TAKE BACK YOUR POWER 2nd Edition & Expert Panel

The Biggest Big Brother surveillance issue of all time!

The Fully Updated Final Edition of TAKE BACK YOUR POWER dvd screening Friday 8th November 7-10pm at Unity of Melbourne, 4 Renown St Burwood, 7pm bring food to share.

The "Expert Panel" consists of those actively asserting their lawful birthrights by refusing consent & those that interpret technical data with regards to radiation. Supporting links =

http://takebackyourpower.net/  http://stopsmartmeters.com.au/  http://www.magpiehouse.com.au/

DVD Orders $25 else see food/entry options further below. Please let others know, particularly those not convinced that these meters =

* Emit toxic radiation that will increase exponentially as wireless appliances are switched on.
* Are a 'Big Brother' monitoring device in your home.
* Are not subject to usual safety standards.
* Will dramatically escalate bills as well as make bills too complex to challenge.
* Are installed & charged without consent.


We have an expert panel for discussion after the movie. See attached SmartMeterNoConsentLetter below, what if we all made a demand for an itemised bill? Also below is suggested non-compliance action - TURNING OFF MY MOBILE PHONE - actually, not that difficult in many cases.

A related issue for our children & future generations =


See also =
http://www.wifi-in-schools-australia.org/ , FIND OUT WHAT THESE FIGURES MEAN at the Panel Discussion, FOR THE SAFETY OF OUR CHILDREN, & OF OURSELVES! 

And for Mobile Phone users (all of us?), see why a telecommunications safety expert demolished 9 towers in Sydney due to the inaction of Telstra & government agencies, watch video at http://wakeup-world.com/2012/03/18/oz-mobile-tower-tank-protester-who-destroyed-6m-of-infrastructure-returns/ . (Text is still there, but unfortunately the video has been removed).

Some have already started removing their Smart Meters & replacing with an Analog meter, let us know if you'd join this action =


Community Organic Dinner (Starts at 7pm): There will be an organic dinner shortly before the talk. And we encourage you all to bring a healthy dish to share and add to the table.  Pot-Bringers come in for free.  The rest of us - $10 Entry.

if you are bringing food - Please stick to healthy organic vegetarian dishes for this event.

Venue: Unity of Melbourne,  4-6 Renown St. Burwood 3125, Just off Burwood Hwy.

Please feel free to bring like-minded friends and forward this invitation onto your networks.

Looking forward to another great night !

Example of Taking Back our Power =
Smart Meter Intimidation Tactics Part A Sp-Ausnet Melbourne Feb 2013a  Two minutes


Smart Meter Intimidation Tactics Part B Sp-Ausnet Melbourne Feb 2013b  One Minute


Like a cancer, the wireless proliferation will continue to grow & smother us in microwave radiation, unless we act NOW to reverse the trend.

Sample Letter =

To: SP AusNet
Locked Bag 14051, Melbourne City Mail Centre, Melbourne VIC
Attention Nino Ficca
Managing Director
Posted & Emailed to: [masked]

Thank you for your letter regarding installation of a smart meter.

We do not consent to the installation of the smart meter at this location. Kindly refrain from further correspondence and visits of coercion and intimidation – we already have in writing & on video threatened disconnection of our power if we do not consent. As Managing Director, further tyranny of oppression used on us & the general population will be taken into account on you personally & SP AusNet if the harassment continues.

We are already aware of your so-called “mandate” that has no bearing whatsoever on the users & occupiers of electric power, clearly stated in legislation. We are very aware of your attempts to coerce the population into regarding the radiation as insignificant, when there are volumes of reports saying otherwise. Please refrain in any further correspondence of this nature, as they can be considered fraudulent.

The decision to not allow consent to install a smart meter is, & always was, final. Please respect this.

We have been informed that every customer in Victoria has been paying for the Smart meter since January 2010. It has been incorporated within the Service to Property Charge on our electricity bill. Our bill, however, is NOT itemized, we formally request SP AusNet supply us with an Itemized Account, specifically on items we have already been forced to pay without our written consent.

Unfortunately, we’ve been informed that the Retailer has no breakdown of the Service to Property Charge costs, & that only SP Ausnet has this breakdown. We formally request SP Ausnet liaise & investigate this matter with the Retailer in order to comply with this request within twenty-eight (28) days.

Yours, NMI: xxxxxxxxxxx

The Mobile Phone is one of the pinnacles of modern cutting-edge technology, it employs extremely advanced mathematics in a real-time electronic form to recover signals & convert to audio & now video. Turning off our mobile phone would now seem unthinkable in this day & age. It has become an extension of our body-mind, like another hand or brain. Nearly 100% of the population now uses mobiles, our yoga class bookings rarely include home numbers any more.

  Perhaps I am wrong, but just try this little experiment: Some years ago I stopped wearing a watch, how incredibly liberating this was! I still make appointments on time & run classes according to the wall clock, but no longer submit to time-clocking every single event in my life, waking more naturally & dealing with the consequences if I had over-indulged the previous day & got up late. Funny, when the pace of life was more manageable, I used to wake one minute BEFORE the alarm EVERY DAY WITHOUT FAIL! Not these days, there's too much of a rush.

  So now expand on the experiment: Do we REALLY need to be accessible, everywhere & 24 hours per day? NO! Hardly anyone knows my mobile number, I have land lines in both Victoria & NSW, & can check for messages when I wish from virtually anywhere. How incredibly liberating to not be a slave to ring tones, allowing a more natural flow of life. The paradox for our Reason, is, "We don't have any time, yet we're surrounded by eternity!" Carlos Castaneda.

