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From: Ronnie
Sent on: Saturday, October 20, 2012 6:27 AM

So I was reading around on the website and I noticed a few things that bothered me that I should address. No one is in trouble or anything like that but Policy that has always been left open I  should state so it's known for the Record.


Meeting Policy if your going to be hosting a Meeting some place other than your house IE Park or something outside of the Normal meetings places. Ask that people bring something let them know that there will be Item X however if they can Bring something leave this option open because some people Don't have the money to bring things all the time nor would I want people to have to pay for something just to attend a meeting.


That Being said when it comes to hosting a meeting at your own home (Assuming your an Organizer) Try to again have something you can afford there was a time when all we could afford Matt and I that is was just Pop and Popcorn with those meetings we never forced anyone to bring something it was always asked If you can or feel free to bring something if you want to contribute to the group I keep this open Policy because as Hosts we should be the entertainers of what we host that doesn't mean we have all the money in the world to spend on a huge party that's why we encourage but just to get this out we never enforce people bring something Unless that's the Theme and even than once again it's not required.


Two of my past Organizers April and Paul would host BBQ's at their home and they would ask you bring money to reimburse them for what they bought this was Okay because they paid for everything out of pocket however they did not enforce this it was just requested you bring like 5$ per person That being said I hope this email will encourage people to be involved with the group to understand you don't have to bring anything it's just encouraged.


If anyone has any questions or comments regarding the subject feel free to message Matt or Myself on the Matter as we are the only two who can answer regarding this subject.


If you would like to become a Host Contact me through email or Facebook telling me when and where so we can set up a Time to meet.


Thanks for your time


Ronnie Boyd

Owner of CSAMG

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