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The formation of the group is going very well to my suprise actually. We now have a Facebook Group page, Secular Student Alliance at Northwest State Community College, if anyone is interested... We also are in the process of completing our official proposal to the administration. The start up packet from SSA is in the mail. Everything is going very well. The only issue I foresee is the fact that the SSA requires monthly dues, which is understandable, but disapointing as well. Considering our group only has 24 members and 5 members of faculty, paying money is not really an option at this point. I thought about maybe trying to get sponsers, however, I have absolutely no experience in going about this. If anyone has any ideas, they would be greatly appreciated.
The meeting with administration went as expected. They appoligized that the event was sponsered by the student body group but ended the discussion by saying, "Remember, if you are in a room with 99 other people that do not believe what you believe, you have to realize you will not get your way." I basically took that as, give up and dont cause a ruckus Lol. I have to admit, rocking the boat is kind of exciting!
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Congrats! Sounds like your making real progress. Don't give up and feel free to cause a ruckus! As far as 99 people in a room...well, he may have a point. But if 99 people determine how 100 will live - that is just mob rule - and if someday the number changes to 70 vs. 30 or 51 vs. 49...somehow he may start to think differently. Only when you lead the mob, do you support mob rule. Once your in the minority, you understand the need for protection from the mob. Keep rocking the boat Rob!!

"The smallest minority on earth is the individual." - Ayn Rand. Protect the individual.
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For sponsors - well, I would start with the connections you have already made. Start with this group. Find other like minded groups. Maybe a fundraiser - everyone has a talent, service, or a few bucks to offer in support of your cause. I have found the hardest part of fundraising is the the most simple thing you can do - just ask.
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