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Greg D.
Branson, MO
Post #: 28
Under normal circumstances, I probably would not post something like this. I tend to be pretty individualistic, and I like to try to solve my problems myself. I think some of this stems from the fact that when I was younger, my mom would ride my ass about long term projects if she felt that I was procrastinating on them or if she didn't think that I would get them done in a timely fashion. The result of this was that I did get a lot of things done faster than I probably would have gotten them done on my own (and I personally believe that if I had been allowed to work at my pace, I still would have gotten them done, but will never really know now), but that I felt that I really didn't have any accomplishments that I could truly call my own, because they were all sped along by the same executive meddling from parental sources.

As a result, I have developed a desire to be as self-sufficient as possible ever since leaving the house, and although I have made a lot of progress, this attitude is not always a feasible way to live my life. Still, it causes me to bullheadedly attempt to solve my problems myself even when I probably should be asking for support. Now that I've given all of you more information than you ever could have conceivably needed (and stalled for time before actually getting to the meat and potatoes of what I have to say here...) I should probably get to the point...

As most of you are probably aware, I have been unemployed since January. I have been job hunting for two and a half months now to no avail as yet. Some of you have helped and supported me already in this search, and your efforts have been appreciated more than I have been able to express. However, I'm really coming down to crunch time. My housemates simply cannot afford to let me continue floating on rent and utilities and making up for it slowly or partially after the fact. They're not going to kick me out outright, but they are urging me to start exploring other options if I don't find something soon. The suggested time limit that they think I should set for myself is this Friday, and if I don't have a solid lead that really looks like it's going to materialize in the next week or two, I should start exploring these other options.

By "other options," what is really meant is a "temporary" return to Branson. There are potentially more jobs in Branson, and I can live rent-free at my parents' house. Seems like an okay deal, right? Well, not really... To begin with, it's Branson, a town that is destructive to my sanity and feels like it rots me from the inside out if I stay there for any extended period of time since moving to Columbia full-time. Moreover, living with my parents subjects me once again to the overbearing mother who I felt I had to escape, and who still sees fit to meddle in my affairs if she feels a need. On top of all that, Branson is practically a headquarters zone for the Religious Right and the so-called Moral Majority, and there are certain realizations about my own identity that I have come to since leaving it that would go over down there with the approximate buoyancy of lead balloons. I would not be able to comfortably express myself philosophically, emotionally, or sexually in the environment down there.

Finally, and most importantly of all, I have established a life for myself in Columbia. I have met new friends in just the past year who are some of the most amazing people I have ever known (that's right, I'm talking about you guys!). I have become involved in 5 different local organizations, ranging from Star Trek to atheism, from BDSM to LARP. I no longer have a life in Branson. Most of my old friends have moved on like I did a long time ago. And being forced to leave all of these enriching, fulfilling, sustaining friendships and activities behind would be a crushing blow to my emotional stability.

Thus, moving back to Branson is something that I would like to avoid at all costs, but I am running out of ideas. I still have no real leads that have called me back. Most of the replies that I actually have received have either been Craigslist scams or employers telling me that they have other, more qualified candidates for the job for which I applied. I haven't even gotten a call back from the menial workplaces I've applied to (like fucking McDonalds!!! I can't even get called back by fucking McDonalds?!?!).

In any event, if anyone has any possible leads or ideas that might keep me from having to leave Columbia. Whether it is contacts in a particular workplace, somewhere that is hiring that I may not know about... anything, really. "It's fourth and 40, Hodge. I need a Hail Mary."
user 10314389
Columbia, MO
Post #: 13
What field & skills are you hoping to leverage here? I think they may have already filled it, but Kaldi's did have a position open... if you drink as much coffee as I do, then it would be a win-win. :)
Carla B.
Columbia, MO
Post #: 32
The return on investment is likely small and potential for hearing "no" is high, but you could do the knocking on doors routine. People may need odd jobs done on an occasional or semi-regular basis. People with reduced mobility may need someone to do shopping for them. An elderly widow might need someone to help move some heavy boxes or clean out a garage. If knocking on doors doesn't work, you might check with an elder care or related organization to see if they know anyone that's looking for help. I think there's a elderly day care center on Bus Loop, maybe stop in at the VA Hospital, outpatient rehab centers...
A former member
Post #: 4
Have you tried temp agencies? Applied for substitute teaching? Neither is steady work but it's work nonetheless.

