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Spanning miles of caverns below Waterdeep. the City of Splendors. Undermountain is the deepest and deadliest dungeon in all the known Realms. To quote the famous sage Elminster. it is "the most famous battlefield in which to earn a reputation as a veteran adventurer-and the larg-est known grave of heroes in Faerun." It predates the city itself. having been built in and around the ruins of several fortresses and hold fasts. including the Underhalls. a laby-rinth built by the dwarven Melairkyn clan.

A legendary archwizard called Halaster originally built Undermoun-tain. along with his (original) seven apprentices. Halaster is as famous for his power as he is for his madness. He used the great dungeon primarily as safe storage for his magical treasures and as a testing ground for his various creations, many of which he derived from extraplanar fiends and his own magical experimentation. When adventurers began raiding the dungeon. Halaster dug deeper. leaving behind hordes of nightmare creatures and devilish traps to cover his tracks. He also delighted in watching the trials of would-be treasure hunters by magic. sometimes inhabiting the very walls to spy upon intruders.

Sometime before the long-ago Spell plague that shattered the Realms, Halaster vanished. leaving Under-mountain completely uncontrolled. Monsters still abide there. and if the intervening century has done anything to the great delve. it has made it more dangerous indeed!!!
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The City of Splendors remains what it has been for centuries: a bustling, crowded, busy mercantile cross-roads where coin is king, tolerance for outlanders of other races and habits is high (as long as they trade fairly), and folk play hard and work even harder, their lives proceeding at the fastest pace possible. Gossip is the grease that helps the daily lives of most Water-dhavians along in their endless striving to make ever more money. Wealth brings respect, respect earns influence, and influence is power.

Waterdeep today is a bustling center of com-merce filled with around-the-clock stinks and noises, rumbling wagons south of Castle Waterdeep, and walled splendor to the north of the castle. The city is often swept by fads and fashions, and is dominated by wealth, trading, and constant chatter about the latest news of events everywhere in the world (as well as rumors planted so as to sway public opinion and investment)...
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...Next Story Arc...

Halls of Undermountain I: Zarr's Invincible Army!

A noblewoman fears that her nephew is lost on a fool's errand into the dreaded Undermountain, and she turns to a group of adventurers to rescue him.
...The first step is to make the entrance safe....
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