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The Pixel Poets was started to provide an opportunity for creative folks to work together in a collaborative environment to create great images. We cover beauty, fashion/alternative, and artistic/implied shoots with variances on the subject depending on the model and/or group's interests.

We are *not* a paparazzi style group where people are everywhere, snapping photos like crazy, with other photographer's heads and elbows in the shot of an exhausted model who's only there to make a few bucks and flash her boobs to people with little interest in photography itself, and are basically there to see a naked model.

I hate that. I want the folks around me to hate that. That's not photography.

What we *are* is a group that comes together to set up shoots with phenomenal models, make up artists, hair stylists, wardrobe designers, stylists, photographers and set designers to collaborate and network in a professional studio setting.

We typically meet for a 3 hour session if we meet on a weeknight.. from 6:30-9:30PM.. or a 4 hour session on weekend afternoons, from 2-6PM. We also always try to provide time after to work privately together in short, affordable half hour sessions to either practice your lighting skills or just to work on a concept you may have had bouncing around in your head.

I try to allow a half hour per photographer.
So.. a weeknight/3 hour session will usually be capped at 6 photographers.
A weekend/4 hour session will usually be capped at 8.

I used to allow more.. but have found that more people than this starts to become chaotic and rushed. No one likes chaotic and rushed.

How it usually works is, myself, or someone experienced in the type of studio lighting we intend to cover, will setup a lighting setup for the particular style of shots we're going to create. An explanation of why it's being setup the way it is.. and some quick variations that can be done to alter the look.. a couple shots to test the lighting and demonstrate what we're going for, and then a trigger is given to a photographer and they get to work with the model for 8 minutes on that look... the trigger is passed to the next photographer.. lather, rinse, repeat.. we all get shots.. let the model take a quick break and prep for the next look.. while we talk about the shots and setup the next lighting configuration.

.. sidenote ..

The photographer with the trigger should always have the attention of the model and be free to compose the shot how they want. I think that's critical to getting successful shots.. (and part of why I hate paparazzi style shoot outs)

We can often adjust our cameras to take shots from the "sidelines", and that's fine, but you should not interfere with the person with the trigger, the model, or try and get shots of the model that are from inappropriate angles. *ANY* sign of any of these things and you will be called out.. nobody likes that.

Also.. we'll announce when you have a minute left. This is not to rush you or make you feel uncomfortable.. it's because it's easy to get lost in the moment of getting great photos and we want you to be aware that you have a minute left to get any remaining shots of that look that you may want. If you continuously go over.. it makes things uncomfortable.. we have to make an issue of it.. and no one likes that.

... back to the explanation of how it works...

So we cycle through several setups.. typically a classic beauty setup, a fashion or alt/edgy look, and something very sexy or artistic. Then if you want to do something specific, you can reserve a half hour spot after to work on that concept.

If planned correctly.. you can leave with a complete set of portfolio looks.

Beauty, Fashion/Alt/Edgy, Artistic/Nude/Implied, and optional shots of your choice.

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