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From: Rich M.
Sent on: Sunday, March 3, 2013 10:05 AM
The Meetup page for Thursday has a somewhat typical conversation:

  Dan Dunne:
    What topics/subjects are going to be discussed at this meeting?

  Sean Corfield:
    That's a very good question.  Given the lack of volunteers and
    the lack of suggestions, you'll most likely get me talking about
    Clojure in production at World Singles :)

I'd be happy to hear Sean talk about practically anything, but the
larger question (what to do at local meetings) still needs to be
addressed.  I'm hoping that some folks here can make suggestions;
here are some possible talking points...

The meetings have several objectives, including:

  *  allow local Clojurists to meet and converse

  *  help to bring aspiring Clojurists up to speed

  *  introduce promising and/or useful technologies

  *  provide feedback on Clojure designs and code

With two meetings per month (plus the Dojo), we have plenty of
opportunities to meet these objectives.  However, the organizers
need topic suggestions, volunteer presenters, etc.

Here are some notions I've suggested in the past:

  *  walkthroughs of exemplary Clojure code (eg, libraries),
     moderated by someone who has studied it beforehand

  *  hack sessions on individual and/or group projects (eg,
     turning Codeq into a production documentation suite) 

If folks are interested, I would also be happy to lead a short
discussion of my (WIP!) "Key Concepts" pages for Clojure:



For reference, here's a summary of recent topics, harvested from
the Meetup pages:

    0221 - Rafter's supply intelligence system (Nick Zalabak)
    0207 - Getting Started with ClojureScript (Siva Jagadeesan)
    0117 - Clojure code walk-through / review (Bob Kirby)
    0103 - Leiningen 2, nREPL, etc. (Peter Christensen)

    1206 - Clevolution code walk-through / review (Alan Shaw)
    1115 - Incanter (Julio Barros)
    1108 - Codeq, Datomic, etc. (Rich Hickey)
    1018 - ClojureScript and cljs-info (Frank Siebenlist)
    1004 - Elixir (José Valim)
    0920 - Test coverage (Zach Tellman)
    0907 - clojure-in-the-large­ (Stuart Sierra)
    0816 - introduction to Clojure (Gregg Williams)
    0802 - MCLIDE (Terje Norderhaug)
           discussion of JVM / Java ecosystem (Tom Faulhaber)
    0719 - informal discussion, led by Ram Krishnan
    0705 - CircleCI (Allen Rohner)
    0621 - demos and discussion of REPL-based development
    0607 - Clooj (Arthur Edelstein)
           Light Table (Chris Granger)
    0517 - informal discussion
I enjoyed several of these talks (particularly the ones on Clooj,
Codeq, Elixir, and Light Table) and informal discussions.

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