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Roll20 - virtual table-top RPG environment

C.K. L.
Vancouver, BC
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TLDR version: it's good. It might even be awesome.

Just wanted to start this as a discussion item if you've been wondering about a virtual table top that you can use for your own games!

This is especially great for people who are looking for a way to play without having to travel, or don't have access to a car or transit close-by. Awesome for new parents who can't get away but can be close-by i.e. the kids are now sleeping and I can RPG if I'm in the next room.

We've had a few sessions with for DND4e & AD&D2e, and it is a pretty nifty environment.

There's virtual 3D dice if you are into that; otherwise the command line chat interface supports dice rolls and private dice rolls. Fudge dice are supported as well. Characters and DM can speak in "different voices" to separate in-game talk and player-chatter.

There is support for card decks, handouts, character sheets. Background music is also there, which is pretty cool.

The video & audio chat portion worked well for the most part, our experience with the G+ Hangout version was better than the regular TokBox Flash video conferencing. They seem to be rolling out a new video/audio component so I hope it's an improvement.

The support for the environment is very good; mods are responsive and real world users have plenty of advice; there is a robust marketplace with free & premium tokens and maps.

There is a discussion forum included for each game, no wiki but Obsidian Portal or something similar would fill that need pretty nicely.

Price to use: free, but you have ads... there is a subscription model that increases storage for assets and gives you access to better free maps and tokens.

I'll stop here and let others chime in or ask questions, I believe this really opens up the timetable for people to squeeze a game fix into their very busy lives.
A former member
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I signed up for it today but I'm missing a way to connect with you people. Maybe the LFG can contain key words to find the games with you people in it? Also, I'm looking for a kind of character creation tool but maybe I'm doing it wrong :)
C.K. L.
Vancouver, BC
Post #: 12
Hey there, we are here at­

But the game's full up right now and underway. Check out this Meetup which is also looking to fill spots and spaces via Roll20:­ ... or, start up a new Meetup about the kind of game you're looking for and see what kind of interest it drums up.

Good luck, lemme know how things work out.
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