Jeff T.


Durham, NC

Member since:

March 21, 2014

What is your interest in Clojure?

I love the conceptual purity and simplicity I find in Clojure. Immutability and referential transparency are huge, as is the type of parallel programming that Clojure's immutability and STM functions enable. I love writing tight, elegant (though legible!) code that exhibits no so-called "design patterns", because the pattern is consolidated into a single function/macro. I believe most of what Paul Graham and Rich Hickey say about this and other topics. Lastly (for now), I love the trend towards logical programming in Clojure, such as that enabled by Datomic's Datalog query language. I'm looking forward to more things like this in the future.


Originally from Texas & Arkansas; came here for grad school (UNC CompSci). CTO of Altometrics, a data analytics startup based on my PhD research. I love programming, but only in good languages! Find me on Twitter @kyptin.

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