"Sometimes we all need a little help through the storms of life"

This a a group for those of us that recognize we are unhappy with aspects of our lives and that as the primary author of our life's experiences it is our responsibility to change the unhealthy thoughts and behaviors that are contributing to our unhappiness and lack of inner peace.

This is a group for those of us ready & willing to take a serious journey of self discovery in order to start to achieve mastery over our thoughts, feelings, & emotions ultimately leading to higher states of self awareness.

This is a group for those of us courageous enough to challenge our self limiting beliefs. Beliefs such as "I'm unlovable", "I'm not good enough", "I'm guilty....", "I'll never change...." Beliefs that block us from living as our authentic selves and experiencing a life full of meaning & purpose. Beliefs that often lead to anxiety, depression and dysfunction in our relationship with ourselves and with others.

In this group we will learn powerful tools & techniques to help us heal emotional wounds and resolve both internal & external conflicts in more healthy and productive ways. This is NOT a group where you come and spend all your time going over the same old stories & blaming other people for your circumstances. This is a group for uncovering & maximizing your personal POWER. Members will be encouraged to bring whatever it is that they feel they need to work on to the table & to be as emotionally honest as possible, without focusing on hostility towards others. The group will be fluid and adjust to the need's & concerns of its members. If you become part of this group EXPECT to do some serious work on yourself and see some incredible changes in your life. It WON'T be easy but the journey of healing never is.

Ultimately it is our belief that those members willing to

1) "Be real" and look at themselves and their situation with brutal honesty.

2) Question & challenge area's of resistance to positive change.


3) Allow their inner pains and traumas to come to the surface so they can be healed with empathy

.....will experience increased levels of happiness, inner peace & personal satisfaction that they may have no longer thought were possible.


Often those of us who take the time & effort to do this type of work start to experience an increased sense of empathy & compassion for others. This can be the result of the realization that many of the themes surrounding the painful/hurtful situations we have experienced over our lives, and the resulting self limiting beliefs we took on, are common to all of us. We come to an understanding that even though the individual circumstances of each of our lives may make our personal journey on this planet totally unique we ALL share the ability to experience the same basic human emotions (fear, love, joy, anger, sadness etc.) and we ALL have experienced suffering. So on some level we are ALL capable of relating to one another, and therefore we are ALL capable of helping each other to heal.

Therefore at UANA we believe that an integral part of each person's healing is to make the effort to sometimes take the focus of our own individual struggles and selflessly look to help others who also suffering, and in need of healing. This is a personal choice that can be performed in a variety of ways such as simply showing true empathy for other group members experiences during meetings. This will also be encouraged through activities such as organized group outreach where UANA members interact with the homeless using compassion & empathy and/or with individuals suffering with severe hardships that may in some cases bring a new sense of perspective to group members own struggles. We will also look to support charities, non-profits and other organizations that we feel share values similar to our own through volunteering and other methods.



Talk about life
Talk about life
Talk some more about life :)

Help each other find solutions to problems we are having in our lives.....

Discuss health & wellness concepts and share tips, tools & techniques to becoming more fit, healthy & happy.

Eat, drink & be merry. Most meetings will feature coffee, tea & healthy vegetarian & gluten free snacks (and maybe some chocolate ;).

Laugh, cry, shout, sing.......in a nutshell try our best to be emotionally honest, authentic and FREE....without the fear of judgement.

Watch & discuss educational and/or entertaining movies & documentaries.

Read and discuss relevant books, poetry and other written materials.

Meditate and practice mindfulness.

Investigate, implement & discuss various techniques & tools designed to heal emotional trauma, correct self limiting beliefs and increase mindfulness/awareness. Techniques and tools that may help us to find new solutions to old problems and get us to look at life from different perspectives.

CONSTANTLY work on implementing strategies to help us become happier, healthier & more balanced human beings.

And if your STILL with us (good for you by the way :) please continue reading below to find out what type of person might benefit from attending a UANA meeting....

are you UANA material!!??

If any of the thoughts/feelings/concepts listed below resonates with you then please consider joining this group.


  • Often see life as confusing & challenging and struggle to make sense of it all. You often feel alone & unsupported. Like no one really gets you, understands your life, or the major issues that you struggle with. In fact your not sure if you really understand any of it yourself.
  • Recognize that there are area's in your life that need to be fixed/improved and you are ready and willing to take responsibility to make the necessary changes. You understand that no one can do it for you but you don't know where to start.
  • Feel like you are trapped in a series of never ending cycles of destructive and/or unproductive behavioral patterns that keep you from achieving your dreams & goals and experiencing a consistent state of joy & happiness. You want to break free of these cycles but don't know where to start.
  • Struggle with relationships. Particularly the romantic kind.
  • Often find yourself feeling hurt, betrayed, judged, criticized & blamed by others and can't figure out why this keeps happening to you.
  • Often have negative, judgmental thoughts about yourself & others. You spend a lot of time blaming yourself for past mistakes and present unwelcome circumstances and/or blaming other's for the same things.
  • Really, really, REALLY want to change the way that you think and act so that you can become a more peaceful, positive, patient and compassionate person but you just don't know HOW.
  • Have made procrastination into an art form.
  • Often feel that when your around people your not being your "authentic" self. You feel the need to wear different masks and become a different character depending on the social situation you find yourself in. Fear of criticism and judgement keeps you from exposing the "real" you and it can sometimes feel awkward and uncomfortable to be in your own body. You constantly talk to yourself about becoming a more confident and strong person but it feels like a never ending work in progress. You want to improve your self esteem but just don't know how.
  • Sense that there is a disconnect and separateness between you and most of the people that you encounter on a daily basis. You can be surrounded by people and yet feel totally alone. Talking to strangers is virtually unheard of and it never feels like there is enough time to explore deeper, meaningful relationships with acquaintances. A part of you wants to reach out and connect with more people but it just doesn't feel realistic or comfortable.
  • Find yourself stuck in your head a lot of the time consumed with thoughts about "your life", "your problems", "your wants" & "your needs"....You sense that this isn't helping you in your goal to live a more meaningful & fulfilling life but you struggle to control your own thoughts.
  • Really want to love and accept yourself unconditionally for who you are but its a BIGGG struggle!
  • Really want to love and accept others unconditionally for who they are but its a BIGGG struggle!
  • Use food, alcohol, drugs, sex, excessive shopping, excessive partying, and/or other unhealthy coping mechanisms to mask your pain & suffering a keep you trapped in a never ending cycle of "just getting by" until the next false high and the inevitable guilt trip that follows.
  • Want to be able to share your deepest fears and biggest dreams in an environment where you know you don't have to worry about being judged.
  • Have a desire to "give back" and make a positive difference in this world but your not really sure where to start. You care about the welfare of other people & the planet and want to be part of the solution and not the problem but you question whether or not one person can really make a significant difference.
  • Want to live a more healthy & balanced life in all the critical areas (physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally) but you get overwhelmed trying to juggle all of life's responsibilities and it just feels like to much work to do on your own. You wish you had the support of other people with similar goals that you could count on for guidance and encouragement.
  • Admit that there is a lot about life that you don't know and don't fully understand and are willing, In a fun & supportive group environment, to explore movies, books, self help tools, techniques and other healing modalities that may assist you along the path of self discovery and guide you to a higher states of consciousness and awareness.



We're 164 Human Beings Being Human

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Jason Damien Demidoff

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