Owl Update

From: Dave
Sent on: Monday, February 15, 2010 10:10 PM
Hi Owls!

I wanted to tell you a few things before our Feb 20th meeting. I hope your writing is going well.
? The new time is 1:00-4:30. This has been approved by the library. Still 3rd Sat. of every month.
? RSVP spots are to guarantee time for people to present their material. I think we will fill up our 12 spots most every time. If there are no RSVP spots left and you plan on just critiquing, then you are welcome to come. Having 12 or fewer ?presenters? should make it very manageable time-wise.
? I want to encourage all of you to sign up and use Google Docs. I have been using it and sharing with a few people. It helps so much to spend more time with the printed copy in front of me?I think we can all give better critiques if we can start doing it this way. We can try.
? Please respond to this email and tell me (yes or no) if you are going to bring some material to the Feb. 20th mtg. How many pages? Sending me an email is best. This is to help me organize groups better. I plan to split ?presenters? evenly between the 2 groups. (if you don?t respond or do so late, I?ll just work with the info I have.)
? I hope to send a reminder email?Wednesday/Thursday-ish?. In this I can include email addresses of other members if you plan on using Google Docs and want to exchange writing with others in your (soon to be assigned) group.
? I think it will take a few meetings for people to get used to posting early but if we can get started with a just a few people doing it we may build some momentum.
? The better we can follow these steps and start working earlier on preparing for the meet-up the more enjoyable it will be for everyone. Better critiques! More fun!
? Thanks to the volunteers: Cheri Powell will help set up (12:45 if you can, Cheri); Daniel Recktenwald, Erv Klein and Mark Bois will help with tables and chairs?( you can help set up or put away after?which ever works for you guys); Christy Newland volunteered to bring chips. Anyone else could bring snacks, too. If you could inform me by email that would be great. We want to rotate these duties. The library said we can have snacks, drinks, etc.!
? Remember we value good feed-back. If you don?t have material, come anyway and give feedback. The better you know the people in the group the more comfortable you are giving and receiving frank feedback. So, don't be a stranger and keep on coming back.

*The new time is 1:00-4:30

Seen you soon,


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