 8, 2012 1:19 AM
I have tried to group the topic suggestions to give a better sense of popularity. A summary by overall popularity is given first and then the raw results.


The most popular topic - by far - is ClojureScript. Almost 20 requests for general ClojureScript talks. More specific requests ranged from basic tutorials to case studies of production usage. Volunteers welcome!


The next most popular topic is core.logic or logic programming in general. Frank Siebenlist has volunteered to give an overview of core.logic, possibly at our January 3rd meetup. Thank you Frank!

nREPL etc:

Next up was nREPL / Leiningen / tooling in general (with an emphasis on nREPL). Volunteers welcome! (I recently switched from slime / swank to nREPL in Emacs and it is a much better overall experience - but I don't feel I know enough about it to lead a discussion)

The rest:

Similarly popular were performance (in general) and web applications.

Strong mentions also for:
* Code organization and design (for large code bases)
* Clojure in production (with an emphasis on deployment, it seems)
* Typed Clojure
* Distributed systems
* Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence

I'd love to have volunteers for the topics listed above so we can plan out more of our meetups in 2013!

It's your meetup, so what we talk about is up to you. Don't be shy :)

I'm happy to talk about World Singles' use of Clojure in production at one or more meetups next year. We have over 10kloc now and it runs the gamut of persistence (MySQL, MongoDB), web service interaction, HTML email generation, UI testing (clj-webdriver)... We just recently used Clojure to write a test suite for a REST / JSON web service (written in another language), using Jay Fields' Expectations library (which we rely on heavily for testing in general).

I'd also be happy to show my web application framework - ported from CFML (yes, really!) - if folks are interested. I wrote the original in CFML back in 2009 and it's become one of the most popular convention-based MVC frameworks in that community, so I ported it to Clojure over the last year (based on Ring and Enlive). My main driver was as an option for World Singles to migrate more pieces from CFML to Clojure but I'd love to see others using it so I could get more feedback on it.

In the meantime, don't forget the Datomic meetup on the 13th, the Dojo on the 18th, the San Mateo meetup on the 20th... Wow, we're spoiled for choice!

Happy Holidays! Hope to see some of you at those meetups and more of you in 2013!

Here's the raw data from the survey (well, not entirely raw, I've categorized it and tidied it up a bit!)...

Raw suggestions with counts:

   1 Artificial Intelligence in Clojure
   1 Artificial Intelligence in clojure, what can we learn from Common Lisp?
   1 Artificial Intelligence something AI-ish would be fun!

   1 CI/CD production-quality clojure/cljs projects

   1 cljx - building  both clojure and clojurescript

   1 Clojure an intro to clojure
   1 Clojure best practices for Clojure
   1 Clojure in academia
   1 Clojure in the wild Deploying clojure in production systems
   1 Clojure in the wild experiences with Clojure in production
   1 Clojure in the wild Practical use / deployment
   1 Clojure Internals
   1 Clojure project descriptions
   1 Clojure Tip (function you may not know about or how to use)
   1 Clojure variable (or why can't I set or assign anything)
   1 Clojure with application servers

  11 ClojureScript
   1 ClojureScript Designing Applications Using ClojureScript 
   1 ClojureScript for desktop applications? (LightTable-style architecture)
   1 ClojureScript in the Wild
   1 ClojureScript in the Wild Real world ClojureScript (I'm a non believer :)
   1 ClojureScript Internals of CLJS compiler
   1 ClojureScript tutorial in clojurescript + definitive resources?
   1 ClojureScript workflow

   1 codeq

   1 Composable I/O

   1 concurrency

   1 contracts

   6 core.logic
   1 core.logic Logic programming and datalog

   1 Data management systems

   1 Data processing

   3 Datomic
   1 Datomic Getting started with Datomic

   1 Design patterns Examples of e.g. common Ruby patterns better implemented in Clojure
   2 Design patterns for Clojure

   1 Distributed Clojure (Hadoop?)
   1 Distributed enterprise systems in Clojure: message buses, Avout, etc.
   1 Distributed Extending clojure parallelism to multiple machines
   1 Distributed serialization, sharding, & message queues

   1 DSL Design in Clojure
   1 DSL Writing DSL's

   1 Distributed High availability systems

   1 IDEs Survey of Dev Environments
   1 IDEs installation, usage

   1 Implementing and calling web services

   1 Interop Ruby/Clojure interop (e.g. Rouge)
   1 Interop Using Clojure with other languages

   1 Library how to use one/multiple de-facto standard libs across diff types of programming
   1 Library review / suggestion / tutorial

   1 LightTable

   1 Lisp outreach -- other Lisp envirnments and how they compare to Clojure, e.g. much easier to set up and start using, but significally difficult to deploy.

   1 Machine Learning
   1 Machine Learning (E.G. Incanter)
   1 Machine Learning / Big Data

   1 macros

   1 Meta programming (or how one grows clojure toward the solution rathen than cut the sulution up into bite sized chunks as done for other, baby, langs)

   1 Mindset changing to the functional-programmi­ng mindset; design for FP
   1 Mindset transitioning from an OO mindset to a functional one. 

   1 monads again ...

   1 NLP/ML/Data science

   2 nREPL
   2 nREPL / Leiningen
   1 nREPL Current state of tooling.  Example is everyone switching to nrepl?  
   1 nREPL etc Survey of tools

   1 Organization creating libraries, how to organize multiple projects using same code.
   1 Organization High level discussions of system design
   1 Organization Managing complexity as a clojure project grows
   1 Organization Managing large code bases

   2 Performance
   1 Performance analysis of the language compared to Java, C, other Lisp systems
   1 Performance and Profiling
   1 Performance high performance clj code
   1 Performance optimizations

   1 Persistence SQL support
   1 Persistence/database­s

   1 recursion (the tail of functions, anonymous functions, named anonymous functions, recursion, tail recursion and how to make the former, the latter type), 

   1 reducers, multicore

   1 seesaw

   3 Typed Clojure

   1 Using clojure to non-cloud administration

   3 Web apps
   1 Web apps best practices
   1 Web apps making web apps with clojure

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An Architect's View -- http://corfield.o...­

"Perfection is the enemy of the good."
-- Gustave Flaubert, French realist novelist [masked])

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