Now that we have addicted ourselves to the "convenience" of mobile phones, how did we ever do without it? Well, just a few years ago, we "did without it" quite well, as we did from the beginning of time! We are now accessible anytime, everywhere, increasing the pace of life in an already insanely busy world.

Technology is wonderful, but this dependence on "convenience" makes us spiritually weaker, as we are giving our power away to an object. "As civilizations make more & more advanced technology, they are separating further & further from the source of life because they have become addicted to the technology. They NEED it to survive." Drunvalo Melchizedek.

  13,000 years ago, the Brain dominated over the Heart, & we started creating from Duality instead of One-ness. The Brain has left (male) & right (female) sides, but both are male relative to the Heart. The Brain is Polarised, so that when it creates, it also creates a shadow. But from the heart, there's no shadow - it just is. "Awakening the Illuminated Heart" & "Reading your Akashic Records" workshops are now working their way worldwide including right here in Upwey.

The "shadow" creation of the Mobile Phone is microwave electromagnetic pollution, affecting our bio-electric system in ways we are yet to comprehend. It has recently been described as potentially the biggest health crisis of all time. Like handling asbestos, we do not feel the effects immediately & suffer devastating consequences years down the track. "It disrupts the bioelectric system of the body, which is really your brain, nervous system, [and] how your muscles torque" describes John Patterson, a former senior telecommunications officer responsible for safety, who in frustration destroyed multiple cell phone towers with a tank-like vehicle due to the inaction of Telstra, the company he worked for.

  Other "shadow" creations of Technology include super-weaponry & nuclear warfare, genetically modified foods, pollution, Television (the Tool of Mass Deception), & the coming Smart Grid that includes the Victorian Smart Meter rollout. If the mobile phone & cell phone towers aren't enough, we now have widespread wi-fi & pretty soon every appliance will surround us in a matrix of electro-smog pollution. Instead of opting for fibre-optics for the National Broadband Network, government & corporations are collaborating for a massive expansion of cell-phone-like towers surrounding regional areas, not just for broadband internet, but for serving the Smart Grid & Smart Meter intrusion into our lives.

  Technology is like "prosthetics" compared to the super-abilities awaiting us as we inevitably transition to a heart-based society. Wired Internet & turning off our mobile phones really isn't that difficult, it's still fresh in our memories.

  Magpie House Upwey raises the profile of these & other issues, & leads the way with therapies, heart-awakening workshops & events, & psycho-physical-spiritual yoga classes & Spiritual Cinema every Saturday evening. See www.magpiehouse.com.au .

THE DANGERS OF WI-FI & the ASSAULT on our CHILDREN published Sept 2013  By George Neo in Foothills magazine.

Recently, a school science project investigated the affect of wireless radiation on cell plant growth. The results were astounding, although not surprising in a world addicted to WiFi, mobile, & cordless telephones. And in Victoria we are being subjected to a Smart Meter rollout, & many have reported devastating symptoms in their own homes.

Cress seeds planted away from wireless radiation thrived, whereas those planted near a WiFi router had not grown, & many of them were completely dead.

The experiment earned the young ladies top honors in a regional science competition & caught the interest of scientists around the world.

Despite thousands of studies around the world indicating the dangers of low-level wireless radiation, these results are largely ignored & often viciously suppressed by corporations, authorities, & governments, for the sake of a psychopathic agenda of obscene financial gain, surveillance & control of home energy patterns, & tracking of mobile phone users. Paradoxically, it’s the children themselves leading the way with an experiment so simple, it’s a shameful wonder that our esteemed scientific community hasn’t shown this before.

With the Information Technology revolution reaching new heights, Victoria stands on the threshold of whether to continue implementing WiFi technology in schools, interestingly, already many countries in Europe have banned this practice. In a classroom with 20-30 students, for example, there may be 21-31 sources of WiFi in a single room, like being surrounded by scores of mobile phones all transmitting at the same time!

The rationale in Australia is that low-level radiation does not have any appreciable heating affect on soft tissues, but this atrociously outdated “standard” does not account for the disruption of our body’s biolectric system that affects the immune system & penetrates the blood-brain barrier. This is, of course, all the more important in children with their smaller skulls & less than mature tissue development.

If you are a concerned parent, or resident, by all means DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH on this diabolical agenda, here’s two places to begin:
www.wifi-in-schools-australia.org  &
Magpie House can also supply technical information.

There’s a fabulous video to watch at the first link, the second under “WiFi Action Kit” has another link to “Wi-Fi Non-Consent Form for Use in Schools”. We do implore you to take this action, & encourage others to do this also. Please do form Task Forces & Action Groups to visit your local schools & awaken & encourage them to seek alternatives, which are very simple to implement! Target Parent-Teacher nights, organise school screenings, Magpie House is very happy to supply highly informative videos on this issue. Wiring up internet in a home, or classroom, is so simple, even a child could do it! There is no need to employ specialist technicians for a task that is so easy, & we, the adults, could learn from their example. This is a TREMENDOUS opportunity to raise awareness of this & related issues before they get out of control, please do NOT ignore!

A child, nor adult, should NEVER place a mobile telephone near their head. But nearly all bookings to Yogaplex Yoga School now do not feature a land line, nearly 100% of the population have been addicted to the technology. Please do send an email to [masked] so that we can track progress or we can supply Non-Consent forms, & bring more information for your enlightenment & enjoyment. See www.magpiehouse.com.au for Yoga School, Alternative Cinema, Workshops, & a range of quality therapists seeking to empower us to heal ourselves.

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