LA (BR) Date TBD TNR Class /(Jefferson) TNR Req /(Metairie) Socialize Kittens /(Kenner) TNR Req etc /(NO) Req Backup Feeder /(Var) Lost/Found Cats /(Denham Springs) Fix It S/N Cats /(Thibodaux) Cats Adopt/Rescue

From: Diane M.
Sent on: Sunday, February 23, 2014 4:28 AM
Diane Michell
New Orleans Area Feral and Outside Cats Meetup Group 
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LA ( Baton Rouge ) Update Date TBD TNR Class /(Jefferson) TNR Request /(Metairie) Need Foster to Socialize Kittens /( Kenner ) TNR Request etc /( New Orleans ) Request for Backup Feeder Help /(Various) Lost/Found Cats /(Denham Springs) Fix It S/N Cats Program /( Thibodaux ) Cats Adopt/Rescue
UPDATE: LA ( Baton Rouge ) A short note that whoever got the message about the Baton Rouge Free Spay Neuter Class, the date is going to be changed so is TBD (To Be Determined) right now and will be announced soon! Contact: Liz Newman [address removed] (504)[masked]
LA (Jefferson) TNR Trapping Help Needed for a Mama Cat and 1 Juvenile Age Kitten - Donation for Helping
·       Mama cat is hard to trap – need someone with a drop trap. Haven’t been able to trap her in 3 years.
·       Location is near Jefferson Highway near Ark Animal Hospital at the home of Diane Dalferes elderly sister.
·       Recently 1 of the juvenile kittens was TNR, 1 more juvie needs TNR.
·       Diane does not live nearby but has someone who can pick them up from the vet after spay neuter surgeries if someone can help trap for appts.
Contact: Diane Dalferes [address removed]
---- Diane Dalferes < [address removed] wrote:
I had to move away from my colony to care for my 92 year old mother. My sister will continue to take care of the colony..But There is a female that had two kittens around March that need to be trapped and brought to Ark right around the corner. I will pay the fee to have them fixed and I have someone who will pick them up. My sister can keep them on the screen porch and release them the next day but my sister is 70 and not in good health. And certainly wouldn't be able to trap. Can you put me in touch with someone right around Jefferson Hwy and Ark Animal Hospital that would possibly be able to trap and drop off to Ark. They are feral but they come on the porch to eat. I believe they are the only 3 not ear clipped. The cat lady down the street moved away and her rather shabby cats came down to join the ones we already had.
LA ( Metairie ) Foster Needed to Socialize Feral Kittens – Expenses Covered
Contact: Anne Lucas [address removed]
From: Anne Lucas < [address removed] >
To: " [address removed] " < [address removed] >
Sent: Thursday, February 20,[masked]:58 PM
Subject: Re: Someone to foster kittens
They are about 4 months old. Small like mama. Look very healthy. With their age I need someone who is used to feral kittens and their behavior and who is willing to be patient with them. …  I will try to get pictures. There are 3 black ones and one grey with white feet.  Thanks, Anne
On Thu, 2/20/14, Anne Lucas <[address removed]> wrote:
Subject: To: "Diane Michell" <[address removed]>
Date: Thursday, February 20, 2014, 2:05 PM

…  I am STILL looking for someone to socialize/foster 4 kittens. …I will take care of expenses. Thanks, Anne Lucas
LA ( Kenner ) Relocate 2 Ear Tip Cats at Office Building in Conjunction with TNR Help Needed at Nearby Warehouse Building
·       There are 2 ear tip cats outside an office that need relocation. There are also unfixed cats that are under a huge warehouse building next to the office.
·       The office cats keep the others away so need TNR help independently or prior to relocating the 2 cats.
Contact: Joyce Ross - Call after 2 pm -[masked]
From: Michael Nahay 
To: Sent: Wednesday, February 5,[masked]:17 PM
Subject: 2 cats need help
Joyce Ross called me to get some help for her with 2 cats…. About 3 years old each. One 'fixed' male and no mention of the other. She has been doing her best but now her son has put his foot down [doesn’t want them staying] outside of his office. Please call her after 2 at (504)[masked] to get full particulars..
Contact: Kathi King [address removed][masked]
From: [address removed]
To: [address removed]
Sent: Thu, Feb 20,[masked]:06 PM CST

A caretaker of a colony of about 30 ferals recently moved to Illinois . I have taken over feeding them but desperately need backup. I have some out-of-town trips coming up and you never know when an emergency might come up.

