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DM needed for special event

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Hello friends!

One of my good friends has wanted to play D&D for years, but has never had the opportunity to do so. He lives in Woodbridge (I live in Richmond, but I visit him all the time), and his birthday is in September (21st, a Saturday). I thought an awesome birthday gift would be to play D&D. The only problem: I have no idea how to DM, and I don't know anyone that can. I'm a member of our D&D group down here in Richmond, but obviously that won't work out if he's up in Woodbridge. Is there anyone in this group that would be willing to DM a D&D campaign for us?

Here's some info about us, which will hopefully assuage any "creepy" vibes you might be getting:

Chuck (me), 29, nerdy white kid with a few degrees
Adam (birthday friend), 28-29, nerdy white kid that works on computer networks
Courtney (friend's girlfriend), 25-26, totally brand new to D&D
Danielle (a lady friend of ours), 24, also totally brand new to D&D
Maybe 1-2 others?

Ideally, we're looking for a DM in their mid-late 20s. I don't care about which edition we'd play; I lean towards 3.5, but honestly, it doesn't matter at all. I can pay you for your time, and of course provide the staples of any proper D&D game (mountain dew, chips, etc). Plus, we're all pretty cool people to hang out with.

Anyone up for it? I'd be happy to provide more "totally-not-a-weird-creeper" evidence if need be!

Cecil S.
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Clifton, VA
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I'm up for running a 3.5 one-shot game, but you might consider me a bit of a "greybeard"--I'm 49 and have been playing since before they invented dirt.

Since I already run two other adventuring parties weekly (Wed and Sunday), I'm not sure I could handle another recurring group.
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Woodbridge, VA
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Chris here . . . .I live in Woodbridge and have DMed before. I've played since 1980, more off than on since 1998. Another Greybeard . . . actually its white but I shave. :P

Message me back if you are interested. Pathfinder and Mike McKewon got me interested in the game again last year. I have converted Shackled City Adventure Path (Greyhawk) to Pathfinder. I have written a 'dungeon crawl' in the First Edition style and a Forgotten Realms campaign levels 1 to 7 in my old Ed Greenwood version of the Forgotten Realms.

I also like sci-fi horror games like Dark Conspiracy. One shots are a great way to get things rolling, eat a bunch of chips or pretzels,and have a bunch of laughs. *points up*

Outside of gaming, I like most activities around the water, especially swimming, fishing, and the beach. One of my favored outdoor activities is land-based shark fishing. I tag goldilox (not too big and not too small, 5' to 9') sharks for NOAA through the Apex Predator Program.
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I'll pass it along to him, see if he'd be interested!
Cecil S.
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Clifton, VA
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Just making a quick follow-up, to see if there has been any decision on this gaming session.
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Dave the Organizer here...looks like Chuck unfriended us (left the group) so he won't be seeing any replies. Not sure what that was about but thanks to those who tried to help. Because he left the group I have no way to contact him.
Bob G.
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Springfield, VA
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He posts, starts getting responses right away, then leaves the group? Nothing "creepy" about that vibe, is there?
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Well, let's be honest, folks. We all know roleplayers (including me) tend to be a bit unusual. Who knows why he did this hit and run? Maybe he did not want to really be part of the group and when it did not pan out for him, he left. I think he did it a bit early, as he was recruiting for an event will time to spare, but *shrug* who am I to judge people's motives? Thanks again to all who were willing to help. -Dave
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