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Wednesday d20 RPG

Mike T
Phoenix, AZ
Post #: 221
I have a weekly RPG using d20 rules and could use some more players. It's on Wednesday nights, preferably central Phoenix, and not too late for anyone working Thursday morning.

The campaign flavor is along the lines of Lord of the Rings or Arthurian legend - and I like to give PCs as much freedom as they can handle. Due to the blending of rules systems, most concepts outside the D&D Player's Handbook 3.5 are available, but will need DM collaboration.

Characters start at 1st level, full hit points, with scores 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8. I encourage players to plot their characters together, since teamwork will have significant advantages for the party.

A brief introduction:
Runstall Dermore is a mildly reclusive old man, and he spends most of his time on his property hidden on a hill above the quiet farming village of Riverpool. There he performs technical services for the shopkeepers in the village, and brews a steady stream of ale for the working folk. Due to the size of his manor, he keeps a serving staff and small gang of warriors for personal security.

You are one of these warriors.

While the manor has needed little protection, Runstall spends his time tutoring his staff when possible, and also using them for help on the land. But lately, shadows have been spotted lurking about after nightfall. Someone, or something, suspects that there may be more things of interest on Runstall's property than the villagers know.

But something even more curious is about to happen: a man will come directly to the manor looking for help, which never happens because Runstall only works with shopkeepers. This man will need an antique charm repaired: a bronze symbol of Nerull, god of Death.

Reply or email if interested.
Mike T
Phoenix, AZ
Post #: 222
Room for 2 or 3 players. Our current heroes just stumbled across a camp in the Heatherwood, and they promptly scattered/slew its residents and stole their coin...and their tent!

We're meeting Wednesdays and playing from 6-9, not too late for morning-workers.
Mike T
Phoenix, AZ
Post #: 224
Campaign Update:
Runstall Dermore, the recluse/estate owner, is missing. His manor has been ransacked by a man called Midnight and his gang. Of three survivors from Runstall's personal guard, two are recovering from battle in the manor. Ezrial, a potential patron of Runstall's, has arrived to find that services are not forthcoming, and his help may be needed in setting things right. While a giant bleeds unconsciously on the lower floor, the hill dwarves Obadar and Urist, and Ezrial the monk, sleep cautiously on the floor above...

Room for one or two more!
Mike T
Phoenix, AZ
Post #: 225
The party followed Midnight to the valley town of Guildenhall. On the way, they discovered that the lumber village of Kol had been cursed. Midnight and his church of Nerull showed up days later to cleanse the village of evil, with the help and bloodshed of the heroes. Back in Guildenhall, the heroes have a new quest, commanded by the High Priest Witherburg himself: collect evidence of Midnight's misdeeds, so that he may be legally evicted.

Room for two more!
A former member
Post #: 3
I like to attend games. I work till 5pm in Scottsdale. I may be arriving between 6- 630 to play. I you let me sit in... what would I need to do to be prepared to game.
Mike T
Phoenix, AZ
Post #: 226
We need one or more! Flexible on location, currently playing in north Phoenix.

Possible new characters:
Jansen Locke, troubleshooter. Disarms traps, unlocks doors, gets into hard-to-reach places. Male hobbit, rogue 4.
Zelwar Du-ruk, shadow mage. Weakens and hampers robbers of his caravan. Male dark elf, shadowcaster 4.
Eleste Greywall, visioneer. Weaves magic of the senses to pay her bills, and adventure. Female grey elf, illusionist 4.
Zanaphia, forest guide. Seeks unity with Corellon Larethian by protecting the wilds. Female wood elf, ranger 4.

In another realm:
"Welcome back," said Third Hand Harmon, turning away from his candlelit studies and casting a small smile at his protégé, who had just enterred the chamber. Harmon's long, gray beard drug his silver bolt charm from the tabletop, which hit the floor with a thud.
Fourth Hand Lars, still wearing his traveling cloak, leant his sword against the wall of Harmon's chamber and strode in quickly to embrace Harmon while he was still sitting. "An old man like you should've been asleep hours ago, sire, but I'm touched that you'd keep the candles lit for me."
"I spend less time sleeping every time you go on one of these investigations, son." Harmon, as a ranking member of the Order of the Holy Hand, had performed his last expedition over a decade ago. Around the same time, he had the honor of promoting his protégé, Lars, from holy soldier into the Paladinhood. Ever since, Lars' occupation had been to pursue forces of evil and bring them to justice. His secondary occupation, as an elite guard of the Palace of Heironeous, had required training on many occasions, but not yet action.
Lars' latest pursuit, assigned by the First Hand himself, was to track down several holy artifacts that had been stolen from the Palace itself. With the help of other Paladins and a white mage, this excursion involved investigating reports of a dark elf caravan that had been trading in tools of black magic. "There was never any danger on this one, sire. The dark elves had worked out a secret deal with some nobles, north of Galenara City, and it rubbed the merchants' guild the wrong way. The merchants just concocted the story about black magic," said Lars.
Harmon turned his chair away from the table and candlelight, toward Lars. "But son, you know too well that dark elves can't be trusted, and that they readily use black magic for whatever sinister things they're plotting. I'm sorry. But I worry about you."
"Sire, smith Barney has me well protected, from cuirass to greaves. But if I fall in battle, I will be the one waiting for you in the Invincible's hallowed halls. But I cannot delay tonight- my crusade stops only to change horses and weapons. The white mage has discovered the true culprits behind the theft, the Brothers of the Blade..."
"The Brothers have no influence here. How could they..."
"You're right, and I do not know. How they could enter the Sanctum, penetrate the magical wards, and even pass the Silver impossible for evildoers. But we will find them, and we will find the artifacts, and there will be justice."
Third Hand Harmon beamed. Lars truly seemed to be a younger version of himself, with his conviction and vigor to pursue it. He relaxed for the first time in days, knowing that the order, and the Church, were in good hands.
Mike T
Phoenix, AZ
Post #: 228
Hey high rollers, my group has room for one. We're currently playing in north Phoenix from 6-9, and advancing into legendary levels.

As winter sets in, the heroes headed down into the river valley to investigate a group of aggressive bandits who were harassing villagers from Cardbury. They entered an ancient, ruined temple, slew some bandits with bad tempers, and met an old elf-friend (who had just freed the party's griffon from captivity). Then they descended into the temple, upon invitation of the bandit-leader, someone called Morbus, the Black Wizard. Meeting Morbus, they learned that he was actually trying to help the village defend itself from the same druid that their elf-friend was after. When Morbus tired of trying to get the party to leave on his errand, he sent his bandits and Abby, his dead-flesh creation, in to destroy them. Things didn't go as planned.
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