They are fed once a day in the EARLY morning - 6am. It has to be very early since there are businesses nearby who don't appreciate them and there is no place to feed them where they can't be seen. They seem to be all eartipped. Here is a picture of some of them.

If you can help partner with this please contact me. I'm only looking for someone who can feed if I'm out of town (unless you fall in love with them :)).

Email: [address removed]
Kathi King
LA ( Lafayette area) Zack a kitty in need of medical help
Contact: Barbara [address removed]  
·       See link below to help donate.
From: Barbara < [address removed] >
To: Barbara <[address removed]>
Sent: Friday, February 21,[masked]:15 PM
Subject: Zack a kitty in need of medical help
I know it's me again asking for help for a kitty in need. I was hoping to win that huge Powerball last Saturday. I could have helped Zack and Stevie, Mystic Storm and Zooey. I didn't. But maybe together we can help at least one or two of them.
Organizer: Barbara Bornemann Beneficiary: Diana Terry / Lynn Kupfer
Zack, a very loved kitty, needs some dental help. Without it he doesn't have a chance of survival. His family just can't afford the treatment. Please help -
A friend and rescuer asked me for help. They have a foster cat that is in serious condition.  He needs help NOW.  Here is his story:
Can you help me a rescuer help Zack??
"As I write this my Aack is not doing so good. He is in a slow decline and I will lose him without help. Zack has Stomatitis which is a gum problem. The Vet thinks it may be attacking is kidneys. He needs to have a partial dental done - cleaning and some teeth pulling. If we can get to the root of the infection he has a chance. He is not a old guy only 6 yrs old.  I and my partner only have one income right now and care or lots of kittys and 2 dogs. Most have problems of some sort that made them not good adoption candidates, short story we had to keep them when our rescue had $$ problems and they became our responsibility. He is a sweet sweet cat that is my shadow, I dread losing him without trying to fight this knowing I could do more if only I had the means. Can you find it in your heart to help??"
Update Photo LA ( New Orleans ) “ Emma “ Missing Longhair Smoky Persian Fluffy Maine Coon Type Calico Dilute Tortie – 5300 block Memphis
Contact: Lisa[masked] [address removed]
Lisa[masked] [address removed] Posted:[masked]:23pm


5301 Memphis
  • Location: MEMPHIS & CLAYTON
post id:[masked] posted:[masked]:23pm updated:[masked]:12pm

Note: Mr. Grey is 1 of 3 missing cats from Grove (at Dearborn ) – may have been trapped and dumped

Kelly[masked] [address removed] Posted:[masked]:28pm

Mr. Grey missing silver tabby ( Metairie )

title="image 2">  title="image 1">
Grove at Dearborn
Mr. Grey is a 10 year old male neutered cat. He may have been trapped and dumped somewhere as there are three missing cats from my street. Please keep an eye out for him. He is friendly and very vocal. Reward for safe return.
  • Location: Metairie
post id:[masked] posted:[masked]:28pm
Contact Information Michelle (251)[masked], Justin (256)[masked]
e-mail [address removed] Posted:[masked]:44pm phone #’s below

Please help us get our baby back!!! REWARD! (Mid-City) – [missing a month but last seen 2/14/14 – S. Clark]

South Clark Street at Canal St .

