Progressives Just Don't Understand Us


Please read the following opinion page taken out of this week's Cap Times:


Print out the article and hang it in a location where you will see it every day. I am placing my copy in a protective plastic sleeve and hanging it in my office directly next to my calendar.

This is probably the best article I've read in a long time, because it demonstrates at least one of two things: First, it could demonstrate that the Progressives in this nation really do believe in these stated observations about the Tea Party. They think we are just "good old-fashioned, right-wing Republicans." Let them keep thinking that and let them scratch their heads when we give Progressive Republicans the boot just as quickly as we give Progressive Democrats the boot.

Second, this article could demonstrate the Progressives in this nation have absolutely no idea how to handle the Tea Party movement, so they work to discredit us in all ways possible. The beautiful thing about the Tea Party movement is that it does not need any credit outside of its membership. We do not need the approval from any branch of government, Republicans, Democrats, Progressives, the media, "moneyed-interests," or any other outside force. We have the ultimate credit and cling to it with our lives: The Truth and The Constitution. Throw all the mud at us that you can. None of it will stick. It does not matter what anyone else thinks of our movement because we're not going away. The Tea Party movement is a lifestyle. If Republicans take back Congress this November, you'd better believe that we'll be more vigilant than ever in our efforts to steer this country back on track. No one gets a free pass no matter what letter appears next to their name on the ballot.

To summarize, Progressives either have no idea what we're about and/or have no idea what to do about us. Either way, the outcome is the same. This nation is getting back to our Founding Principles and The Constitution. It might take us 100 years, but we're in this battle forever. Our resolve is absolute. Our will is unbreakable. Our force is growing, and our mission shall be accomplished.

You keep up the good work. You keep talking with your family members, neighbors, and coworkers. You keep harassing your elected officials about every issue at hand. You keep gathering together. The call of this generation is to work tirelessly in the name of Liberty: You keep answering that call.

Brothers and Sisters in Liberty, GAME ON.

In Liberty,

Ross Brown
We the People of the Republic
Dane County, Wisconsin

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