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Teresa R.
Group Organizer
Washington, DC
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When I sat in the hotseat in Asheville in May, I asked Abraham about dreams. A transcript follows in 2 posts (because it exceeds the number of characters allowed for one post):

QUESTION: I would love to hear you talk more about using dreamwork as a process and using it in a group setting as a process.

ABRAHAM: Well, when someone awakens from a dream and they have a vivid recollection of the dream, not just the details of the dream but the way they were feeling while they were in the dream, there is a lot of very good information in that because what you're thinking and what you're offering vibrationally and what manifests in your life experience always match. And what you've been thinking and how you've been feeling and what manifests in dream state is always a vibrational match.

So you can utilize your dreams as sort of advanced announcements of what you're doing vibrationally. And by that we mean, once you activate a vibration within you consistently for a while, eventually it's going to manifest in your physical experience. But even in shorter time it will manifest in your dream state. So the dream state is a wonderful opportunity to get a check on what you're doing vibrationally.

A lot of times people hear us say, What you think and what you feel and what manifests always match -- but they don't do anything about cleaning up their vibration until it has manifested. And once bankruptcy is manifested or once a divorce is manifested or once a physical condition that is not wanted has manifested, it's more difficult for you to clean up your vibration because now you've got the manifestation that you're observing that is adding to the holding of it into your experience. So awakening from a vivid dream which gives you strong emotional feedback is a wonderful opportunity to you to say," Oh, I've got some vibration going on here that I didn't realize I had going on."

QUESTION: What about non-vivid dreams? I often will linger in bed and kind of wait and a dream sort of butterflies through and I grab it and jot it down.

ABRAHAM: Some people say, "I don't remember my dreams." And yet everyone is dreaming. But all that's happening is, they are regaining consciousness and getting focused on other places and then taking themselves away from that. In order to recall a dream, you have to be somewhere near the vibrational vicinity of it. And in most cases you are. When you put yourself in your bed at night, you're offering a vibration. Let's back up. We can give you some really good information here.

So, all day, you're having response to life. Some of it you're doing on purpose, some of it you're having knee-jerk reactions to things. The more deliberate you are about the thoughts you think, the better off you are. The more knee-jerk reactions you're having to what's being shown on CNN or what you're reading in the paper, or what you're hearing from others, the less control you have in your life. But all day, every day, you are observing and thinking and therefore offering vibrations on a lot of different subjects.

And you are developing a sort of vibrational average so to speak. Somewhere in there is a vibrational common denominator. While you feel better about some things than others, you've got a sort of average (so to speak) vibration going on. And that represents your point of attraction. Point of attraction eventually in real life experience -- fortunately there's a buffer of time so you don't manifest instantly -- but you're on your way to those things. Dreamscape manifestations: more quickly.

Most people are not consciously aware of what they're offering, in fact most people are not consciously aware of how they're feeling in the sense that they want to think differently and change the way they feel. Most people just think and feel, or observe and feel, and then the way they feel becomes sort of normal. So it's normal to be overwhelmed, or it's normal to feel ornery, or it's normal to be pessimistic, and so on. The longer you live, the more things you find to fuss and worry about. And so the more you acclimate to those vibrations and the more they feel normal to you. Well, the longer a negative emotion feels normal to you -- if you're thinking and feeling and it doesn't feel good, but you've done it long enough that now you're not noticing that you're even doing it -- this is where dreams really are helpful. Because the dream will give you a vivid depiction of what you're offering vibrationally.

Now getting back to what you were just asking. What if I don't really recall my dreams. Well, once you have convinced yourself that there is value and good information in your dreams, then when you put yourself in your bed at night, make the statement, "If there is anything of importance from my dream state, it is my intention to recall it when I awaken in the morning." And just ponder that, set that suggestion before you go to sleep. When you awaken in the morning, lie in your bed and just ask the question, "Is there meaningful information for me here? And if there is, give me a piece of it." And right away, within two minutes, if you get a piece of it, then follow the thread of it. If you don't, get up. Lying there longer isn't going to bring it.

QUESTION: What do you think about the practice of what's been called incubating a dream, where one sets a question to the universe at bedtime and asks for a dream to answer that question.

ABRAHAM: Well, the thing that's interesting about that is that you have to understand that you could ask the universe a question anytime in the wake state, and the universe is answering that and, as our friend said earlier, will give it you in different ways. Different things that happen will give you your messages; they turn up in the path of least resistance for you.

