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Half price for the Tour for the next 5 signups

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Oakland, CA
Raliegh, one of our members, is having his company,

Clearlight Sauna, offer $25 to each of the next five people who sign up for the tour. It clearly is a great opportunity for us!

So if you want to come and spend the day with us and Kevin and Annmarie Gianni, find out all about raw foods and healing through fasting and a whole, plant-based diet at True North, and want to try the delicious food Cafe Gratitude and Lydia's Kitchen serves- just let me know immediately. Please RSVP on our site first-  Because that's how I'll know you are one of the first 5.

RSVP first with the Meetup­

then get your seat on the bus­

Also let me know what questions you would like Kevin and Annmarie to talk about-

what do you want to hear them talk about on the bus- just reply to this e-mail


Get on the bus! The magical raw green tour bus!

I’m excited to announce our collaboration with Joni Sare, organizer of the "South Bay Raw"
(MeetUp group) and Bay Area Green Tours for this incredible event. It
was inspired by our desire to visit Lydia’s new restaurant and it has
emerged into a sensational trip thanks to the many resources in our
community. Bay Area Green tours has definitely come through in offering
us a price that is low enough to make it viable for our members to do.

And I'm really excited to update this with the news that Kevin and Annmarie Gianni will
be joining us. Many of you know Kevin Gianni. He recently hosted the
Great Health Debates and interviewed guests- ranging from Gabriel
Cousens to David Wolfe to Alan Goldhammer. (Dr. Goldhammer will be
giving us a talk at True North). Kevin and Annmarie have been living a
raw food diet for years and traveling around the country and meeting
many people from the raw food world. They will be speaking and answering
your questions and sharing what they have learned. (for more details
about Kevin see below).

We will visit Café Gratitude
in the morning in San Rafael, where they will have a special meal at a
low price for us. Café Gratitude has been instrumental in helping us
create successful raw food events and fostering community. Once again
they are pitching in. They will offer a special lunch menu and price,
which will be announced soon. Dawn Kali who works at Café Gratitude in
Berkeley will give us a special
presentation on the theory and science of raw food nutrition. This
theory is based on Dr. Robert Young’s theory and it will be given
complete with power point.

Then we tour the facilities of True North,
in Santa Rosa, and hear a lecture by its founder, Alan Goldhammer on
the benefits of fasting and healing on a whole, plant-based diet. This
too is a rare treat that is offered to us alone. True North is truly
comprehensive in the services it offers: medical, chiropractic,
psychotherapy, counseling, massage and bodywork. Dr. Alan Goldhamer has
years of clinical expertise and has helped thousands regain superior
health though water and juice fasts and a healthy plant based diet. The
diet he advocates is grounded in years of clinical expertise (see below
for more). Kevin Gianni, on his recent Great Health Debates said, “I
will tell you, we have been there to this facility. It is top-notch. We
haven’t been to too many waterfasting places but this is by far the best
we’ve ever been to. I have a feeling it’s one of the best in the world.
It’s a fantastic place where he’s doing a lot of incredible good.”

The final leg of our journey will be to meet Lydia at her new restaurant in Fairfax, Lydia’s Kitchen.
Many are aware of how delicious Lydia’s foods are, as they are
available at Whole Foods and elsewhere. (Lisa Steinborn, one of our
members, is lucky enough to practically live on Lydia’s food as she
works for her.). Lydia will talk to us about her story of becoming a raw
foodist and serve us a special sampler plate for $12. These plates are
optional though. You may order anything off her menu you want (see below
for menu and details on what is in store for us at Lydia’s Kitchen).

While on the bus we'll have
announcements, greetings by each of the organizers and time to meet up
with each other. We might have a speaker join us on the bus, we'll make
announcements as things unfold.

Tour starts 10am at the David Brower Center, 2150 Allston Way, Berkeley and returns around 7pm.

Price for the tour is

$50.00 (both lunch and dinner are separate and optional)

To RSVP do 2 things:

1. RSVP with us on the meetup site here­

2. To reserve your seat on the bus- you must RSVP here­

(with Bay Area Green Tours)

We need to have a minimum of 30 people on the bus by March 28th

Or this will not be a go. So please do RSVP with the bus ASAP!

The tickets are refundable if we do not get enough people to make this a go.
A personal note from Lydia:

Celebrate Living the Raw Life with Lydia at Lydia's Kitchen!

Lydia's Organics is celebrating 10 years of creating and distributing our wholesome,

organic, vegan, gluten-free RAW line of products nation-wide! In August 2010, I re-

opened Lydia's Kitchen Cafe, a beautiful and cozy family-friendly space serving up

organic, gluten-free, vegan, RAW as
well as COOKED menu of delicious creations! We want to offer a special
event to this meetup group Monday, April 11, so that you all can come in
and try many of our delicious raw items.

I will speak about my journey with
raw foods and will share some principles and tips to help you stay on
the raw path to wellness!

We're offering you a special sampler plate for $12, which includes the following scrumptious menu items:

  • Purple Goddess Salad
  • Kale Seaweed Salad
  • Live Coconut Curry
  • Famous Greek Salad
  • Raw 'Rice' Filled Dolmas with Sesame-Dill Sauce
  • Kreemy Pizzazz (our version of raw Pizza)
  • and Luna Nori Rolls
  • And if you prefer, you can just order off the regular menu instead.

Drinks and desserts will be sold a la carte and we will be sure to have plenty of the popular $1.25 Cheez Cake Bites!

In addition, we will hand out coupons for 20% off, which you can use on your NEXT visit.

We look forward to seeing you all very soon

at Lydia’s kitchen!

