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My own healing journey by Richard Davis

My formal energy healing trainings started in 1999 yet it really started evolving much earlier. Two events sparked my interest in healing. The first was tearing a tendon and ligaments in my knee around 23 years ago. I was told I needed surgery to repair this because it could no heal on is own. That my knee could go out on me at any time. This was because the knee would always be unstable without the proper support of the tendon and ligaments. Having seen the results of knee surgery on a friend. I did not want to take that option.

It took six months to heal “on its own.” I was not conscious at the time of the energy I was focusing on healing. The second event was my back back going out about 18 years ago. L5- rotated 30 degrees in addition to having sciatica. I was told by the medical profession that I needed surgery to repair the damage. I knew I would not have this because the energy flows would be interrupted ( how I knew that I did not have a clue-at the time)

I had seen too many back problems and the continued decline after. I could not walk around the block without stopping for a few minutes along the way. The pain was strong and constant but I took no pain med's not even asprin – too many problems I knew of there. I had to roll out of bed in the morning onto my knees and slowly push myself into a standing position. My life fell apart my business collapsed and already strained marriage hit rock bottom and split. I ballooned up to 250 lbs. You could say I met the definition of depression.

After about a year I started going to a chiropractor (Why so long? Apparently there were things I needed to learn the hard way.) I started going three times a week then two and when it hit one, I never have been to a chiropractor since. I knew what he was doing to my back and could do it myself very simply and much more often which made it much more effective. Here I was, seeing age 50 several yeas away 250 lbs recovering from back problems and thinking “Is this going to be the healthiest I will be for the rest of my life?”

I spent the next year and a half researching health and life extension. I read around 300 books, lots of magazines articles and researching more on the net. I took notes of what I needed to do for myself to organize it, it turned into a 313 page book. At which point the light went off. Duh! Everything is energy, nothing exists that is not energy. Therefore, all healing is energy healing. But what energies to use. Drugs or???

That door opened up to me three years later.. I am happy to report that at age 65 that my knee has never gone out on me, that my back causes me no problems (I continue to do the adjustments on myself a few times a year) I do 3 to 5 aerobics classes a week. I have more flexibility of my spine than at anytime I can remember in my life. I believe in the expression “healer heal thyself” and that the energy and focus of the person does have effects on healing.

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