But you have to understand that when you put yourself to sleep, you withdraw your consciousness and you re-emerge into alignment with who you are. So in that aligned state, you're getting all kinds of answers to all kinds of questions. But when you awaken, you return to the vibration of where that vibrational average was. So when you return to that vibrational average, now once again you don't have access to that. Even if you dreamed it, you won't recall it because it's on one vibrational frequency and you're on another.

So the only way to get accurate answers to questions from dream state is to wake up feeling really good. And the only way to wake up feeling really good, is to go to bed feeling really good. That's why we say, this is the work of the processes, this is why we don't encourage you to try to get the work done in your dream state. Let the dream show you how you're vibrating, but do the work while you're awake. That's powerful.

(to be continued)
Teresa R.
Group Organizer
Washington, DC
Post #: 264
(continuation of transcript)

QUESTION: So, use the dream as a barometer.

ABRAHAM: Use the dream as an attention-getter because you feel normal about negative emotion but when you have a vivid dream -- Esther. one night, after they got the first monster bus, she dreamed that she was whaling down the highway, went around a corner, and the inside wheels of the bus were on the road but the outside wheels were out in space. It was a very unsettling experience. And when she awakened, she realized that she had some active vulnerability going on relative to driving that big bus. And she spent some time talking to herself about how: "I never do anything that doesn't feel safe, and I'm always aware of my speed, and I'm aware of the posted signs, and I never let this rig get out of control, and I will never have an experience where a part of me will go off the cliff." She just talked to herself and that dream, which had become a sort of recurring dream, she dreamed it three or four nights a week for the first month or two they had the bus. Finally that dream stopped. It stopped once she got a check on her vibration.

QUESTION: One of the most common things people bring me when they know I do dreamwork is recurring dreams.

ABRAHAM: A recurring dream is wonderful because it says, "This is still how you feel. This is still how you feel. This is still how you feel."

Esther, in the early days of being with Jerry, dreamed that she was not with him and couldn't find him. The phone buttons wouldn't work or the receiver wouldn't let her hear. And so she said to us, "Abraham, am I having this dream over and over again because it took us so long to find each other?" And we said, No. You're having this dream over and over again because you feel vulnerable about him staying.

It's like, every subject is two subjects. So you pick up the stick that says, "I love this relationship" on one end, and on the other end of it is, "What would happen if it went away?" And you can tell by the way you feel which end of the stick is more active. So coming together was thrilling to Esther but then she began to worry, "What if it doesn't last? It feels so good, I'd die if it doesn't last." But "what if it doesn't last" was active enough in her vibration that she began having these dreams to let her know that that vibration could in time keep them from being together. So she just had to talk herself into vibrational alignment with her desire.

The value of your dreams is this: your dream will show you where you are vibrating on subjects that are important to you.

QUESTION: So it's sounding like it's not that well suited for group processes as I had in mind, from what you're saying.

ABRAHAM: Well, you could certainly teach the value of a dream. And you could teach how to prepare yourself to have meaningful awareness of your dreams. You could teach how to lie in your bed and get yourself into as good a feeling place as possible.

You see, in the same way that we like it when you feel negative emotion -- we like it when you know the stove is hot. We would rather that you know that rather than lay on it and suffer the-- Don't put Novocain in your hands so that it doesn't bother you because it will bother you on other levels. In the same way that we do not want you to rid yourself of sensitivity in your fingertips, or sensitivity to emotions, we don't want you to get rid of every bad dream you have. We just want you to know what they mean.

A dream that makes your heart soar, when you have a dream that you're flying -- ever have flying dreams? Oh, those are good indicators. That means you're floating free. That means you've turned downstream. That means you're tuned in, tapped in, turned on. That means you're in alignment with Source. That means you're perceiving life through the eyes of Source. Those dreams are dreams of empowerment.

But when you feel bound, when you feel taken advantage of, when you feel shunned or mocked. Ever have dreams that you are running around in a crowd of people and you are naked? A lot of people have those dreams. Those kinds of dreams are serious indicators that you care too much about what everybody else thinks.