About Café Gratitude:

Café Gratitude serves a menu of 100%
organic, 100% vegan, local fare. “Our food is free of refined sugar,
flour, and additives. We have an extensive menu of raw foods, and have
recently expanded to serve cooked foods in many of our locations.
Over 45% of our produce comes from our Be Love Farm, and the compost
from our Cafes is returned to the farm to nourish the next meal. Check
out our menu here and learn more about what we serve through our education section.”

Visit our website here­.

About True North

Besides founding the True North
fasting clinic, Dr. Goldhammer is the author of “The Health Promoting
Cookbook” and co-author of “The Pleasure Trap -Mastering the Hidden
Force That Undermines Health and Happiness.”

Dr. Goldhammer does not insist on his
patients eating a 100% raw diet because of practical considerations. He
has seen raw vegans successfully adhere to the nutritional guidelines
he advocates, such as eating a ton of greens, by using their blenders to
get sufficient quantities of these great sources of plant nutrients.
However, he finds many people who come to him need to be led back to
health with diets they will do- and so advises doing the minimal amount
of cooking- such as steaming, so that they will consume more greens.

During the recent Great Health
Debates, he said, “We’re tremendously fortunate to be in a time where we
can get accurate, consistent and detailed biochemical feedback by
something as simple as blood or urine testing. Now we’re even getting
biochemical feedback by something as simple into other non-invasive
testing like Enpat [?] where you can do functional endothelial
assessments and ultrasounds, things that don’t have negative biological
consequences to the patient and yet can provide us tremendous
information to give people feedback about if the path they’re following
is working. That’s true whether it’s in fasting or with our diet and
lifestyle programs. We want to be able to look for objective markers to
be able to advise a person that one, are they getting better, and are
they getting better as quickly as they should and is it possible that
we’re missing something.

The conditions that respond best (to
fasting), most consistently, are the conditions that are essentially
contributed or caused by dietary excess. Cardiovascular disease,
including hypertension, diabetes, especially type II diabetes, and
autoimmune diseases. I mentioned the “itis” conditions, the colitis, the
arthritis, the systemic lupus erythematosus, vasculitis, eczema,
psoriasis. These conditions tend to respond very well to dietary control
and fasting."

Visit True North Health Center’s website here­.

About Kevin Gianni:

Kevin Gianni is a health advocate, author, interviewer, and film consultant. He has helped thousandsof people from over 85 different countries learn more and improve their health through hisprograms
and online seminars. Kevin is the founder and host of The Renegade
Health Show, one of the fastest growing internet health shows available.
He is also the creator and co-author of "The Busy Person's Fitness
Solution," the optimal wellness system that helps busy peoplereach
optimal health using only three to four hours of their precious time a
week. His expertise includes exercise, energy techniques, nutrition,
paradigm shifting, and stress relief.Kevin got his start in graduate
school researching holistic modalities at Western Connecticut State
University. While doing so, he learned many different non-traditional
approaches to solve very traditional fitness and health problems. Since
then, he has been studying and putting those techniques and philosophies
into practice through one-on-one and group sessions.His techniques are embraced by busy people because they are simple, easy-to-use,and guaranteed to get results in just a few days. He uses a simple, "take action"approach to fitness that is welcomed by many who've been duped by the gadgets,magazine
articles, and flavor-of-the-month scientific studies. Kevin is
responsible for helping thousands and thousands of people around the
world reach a level of health and fitnessthey never thought was
possible. He is often times quoted as promising "maximum results in the
minimum amount of time...guaranteed!"He has been quoted and
interviewed by many national publications including: WebMD, Ediets,
Cooking Light, Woman's World, Skiing Magazine, Today's Diet and
Nutrition,The Orlando Sentinel, The Chicago Daily Herald,San Antonio Express-News, Albany Times Union, STL Today,The Kansas City Star, My Family Doctor, and NBC 30.He's also interviewed many of today's top health and wellness expertsincluding Dr. Mark Hyman, Mike Adams, Bob Doyle, David Wolfe, Dr. Michael Breus,Victoria Boutenko, Danny Dreyer, Marion Nestle, and dozens more.In
addition to being a published author and health advocate, Kevin is a
shameless trail running addict and pretty good guitar player. He now
lives in Berkeley with his wife and business partner, Annmarie,

About Bay Area Green Tours

Their Mission Statement is:

To provide educational tours
that demonstrate the sustainable economy in action, inspire support of
local green businesses, and empower people to incorporate environmental
responsibility and social justice into their personal and professional

Visit their website here­

Parking at David Brower Center

For more information about parking at David Brower Center click here­

Getting Here

We encourage the use of transit whenever possible. Bike parking is
available in front of the Brower Center and in the underground Oxford

Richmond Bound: Take the Richmond-bound train to the Downtown Berkeley
station. Walk south on Shattuck and turn left onto Allston Way. The
Brower Center is at 2150 Allston Way.

San Francisco / Fremont Bound: Take either the San Francisco-bound or
Fremont-bound train to the Downtown Berkeley station. Walk south on
Shattuck and turn left onto Allston Way. The Brower Center is at 2150
Allston Way.

AC Transit AC Transbay Lines: F and 800 AC Transit Lines: 1R, 52L, 1, 7, 9, 15, 18, 19, 51, 65, 67, 79, 604, 605, 851.

Garage Parking Please carpool! There are many garages in downtown Berkeley, including the ­Oxford Garage just below the Center. Enter on 2161 Kittredge St. between Shattuck and Oxford.

Other garages include the Allston Way Garage at 2061 Allston Way, between Shattuck and Milvia Street.


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