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Hunter game in Silver Spring/Wheaton - gauging interest

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I would like to run a game about hunters of the supernatural, and I want to gauge the level of interest.

I see this as a gritty story of normal people who get drawn into a world of unknown horrors that lies beneath the veneer of normal human society and through consuming obsession of some kind find themselves driven to seek further contact with that world, all the while fighting to hold on to their sanity and humanity. They continue to participate in their normal lives, hesitant to speak about their occult awareness to the normal folks they interact with, and then occasionally when they become aware of a threat band together to handle it, not showing up for work, missing family dinners, and so on. A shotgun or bat with nails hammered through are much more likely tools for them than an assault rifle or flame thrower, and above all their greatest weapon is knowledge and planning. They shy away from their fellow hunters in normal life, hiding them from their friends and family, but they have the increasing sense that those around them no longer know them and their fellow hunters are the only ones who truly understand.

This would take place in the modern world. For now I am open as to the sub-setting (city-scape, country, regional, whatnot). I want to let the characters people wish to play drive those kinds of decisions. It would sort of be a mash up of a World of Darkness kind of setting with some Lovecraftian spice thrown in for good measure.

The game would be run on a system taken more of less from the game Mouseguard. It is for the most part very rules light and super easy to learn, but it does have several mechanics concerning character motivations and beliefs, as well as my version having a spirit/morality/humanity component. This will put some of the numbers-driven focus on these kinds of concepts in addition to the skill ability and character physical trauma status that is typically the focus of RPG rules. It’s not a system for power character builders or very tactical combat fans (no complex trees of feats or anything like that and fast light more story driver combat is used), but one that highlights the motivations behind and costs of a characters decisions and actions.

I would like to play this somewhere in the Silver Spring/Wheaton area of MD. To successfully balance prep with work it can’t be too far from my place. Also, I would love it if one of the players also likes to run games. My ideal setup is that I run for a period of time (1-4 months maybe), and then we put the game down and play something else for a while so I can generate new ideas and recharge, and then we pick the game back up.

So that’s about it. Any interest?
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Note I am also considering FATE core with some extras built on for this. There is a lot of similarity between MG and Fate, and there are things in both I prefer over the other, so I might start on the Fate side of things and build from there.
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Well, I guess there isn't much interest...
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