Please Help
Lost Calico Kitty

Cat Information
Name: Belle Sex: Female
Breed: Calico Color: Black, White, Orange

Contact Information
Name Michelle Phone (251)[masked]
Justin (256)[masked]

Last Seen
Location South Clark Street Date 12/14/2013

Additional Information
She has a heart shaped name tag with Belle engraved on it. If you have seen her or have any information as to where she may be please call or send us a text message. We desperately miss our baby kitty, thank you so much for taking the time to read this.
  • Location: Mid-City
post id:[masked] posted:[masked]:44pm updated:[masked]:04am
Stephanie[masked] [address removed] Posted:[masked]:39pm

LOST CAT: REWARD (Chestnut & Dufossat)

title="image 1">
Chestnut at Dufossat
Missing: Fluffy female cat. Long fur, bushy tale. Very sweet and friendly. Tabby markings on back, head and legs but white chest, tummy, paws and chin.

Please call with any info.

  • Location: Chestnut & Dufossat
post id:[masked]
Brenda[masked] Posted:[masked]:42pm

Lost long haired light grey cat ( Jackson ave) [ Siamese Himalayan - Declawed ]

title="image 1">
Jackson ave at Magazine
Lost long haired silver cat on Jackson near Magazine. He is old and declawed. Reward offered.
Jackson ave at Magazine  
  • Location: Jackson ave
post id:[masked] posted:[masked]:42pm
[address removed] Posted:[masked]:55am

MISSING! Mabel, Female Tortie Cat *REWARD* ( Bayou Road ) [ pink collar with tag ]

title="image 5">
Bayou Road at Broad St
My cat, Mabel has been missing since 2/10th, last seen on Bayou Road near Broad St .
She has tortie coloring - Black brown with flecks of orange, white chin and paw.
Light green eyes, pink collar with calling info.

We miss her dearly, she is very friendly and adventurous

Reward if you find her! Thank you!
  • Location: Bayou Road
post id:[masked] posted:[masked]:55am
mailto:[address removed] Posted:[masked]:01am  

Avenue B - Male Cat - Medical Condition! ( Marrero ) – [ Lost Marbled Spotted Tabby -  front declawed – seen headed in direction of Water Dept. cross from W Jefferson Hospital ]

742 Ave A
Aremis got out at 730 pm on feb 19. We saw him on camera walking on 8th Street , from avenue a towards avenue b in marrero, towards Jeff parish water department, opposite side of west Jeff hospital. No chip. Front declaw. He has a medical condition, he needs to come home. Unique spots on his sides, marbling on his shoulder blades down his arms. Green eyes. Skiddish. Offering very nice reward for his return.
  • Location: Marrero
post id:[masked] posted:[masked]:01am updated:[masked]:11am
STILL Missing:
email or text (504)[masked] [address removed] Posted:[masked]:19am

missing black female cat (terrytown)

title="image 1">
Beautiful long hair black mix norweigian forest young female she came missing december 9th. someone must have taken her in front of her home. she is very friendly and loveing cat.she is being missed by her famil and my 19 month old son.she had her collar on she always takes it off she's not microchiped she is spayed had her shots. if anyone has her please contact me.
  • Location: terrytown
post id:[masked] posted:[masked]:19am
[address removed] Posted:[masked]:05pm

Whoever ABANDONED this FOUND Calico Cat (Old Jefferson ) [ abandoned declawed cat ]

title="image 1">

Neighborhood talk is that this cat was owned by someone, and when the cat got old, they "put her out."

This is a friendly, DECLAWED cat, who was put out just before Winter, when she was sick. A declawed cat can't defend herself from other, aggressive cats. A declawed house cat who is sick, in the dead of winter, doesn't stand a chance...

And yet she was lucky enough to find a man's house who fed her, cleaned her, and is taking her to the Vet.

But you, whoever you are, who put this cat out after she was old and sick. First you mutilate the cat by having her declawed, and then you dump her on the street when she needs you most. YOU are sick. And cruel.

Can you at least tell us what this cat's name is???

There is far too much animal cruelty in this city. No wonder the murder rate is so high. If we don't care for our animals, we won't care for our people either. Compassion for life is compassion for all life, human and animal. And as long as this city continues to turn a blind eye to the suffering of animals, then we will do the same for humans.