Your dreams give you enormous amounts of information. But the thing that you want to ask yourself is: "Did I dream? And how did it feel?" Because how it feels is the telling information. It doesn't matter what the dream was about, if you felt invincible, if you felt in love, if you felt powerful, then those are dreams of alignment and connection. If you felt a coward, if you felt afraid, if you felt unhappy, if you felt sad, if you're crying in the dream, those are indications that you've got something going on, something matters and your vibration's in a different place.

So you could say, if your dreams are happy, then there's no process that's necessary. If you're waking up from a unhappy dreams, let's do some of these processes to get you in a different vibration. Also it's helpful to know that within the dream, not only will the emotion let you know about where you're vibrating on the emotional scale, but the content of the dream usually gives you information too. The people who are in the dream, or the places that are in the dream -- while we would not work too hard at translating anything literally, if you have a dream where something is really vivid, something about your resistance is often tied there. It's often pointing at a place that it would be of value for you to clean up a bit.

Teresa R.
Group Organizer
Washington, DC
Post #: 295
More Abraham Quotes on Dreams:

Dreams can give you a wonderful insight into your current vibrational state of being. Your recall of a dream is your physical translation of blocks of Non-Physical thought that you have interacted with in your dream state. When you sleep, you reemerge back into the Energy of the Non-Physical, and you have conversations (not conversations in words, but vibrational ones). Then, as you are awakening, you translate that block of thought into its physical equivalent.


Talk to your Inner Being about what you want and why you want it. And let your Inner Being offer to you, in your dream state, images that you can flow Energy toward, which will cause your vibrational state to be as you want it to be. And then the Law of Attraction will bring it to you.


The way you feel in a dream is an exaggeration of what you're doing vibrationally.


Nightmares simply mean that you're translating your life back to yourself from the framework of some sort of insecurity, that's all. It doesn't mean that your Inner Being is giving you warnings. It doesn't mean that there are terrible things on your horizon. People worry about these precognitive dreams, and we say, well, the reason that dreams sometimes appear and are precognitive is because what you think and how you feel and what manifests is always a vibrational match. And in like manner, what you think and what you feel and what manifests in your dream state is also a vibrational match. In other words, you are the creator of your dreams.

So if you're having nightmares, it just means that for whatever reason, and usually for some period of time, you've been beating a drum of insecurity about something. And we think the dream is a wonderful thing because you wake up from it and you say, "Well, this is not a reality."

It's always easier to release resistance from your vibration little by little pre-manifestation [rather] than post-manifestation. Once the truck has fallen on you {laughter} and you have to deal with all of that..., it is not as easy for you to change the thought because now you've got all of this stuff that you're focusing on, too, where a dream is much easier to refocus from. It just sort of gives you awareness, you see.


The dream is there to show you that what you're vibrating, often without meaning to, you are still including in your mix. And so, the dream is a manifestation that says to you, 'Look, this is what you're vibrating. Keep it up, and it may be a bigger part of your experience.' Not just in the dream. Or it may become a recurring dream, or not just a recurring dream, it may start showing up in the people around you or in the experiences around you -- because, what you're vibrating and what you are living are always a vibrational match. You have an enormous amount of leeway, but once it starts turning up in your dreams it's a pretty good indicator that it's been pretty heavily a part of your vibration.


When we awaken in the morning, the first thing we would do is acknowledge we're glad to be alive and awake and physical, and then we would ask, "Did I dream?" because if you wait too long you won't remember. Often you won't have a dream that you remember, but if you do recall something, then lie there and try to recapture the feeling of it, because the feeling is what gives you your information. In other words, the emotions that you felt in your dream are the contrast that lets you know what you don't want and what you do want, just like your feelings that you live in your real life-experience help you to know when you're including something not wanted or when you're including something wanted.


Talk to your Inner Being about what you want and why you want it. And let your Inner Being offer to you, in your dream state, images that you can flow Energy toward, which will cause your vibrational state to be as you want it to be. And then the Law of Attraction will bring it to you.

- Abraham, Ask and It is Given

If we awakened from a dream that pleased us, we would say: "I'm doing it just right. I'm gonna keep thinking about this subject in the way I have. Because if this dream is a precursor to what's going to manifest, I'm gonna be very happy."

But if we had a dream that was uncomfortable, we would stop and say: "I have written this dream. I know not necessarily why I've done it, but what would I prefer instead?" And we would use our virtual reality to begin to conjure a dreamscape on purpose until it began to reflect in our dreamscape.

- Abraham, San Diego 2/23/02
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