San Mateo, CA

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November 3, 2012

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What sorts of games are you into?

I'm pretty flexible when it comes to systems. I'm most familiar with 4e, though I've played everything from Paranoia to wargames disguised as RPG campaigns at some point. Most systems have their ups and downs, the key is to appreciate something for what it is and houserule the rest. I prefer the lighter sort of roleplaying where people are engaged but no one's super serious about the game - rollplaying, as it were. It's more about the opportunity to hang out with friends than making sure my Pretend Elf gets her +2 Sword of Who Gives a Crap from Fizzlebritches the Wizard. Groups which feature alcohol and swearing are also a plus.

Would you be willing to plan a meeting or two for the group?

I'd absolutely be willing to organize some stuff. In the past I've run a decent D&D campaign, a pretty good Travellerish game using Full Thrust rules, and statted out (though we never got around to trying) a Team Fortress 2 wargame using lego minifigs for players.


I'm new to the area, looking for a stable group of cool people to hang out with from time to time.

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