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AD&D 1e/2e or perhaps Champions? Or something else?

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Ok, so here's the deal:

I work three twelve hour shifts over the weekend - friday through monday morning. As such is the case, I am only free during the week, and my usual group for Role Playing has been temporarily derailed until AT LEAST the summer and maybe beyond that. (We're all college age guys with different schedules)

So, I'm looking to see who can/wants to join a game during the week. Along with myself I do have one or two friends who are available during some days of the week, and whom I'd like to include. Here are the options:

I can run a game of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Second Edition with a few supplements. The game would be set in Greyhawk (Gary Gygax's own setting, for those who don't know), using the 1983 box set and a few expansions as I see fit. It would be a low wealth, lower powered type of game with the intention of capturing a Sword and Sorcery type feel.

One of my friends may be willing to run Champions 4th edition (blue book). He and I are only passingly familiar with the rules, but are willing to work out the kinks. Not to mention that I have at least 3 4th edition Hero system core rule books on hand, while he has his own.

The third option is... well, anything you'd like to suggest! I'm not too keen on Pathfinder/3.5 but am willing to play, though not DM that kind of game. I certainly would be willing to play the WEG Star Wars game, or Call of Cthulhu or perhaps something else?

Let me know if any of you are interested.


Oh, I forgot to mention, that I live in Mesa near the Tempe border. So it might help if you're not too far away. I can host the game in my apartment, but it would be kinda cramped if we had too many people. In any case, I'm sure something can be worked out.
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I recommend The Game Depot as a venue. It's at 3136 South McClintock Drive in Tempe. Very friendly staff.
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I work the same schedule and would LOVE to play second ed. I may even beable to get my girl to join. Are you still looking for gamers?
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Don't know if this is kinda late, but wouldn't mind starting another game some time soon. I'm most free Wednesdays though now.
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I think i can manage a wed game day. I currently dont have any of my books but i should get most of them back after jan 2nd. Im willing to start playing as soon as this week tho. :D
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