Re: [The-Classics-Book-Club-of-the-North-Met­ro] meet time and book selection

From: Pat O.
Sent on: Thursday, July 29, 2010 9:22 PM
Hi, All:
To continue the discussion... The genre doesn't matter much to me. I'll take great science fiction in a heartbeat. I recently read "The Invisible Man" and "The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells. Both are terrific books. Romance -- no problem. "Sense and Sensibility" is a great book, so is "Jane Eyre."
All that matters to me is that I am engaged from beginning to end. I see "Main Street" is on the Readers list. I didn't like that book -- long and dark. I started reading the book after this by Lewis -- "Babbitt" -- but couldn't make it. I was hurrying to get to the bottom of the page. I just wanted to get it over with. Then I thought, why am I reading this? and gave up on it.
Harold Bloom, the Harvard professor and pedagogue of reading and writing, was so high on "Blood Meridian" by McCarthy that I had to read it. I made it through, but it was a hard effort. The long descriptive paragraphs left me lost in rhetoric, the relentless violence was sickening, the rhetorical word-play seemed just put on.  
Now, of course, other people might find "Babbitt" and "Blood Meridian" great writing -- some do. That's fine. We're all different, and we all, to save ourselves, can turn to the classics, which (almost: Tolstoy didn't like Shakespeare) everyone agrees is great.
I look forward to discussions with this group.

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