Have you honestly applied at every store in the mall? The new Hyvee on Conley is about to open, tried there? Walmart? Olde Un? Movie theaters?

Maybe you need to dumb down your resume? Or either try to speak to a manager when you apply and explain your desperate situation, that you would be more than happy to do menial work if that's what it takes.
Rachel B.
user 11729665
Columbia, MO
Post #: 1
I haven't met you yet - may make it to Meetup tonight, but -- on the other side of the "alternate strategies" coin, I wonder if there is a way to find someone in or near Columbia willing to make a direct "room for labor" exchange. As in, "I can't pay rent, but I will sign a contract in which I commit to spend X hours/week doing your yard work, errands, light housework, tutoring in X subject(s), pet care if I can live in your spare room/basement and have the use of a bathroom and share your kitchen." Maybe this website could provide leads in this direct-exchange direction? http://www.columbiaas...­

To make this work, you'd likely need personal references saying that you are a considerate house guest or housemate and will uphold your end of the bargain - better yet if there is someone you know who would feel comfortable with an arrangement like this, in whose home you'd feel comfortable living as a guest. It will probably help a lot if you are a non-smoker and non-drug user. It will also help if you lay out a set maximum period of time (e.g. 6 months) after which you'd plan to re-negotiate or to move out within 2 weeks, no questions asked. At that point, you'll either have found a job or another viable arrangement - or both parties will be pleased to let the situation continue as-is for another 6-month period, or whatever.

Living this way would impose limitations on your lifestyle - you'd essentially be living as a guest and you'd have to be as considerate as a guest should be (loud sex in your room = out) ...but it sounds like even that would not constitute as much of a limitation on you as moving back to Branson would.

Temp agency and eldercare are also both good ideas.
user 10231222
Phoenix, AZ
Post #: 1,110
I don't know how old you are or how committed you are to any given profession, but when I was younger (20s) and looking for work, the LAST thing I would do is check the want ads. You know that everyone else looking for work is checking them so you have lots of competition.

I would get a phone book (yellow pages) and start out by listing the the kinds of businesses I thought would be fun. Then I'd go through the list of those businesses. If they were close (I lived in a bigger city than Columbia), I'd go apply in person, emphasizing my interest in the business. If they were further, I'd call.

Like computers? Apply at all the places that sell computers.
Like comics? Apply at comic shops and/or book stores.
Like athletics? Apply at gyms, sports supply stores, etc..

Lots of employers are afraid that if they hire someone who is desperate, that person will quit as soon as the economy gets better...leaving for greener pastures. Employees who quit mean added expense to employers. They have to retrain, they have to start over paying into unemployment, etc.. So even in tough times, employers like to find someone who really is interested in their business. After all, it costs them the same in pay as someone who ISN'T interested in their business, but the interested person is more likely to be enthusiastic and more likely to stay longer.

Good luck!

--- edit ---

And one more thing. This is important! DON'T get desperate. You know that if worst comes to worst you CAN move back home. Sure, it'd be a pain in the backside. But at least you know that you are NOT going to starve, you WILL have a roof over your head, etc..

Always keep that in mind because it means you don't have to be panicked or desperate. Potential employers can tell if you're desperate and they know that desperate people are less reliable.

Dave R.
Columbia, MO
Post #: 2
Send me a copy of your resume. I will do two things here. First, I teach resume writing and job hunt skills, so I will go over it with a keen eye. Second, if appropriate and acceptable. I can list your interests on my professional links, but the job may be out of Columbia or Missouri.

profdave1011 at

dave r
user 10231222
Phoenix, AZ
Post #: 1,133
So how's it going? Find anything? Get any interviews?
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