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NOTE: Last minute changes will only be communicated to RSVP YES persons.


We will report on some diamond stocks recently in ALERT status and a breakout position.
Bring your laptop computer (if you have one available) to follow along to learn via hands-on, view stock chart patterns, web sites of interest, etc.

When we reach 15 active members, all others will be put on a waiting list.

Our agenda will include DIAMOND STOCK REPORTS, a review of the major index trend, sector charts of the S&P 500 Index, to identify the leading sectors and index, one or more diamond stocks to keep our eyes on, industry groups our members are following and reporting on their status, including the diamond stocks within their industry group.

THINK ABOUT IT: Which would you prefer:

1. Monitor (once you learn what to look for, it should only take a few minutes per day to identify the proper signals) and report on just one stock when it gives a buy or sell signal, and receive this information from other members on a stock(s) from other industry groups, OR

2. Chase endless methods to find a worthy stock, then switch to another game plan and search again, repeating this for years?

1. Focus on just one industry group ......................................................................... OR

2. Focus on the thousands of stocks in the market?

1. Trade stocks that have a long appreciation period (one year to 10 years plus) life span, OR

2. Short term, short life?

1. Have the time to know the company well ..............................................................


2. Can't possibly invest the required time to study and keep track of the many company's business attributes?

1. Have a checklist to follow to help you stay focused, and minimize the errors that will put you in the undesirable 95% loser group (see below),.............................................


2. Constantly make the errors that keep you from making more gains than losses, and make it impossible to be in the 5% winner's group?

It is estimated that some 95% of stock market investors, traders, etc., experience a net loss over the long term. It is my intention to guide our members to be in that other 5% group that achieves net gains. RSVP YES ONLY if you want to achieve this 5% winners group. We will identify the diamond stocks and have ongoing discussions on what some necessary elements are to be a successful trader.
Some of the demanding tasks for equity investors are screening the enormous list of the stocks market, knowing when to sell, when to buy, when to hold, and how to manage risk. I will share with you how I handle these tasks at our meetups.

Our objective is to have a team to accomplish the following agenda:
Continue learning chart patterns of technical analysis and essential fundamentals to identify potential equity investments, and discuss other items as outlined below.

Continue to discuss the mechanics of our tasks, and how, with your repeated effort, the tasks will become a habit that will be easily accomplished and rewarding.

Our goal is for one member to monitor one industry group at a time; identify the stock that fits our criteria. Monitor that stock and report when that stock of your industry group sets-up, below and within 15% of its pivot point. This is accomplished by listing the stock in the "ALERT" group on our designated stock tracking web site, and send an email through our group communication channel to all active members, listing the industry group, the stock/equity symbol and its pivot point. After the learning process this should become an easy task for an individual. You monitor one industry group and benefit from the other team members to have the diamond stocks from all applicable industry groups and be alerted of their buy point. This does require a long term commitment, but it should require very little time and effort once you become acclimated to the process; "Swift and resolute action leads to success.” β€œHe who hesitates is lost.” (English essayist and poet Joseph Addison).

You may request a change of your industry group by communicating with me by email of your desired selection. To help you get started, you will be assigned an industry group if you don't make your own selection in a reasonable time period. This assigned industry group may be changed by request to one of the available industry groups.
Instructions and educational help will be available for members to assist them to accomplish this goal.
It is not necessary for members to attend every meetup to participate.
You will have access to our common stock tracking web site to post your alerts, monitor preset major market indexes, market sector ETFs/indexes, etc. You will also have access to our group communication site, to post and receive "ALERTS", and other messages, to and from other active members for the purposes of our goals and objectives only.
For all of us to benefit from our mutual efforts, every member must be proactive in accomplishing their individual tasks, including learning the chart patterns, which will be communicated to you and further illustrated and discussed at our monthly meetups. You will learn to recognize these necessary charting formations of technical analysis and the minimum fundamental criterion to support a stock's selection.

This will be an evolving process that requires patience, a positive attitude and, above all, a team member's mentality!!!
Members who fail to accomplish their part (allowing for interruptions by life's occasional events that are unsettling, disrupting or a crisis, or a planned out of town vacation, and communicating such event to me) will be removed from our group's participation.

I am looking forward to seeing you at our next Investor's Business Meetup.


PS: I reserve the right to refuse attendance to anyone.

All content presented in the group is offered on a volunteer basis. Organizers, Moderator and Presenters are not screened or endorsed. They may hold positions in stocks they discuss in the group. In most cases, they are NOT investment professionals, and have NOT passed applicable exams. Perform your own due diligence or retain your own professional adviser to help you buy and sell securities. The content presented is educational, and is not a recommendation to buy or sell any particular security. You can lose a lot of money in the stock market. Always protect your capital by working from a trading plan and establish risk limits consistent with your financial position. As a condition of your participation in the meetup, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THE ABOVE AND AGREE TO HOLD HARMLESS THE ORGANIZERS, MODERATORS AND PRESENTERS in regard to any investment decisions you make.

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