A. Add a recognizable picture. One person per profile. Make another profile for your spouse.
B. If you RSVP to an event, be there.
C. Pay $5 Dues- Cash- No Paypal. You must meet the Club Organizer in person, to join. That means you must rsvp to an event your Club Organizer (Laura) is attending.
No, you may not mail your New Membership dues or use Paypal before your 15-day access ends. (Think of your temporary access as a spa pass. It ends if you do not pay to join.)

Read below for more details:FAQs

1. Q: What are my responsibilities as a member?
First and foremost, SHOW UP FOR YOUR RSVPd EVENTS. RSVP means Reservation, so please do not RSVP unless you are certain you are able to attend.

2. WAITING LIST means you are dying to attend and will be there if added- even within a few hours of an event. If you change your plans, REMOVE YOUR NAME.
Also- Do not show up if you do not have an RSVP. Be Courteous!

3. No-Show in our club means "any reservation which is UNRSVPd less than 24 hours before an event" without an emergency. Being tired after work is not an emergency. Specific events may require a more firm policy. *No-shows ruin opportunities for everyone else in the club by damaging our reputation with a venue which has invited us for benefits sometimes only offered to Urban Legends. We need to be FAIR to businesses, so that events are mutually beneficial. No-shows may face consequences. One of those consequences is removal from the club.

4. Pay your $5 Cash Dues to the Club Organizer/Laura at an event before your name is removed after 15 days. Applicants have Temporary Access to our website. Temporary website access allows you to see if the club is right for you.

5. Renewing Members? The month you joined is posted on your own profile, so you shoulder the responsibility of paying the next year, at some time during the month you joined. Renewing Members may mail their dues in. Email Laura for details. The Membership list is frequently purged. Only the Club Organizer/Laura may accept your annual dues. No other Event Host or Organizer is able to accept Annual Membership Fees.

6. *If you are a couple, apply separately, so you have separate profiles.
*Post a recognizeable picture on your profile.
*Use your own name, not a nickname.
*It is your responsibility to keep up with any changes to the event prior to the event time
, so check the calendar event description if you signed up long before the event will happen!

7. Keep your email open to communication from Organizers. Changes to events don't happen often, but when they do, you want to find the group and the Organizer! Your email settings are part of your MEETUP ACCOUNT at the top of the website. Feel free to alter them as you desire, but it is important to keep email OPEN to at least the Club & Event Organizers.

8.Q: Are children allowed at events?
It is up to the event coordinator's discretion so check the event description. If you see an event you would like to bring your children to but the event doesn't specify if children are permitted, simply e-mail the event coordinator and ask.

9. Q: Why should I join a networking/social club?
Urban Legends will help you find great places to eat, cool spots to hang out, and interesting places to visit. Our Members treat you like family while you find your favorite events. Maybe you need a little help transitioning back into single life. Or perhaps you are just looking for something different to do. Athletic events are encouraged as well as social events. Urban Legends makes it easy to meet new people, become more active, and to build new friendships.

10. Q: Aren't social clubs just "singles" clubs?
Not so! While a large portion of our membership is single, at least 25% of our members are in committed relationships and want to have fun just like single people. We want our members to be able to focus on having fun at Urban Legends events, not worrying about "hooking up" or being "hit on"! We are also not a "virtual" club. Applicants must meet the Club Organizer to become a member.

The key to successful events are the Urban Legends Event Coordinators.

11. Event Coordinators, also known as Organizers or Hosts, are Members of the club, not paid employees, who volunteer to coordinate events for members. Each Event Coordinator is instructed on skills to facilitate innovative events. When you attend an event you will be greeted by the Event Coordinator, introduced to other members at the event, and walk away with a sense of having met some great people.

Remember the work involved, and please accept any limitations mentioned on Event Descriptions. If you have questions, please direct them to the Event Host/Organizer.

12. Q: Can I bring guests to an event?
It depends. If the event has a limited number of spaces available then only Urban Legends members might be allowed. For example, if we have a free dinner for only 10 people at a restaurant then guests would not be permitted. Some events with limited attendance might allow for "Plus Ones". Please note who is allowed to be a "Plus One".

The event description posted on the Urban Legends web site will specify if guests are permitted. You may add Non-Members as a "Plus One" Guest, but Members need to RSVP for themselves. You may add a live-in Urban Legends Partner, but not a Girlfriend or Boyfriend who lives in a separate home, if they are Urban Legends Members. They are responsible for their own RSVP. We won't let a few close Members eventually Monopolize the best events!

13. *When a guest has attended 3 events, the guest will be expected to join Urban Legends in order to attend more events.

14. Q: How much does it cost to attend an event?
We try to arrange free or discounted services. We will never charge you a "fee" above or beyond what it costs the club and we do not make any money off the events. Any cost associated with the event is clearly displayed so you will see it prior to signing up for the event.

15. Q: I have a new business I am trying to market. How do I become a Sponsor for Urban Legends? What benefits will I gain for Sponsoring the club?
You may become a Sponsor by paying $60 per year or by providing free tickets or other club benefits on a regular basis.
In exchange, you may post one event per month to present your business or special interest to club Members. We recommend you also join the club. By attending events as a Member, you get to know our Members better and spread the word about your new business. Urban Legends is a wonderfully diverse & active community, a cross section of Asheville and the surrounding areas. Please contact the Club Organizer/Laura if you want more information.

We also try to post economical options, to work with all budgets.

16. BE NICE! We are here to form a friendly community which benefits everyone involved. Drama is not encouraged. Work it out in private if possible. Bickering is destructive. Insulting anyone in the club-especially on the club website- is not tolerated. Think before you post. You may be removed without refund at the discretion of the Club Organizer.

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