Which class(es) should I take?

To answer this question, first figure out what your goals with the language are. Are they in line with any of the following?

"I want to be able to get by on my trip to Italy, with some basic words and phrases that will help me when I travel."

If yes, take Essential Travel Italian. In this 6-week class you'll learn about 175 words/phrases, plus numbers, but skip grammar.

"I have never studied a foreign language before and I don't know where to start" OR "I'd like to get a head start on Italian pronunciation before jumping into a beginner-level class"

Take the 6-week Pronunciation & Intro to Italian class. In this class you'll learn about the rules for Italian pronunciation and practice reading Italian at sight so you have a leg up when you take your next class, whatever that may be (especially before the Beginner's series). You'll also learn about some of the things that make Italian different from English, so you'll know what you're getting into when you finally take the plunge.

"I am a student at the advanced-beginner or intermediate level and I don't want to lose momentum over the summer."

This is a great chance to work on your comprehension and pronunciation skills in Reading & Comprehension.

"I want to learn vocabulary and phrases that let me casually chat with someone in Italian at a low level."

If yes, take Divertente 1 which you can follow with Divertente 2. In these classes, you'll learn phrases to help you engage in casual conversation covering everyday topics. Grammar is not taught explicitly, but you may pick some up over the course of these classes.

"I want to (eventually) learn Italian very well: to converse with a native Italian; to read a newspaper article, opera libretto, or book; to understand movies or music lyrics; and to write well."

If yes, start off with Beginner's 1 and follow it with Beginner's 2 and then Intermediate. These courses cover grammar, vocabulary, and usage.

Take it a step further with Verb Drills 1, Verb Drills 2, and Verb Drills 3. They are what they sound like: classes in which you will drill various verb tenses to improve your fluency. It's best to start this series of courses after you've already completed at least Beginner's 1 so you have some grounding in the language.

Advanced-intermediate and advanced learners may choose to take Reading and Comprehension, which focus on refining your pronunciation and reading comprehension, and Prepositions, which tackles one of the trickiest aspect of the Italian language.

No matter which classes you take, be prepared to do some work, even if it's just a little bit every day. Many adults with busy lives can't spare more than an hour or two per week, and that's okay. Just do what you can do. The rewards are well worth it!

For fuller descriptions of each one of these courses, check out Descriptions of Italian Workshops.

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