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I look, you look, he looks; we look, ye look, they look.”
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Ah the limits of what you see hear feel taste and think are limited by your imagination! The wonder and woe of Moby Dick is seen heard felt tasted and processed by your imagination! Soar, let it soar above the mastheads, let it dive down and kiss the depths of the watery circle! Then smoke the pipe, squeeze the sperm, dance around the fire of the sun!
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Ee Lyn - I'm so inspired by your soarings and deep dives, your wondrous way-findings through this vast and various network -- I decided to look at the transubstantiations of the word "stage" - here's what came back:

"The papers were brought in, and we saw in the Berlin Gazette that whales had been introduced on the stage there." —ECKERMANN'S CONVERSATIONS WITH GOETHE.

From Ch. 1 - LOOMINGS
“Though I cannot tell why it was exactly that those stage managers, the Fates, put me down for this shabby part of a whaling voyage, when others were set down for magnificent parts in high tragedies, and short and easy parts in genteel comedies, and jolly parts in farces—though I cannot tell why this was exactly; yet, now that I recall all the circumstances, I think I can see a little into the springs and motives which being cunningly presented to me under various disguises, induced me to set about performing the part I did, besides cajoling me into the delusion that it was a choice resulting from my own unbiased freewill and discriminating judgment.”

“But Queequeg, do you see, was a creature in the transition stage—neither caterpillar nor butterfly.”

From Ch. 8 - THE PULPIT
“Father Mapple enjoyed such a wide reputation for sincerity and sanctity, that I could not suspect him of courting notoriety by any mere tricks of the stage.”

From Ch. 10 - A BOSOM FRIEND
“As I sat there in that now lonely room; the fire burning low, in that mild stage when, after its first intensity has warmed the air, it then only glows to be looked at; the evening shades and phantoms gathering round the casements, and peering in upon us silent, solitary twain; the storm booming without in solemn swells; I began to be sensible of strange feelings. I felt a melting in me. No more my splintered heart and maddened hand were turned against the wolfish world.”

“Good-humored, easy, and careless, he presided over his whale-boat as if the most deadly encounter were but a dinner, and his crew all invited guests. He was as particular about the comfortable arrangement of his part of the boat, as an old stage-driver is about the snugness of his box.”

“Nevertheless, upon Stubb setting the anchor-watch after his supper was concluded; and when, accordingly, Queequeg and a forecastle seaman came on deck, no small excitement was created among the sharks; for immediately suspending the cutting stages over the side, and lowering three lanterns, so that they cast long gleams of light over the turbid sea, these two mariners, darting their long whaling-spades, kept up an incessant murdering of the sharks,✯ by striking the keen steel deep into their skulls, seemingly their only vital part.”

From Ch. 67 - CUTTING IN
“And now suspended in stages over the side, Starbuck and Stubb, the mates, armed with their long spades, began cutting a hole in the body for the insertion of the hook just above the nearest of the two side-fins.”

“Suspended over the side in one of the stages, Tashtego and Daggoo continually flourished over his head a couple of keen whale-spades, wherewith they slaughtered as many sharks as they could reach. This procedure of theirs, to be sure, was very disinterested and benevolent of them. They meant Queequeg's best happiness, I admit; but in their hasty zeal to befriend him, and from the circumstance that both he and the sharks were at times half hidden by the blood-muddled water, those indiscreet spades of theirs would come nearer amputating a leg than a tail."

“In good time, nevertheless, as the ardour of youth declines; as years and dumps increase; as reflection lends her solemn pauses; in short, as a general lassitude overtakes the sated Turk; then a love of ease and virtue supplants the love for maidens; our Ottoman enters upon the impotent, repentant, admonitory stage of life, forswears, disbands the harem, and grown to an exemplary, sulky old soul, goes about all alone among the meridians and parallels saying his prayers, and warning each young Leviathan from his amorous errors.”

From Ch. 92 - AMBERGRIS
“Also forget not the strange fact that of all things of ill-savor, Cologne-water, in its rudimental manufacturing stages, is the worst.”

From Ch. 107 - THE CARPENTER
“Seat thyself sultanically among the moons of Saturn, and take high abstracted man alone; and he seems a wonder, a grandeur, and a woe. But from the same point, take mankind in mass, and for the most part, they seem a mob of unnecessary duplicates, both contemporary and hereditary. But most humble though he was, and far from furnishing an example of the high, humane abstraction; the Pequod's carpenter was no duplicate; hence, he now comes in person on this stage.”

“The one grand stage where he enacted all his various parts so manifold, was his vice-bench; a long rude ponderous table furnished with several vices, of different sizes, and both of iron and of wood.”

From Ch. 135 - THE CHASE -- THIRD DAY
“But he looked too nigh the boat; for as if bent upon escaping with the corpse he bore, and as if the particular place of the last encounter had been but a stage in his leeward voyage, Moby Dick was now again steadily swimming forward; and had almost passed the ship,—which thus far had been sailing in the contrary direction to him, though for the present her headway had been stopped. He seemed swimming with his utmost velocity, and now only intent upon pursuing his own straight path in the sea.”

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Love that, James! laughing --oooo the "Stage of life"as
1) a physical space that holds/contains the action --macro-environment ( world, ocean, countries) and micro-environment ( ship, chapel, boats, coffins, barrels, inside the living bodies, cocoons, shrouds, minds of individuals)
2) process

Sigh that reminds me also of the 2 chapters of Whale's Head Contrasted View-- you pointed out the Surgical Theatre setting.
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Dead tree
fertile with grief
Pierces groin
Spills the Milky Way upon living parchment
Births a whale that trails the genealogies of mortal woe
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