To the former "owner" of this cat: You are a cruel excuse for a human being. Grow up. And do us all a favor: Never get another animal again if you aren't going to be responsible for that animal.


Do you recognize this cat? Female Calico cat, found as a stray, she first showed up a little before Christmas.

She is dirty in this photo, as she is sick or injured. Looking to find her owner. Please share or if you know anyone missing a Calico cat, please tell them to take a good look at this photo. Animals look a lot different when they are stray/lost for awhile, so don't assume it's not the right cat just because it doesn't look exactly as you remember it.

Please help us find this girl's owner. Thank you.
  • Location: Old Jefferson
post id:[masked] posted:[masked]:05pm
LA (Denham Springs) Fix It Program for Cats
•             Do you have a cat that needs to be fixed?
•             Are you feeding stray cats that aren’t fixed?
•             Let us help you fix your cats!
•             Sponsored by Denham Springs Animal Shelter, Pet Aid, Petco, and Feral Cat Coalition.
From: Maurice Durbin [mailto: [address removed] ]
Sent: Friday, February 21,[masked]:20 PM
To: Diane Michell
Subject: Fwd:
Pet aid is sponsoring this campaign to fix it before spring. …
Maurice Durbin

From: "Christa Fairburn" <[address removed]>
Date: February 10, 2014, 9:37:49 AM CST
To: "Maurice Durbin" <[address removed]>

LA ( Thibodaux ) Cats looking to be adopted/rescued
Contact:[masked] Stephanie L. Griffin [address removed] and Kelli C. Toups [address removed] 
Kelli C. Toups
Animal Shelter Manager
934 Hwy 3185
Thibodaux, LA 70301
[address removed]
From: Stephanie L. Griffin [mailto: [address removed] ]
Sent: Thursday, February 20,[masked]:11 PM
To: Stephanie L. Griffin
Cc: Kelli C. Toups
Subject: Cats looking to be adopted/rescued
Attached are pictures of some cats looking to be adopted/rescued. Please pass the word around about them. If reposting, please put the animal’s shelter ID number with the picture. Please do not post on Craigslist.
14-002C “Jerry” male about 4-5 months of age**FVRCP, DEWORMED**
14-023C “Kiara” female about 10-12 months of age **FVRCP, DEWORMED, RABIES**
14-036C “Zeke” male about 4-6 months of age **FVRCP, DEWORMED, RABIES**
14-055C “Baby” female about 10-12 months of age **FVRCP, DEWORMED, RABIES**
14-064C “Elmo” male about 1 year of age **FVRCP, DEWORMED**
14-067C “Rico” male about 6 months of age **FVRCP, DEWORMED**
14-075C “Zena” female about 6 months of age **FVRCP, DEWORMED**
14-076C “Blaze” male about 1 year of age **FVRCP, DEWORMED**
. . . .
14-122C “Chuki” male about 2-3 years of age **FVRCP, DEWORMED** (Sores on head and face)
14-124C “Flo” female about 10-12 months of age **FVRCP, DEWORMED**
14-126C “ Tex ” male about 6-7 months of age **FVRCP, DEWORMED**
14-135C “Scar” male about 2-3 years of age **FVRCP, DEWORMED**
14-143C “Allie” female about 1-2 years of age **FVRCP, DEWORMED**

This email message originally included an attachment.

Voluntary Web Site Fee

$3.00 Voluntary-pls. help reimburse!

This covers: Cost to register this site is $72 for 6 mo.- please help by sending $2 or $3 TY!

Payment is accepted using:

  • PayPal
  • Cash or check - “E-mail: for instructions

Your organizer will refund you if:

  • Contributions will be used to keep the New Orleans Feral/Stray Cat web site going. Refund requests will be evaluated on case by case basis. If you would like to sponsor costs for care of cats that have been TNR or rescued, please send e-mail for referrals

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