Night Photography Workshop Follow-up

Just wanted to follow up after Saturday's Night Photography Workshop

Recap on the exposure triangle
1. Determine what your ISO should be (lower the better to reduce grain) Nikon 200 / Cannon 100 base ISO. High ISO will introduce graininess to a photo, an effect you may want.

2. Determine what is important, depth of field or motion.
a IF motion is your priority then set your shutter at the desired speed and adjust the aperture to create a perfect exposure. If perfect exposure cannot be attained by aperture then reset your ISO (up or down) and readjust the aperture to create the perfect exposure.
b If depth of field is your priority then set aperture at the desired f-stop (1.8 low depth of field / 22 large depth of field) and adjust the shutter speed to create a perfect exposure. If perfect exposure cannot be attained by the shutter then reset your ISO (up or down) and readjust the shutter speed to create the perfect exposure.

3. Use a tripod when dealing with shutter speed lower than the focal length of the lens but no slower then 1/60 of a second (generally). For example, if you are using a 200mm lens your shutter speed should be 1/200 of a sec and no slower.

For more information please visit the following web page:

Additional tips for long exposures that was not covered.
1. When using a tripod turn off the "Vibration Reduction" (Nikon) or "Image Stabilization" (Canon). With these turned on the camera will look for movement and if there is none, the camera will create movement. REMEMBER TO TURN THIS BACK ON.

2. Use a focus release tether or remote. When pushing the focus release button on your camera you will inevitably introduce camera shake. By using a focus release tether or remote trigger you are not directly connected to the camera (or tripod) thus eliminating movement of the camera or tripod. If you do not have these devices then set your camera to a timer which will do the same thing.

3. Use "Exposure Delay Mode" (Nikon terminology, not sure what Cannon calls it). When this option is selected in your menu this is what happens. When an exposure is taken the mirror in your camera flips up to expose the sensor (film) then closes. This movement of the mirror creates camera vibration. The "Exposure Delay Mode" delays the camera's exposure by a second after the mirror flips up which gives the camera time to settle before the exposure is make. REMEMBER TO DISINGAGE THIS OPTION AS IT STAYS ACTIVE UNTIL DISINGAGED.

4. Cover the eye peace as light can enter the camera through it. Some camera's will have a mechanism to close the eye piece, some may have come with a cap. If not a piece of cloth will work

5. If it is windy or you have a light weight tripod you can hang weight from your tripod for steadiness.

6. For night shots, remove your "UV" filter if you have one on your lens.

7. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS check to make sure your camera is secure to the tripod and well balance. You do not want the camera to fall off or tip.

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