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Washington Abraham Hicks Meetup Group Message Board › Notes from the 2/19/09 Radio Seminar

Notes from the 2/19/09 Radio Seminar

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Teresa R.
Group Organizer
Washington, DC
Post #: 291
2/19/09 Radio Seminar

When you are thinking first and foremost about energy alignment, you then experience a leverage that you just cannot get out of action. It’s so tempting to feel that you have to deal with the details of your life, especially when they’re so many. But the action part of your life was not meant to be the creative force of your life. You were meant to use your action to enjoy what you are creating through the power of your thought.

No matter how confusing your life feels, no matter how overwhelmed you are, you’re exuding these rockets. That vibrational reality is forming even though you can’t see it, it’s forming for you. And LoA is responding to that vortex. That is the dominant part of you. There is a veritable vortex of attraction that is swirling. This powerful vortex where all cooperative components are being summoned. All cooperative components. If you’re over there in overwhelment, you’re not a cooperative component. Which means, you are not in the vortex.

“There’s not enough of me to go around.” That’s “I know what I don’t want.” I don’t want to be spread too thin, deal with all the nitty gritty details, be the one who everyone asks instead of figuring it out themselves.

Center of focus wheel: I want to do what I do best and I want to be an inspiration to those around me to make this unfold comfortably for all of us.

There are many things that I’ve delegated that I no longer have to tend to at all.
There are many really effective people around me.
It’s flattering to me when people come and ask my ideas.
I like to be an inspiration to others.
I can feel that it’s getting better and better.
How I feel has a lot to do with how people respond to me.
I like knowing I’m capable of stretching further. I don’t have to stretch into discomfort in order to be effective.

When you get in the vortex:
People have to help you
You rendezvous with all cooperative components
You are being given only that which surprises and delights you
All things sort themselves out for you
You begin to feel tended to

Let 100% of your work be, to get in the vortex.

You just have to become of the mindset that you’ve done the work in the asking, and that now your work is to become a vibrational match to what you’ve asked for.

Those glimpses into reality, those temptations to speak things as they are, keep people apart. While future generations will benefit, there are many people here and now who will benefit. It cannot be one way with the global economy and another way with your personal economy. If you hear something or live something that causes you to feel fear, you’re launching something that is here right now for you. There are people right now rendezvousing with ideas that will give them prosperity now and in the future. Those who are complaining are staying in a step 1 moment.

The thing about an economic collapse – or the idea of it – it puts more robustness, more value and more ideas in the vibrational reality that will be the future of your world economy. You can be in the fear or you can get right in the vortex and be one who gets the ideas now, who has the rendezvous now. It’s enough for you to know that you want something more than you have. You have to get yourself out of the fearful moment in order to get into the vortex now.

These are words of creating reality. You can have more tomorrow than you had yesterday because of the fearful moment that you’re having today. You can get in the vortex and get the benefit from the fearful moment.

We want to activate w/i you an undeniable determination to be in the vortex because being in there is the only thing that’s natural to you. Being out there where you feel fearful is just an awful, screwy place to be.

If you want it enough you will find a way to get in there. When you want it enough you can really feel a difference between being in it and out of it.

There’s no regression, there’s no becoming less-than.

People are begging congress and your president, begging them to do something that changes the conditions so they can feel better. We say, how disempowering is that? Show yourself that you can get in the vortex anyway and watch the universal forces deliver to you each and every thing you ever asked for.

Q: “Women like Angelina Joli – what is their self-talk?’
They will tell you what they do want, not what they don’t want
They are fine-tuners of their life experience and always looking for positive aspects
They are making an effort to be in the vortex, whether they are using that terminology or not

As you use someone who you think is succeeding and you make a comparison between the success you think they have and where you stand, you use people who are successful to your disadvantage. We would rather see you talking about yourself in your happiest times. Talking about what is working in your life experience.

When we talk about your guidance system and you want to tune into it to make right decisions, it’s just annoying to a lot of people – how do I know if what I am getting is right? You’re working too hard at the details of your experience and not putting enough emphasis on tending to your vibrational relationship with who you really are. You just want to get into that vortex. That’s really what matters. Unless you’re in there, you can’t possibly make a good decision.

You can’t make a good decision outside the vortex.

When you’re in there, you have impulses that are so strong that they’re undeniable. Unless an idea feels so big that wild horses couldn’t drag you away from it, it’s too soon for it. In the midst of all those things you feel you have to do, you’re out of the vortex just coping, and you say you want to use your guidance system to make good decisions. You’ve got to get into the vortex to make good decisions.

Q: I want to let go of my husband.

Abe: Letting go of something is not an in-the-vortex type of statement. It’s more of an “I know what I don’t want” type of statement.

Q: I want a loving, passionate relationship that feels spiritual and high vibration.

Abe: Instead say, “I want to make the right decision, to feel my guidance, to have an undeniable feeling of motion forward, to access the forces of the universe, to be tuned in tapped in turned on to who I really am – and THEN I want to move forward into a relationship.”

That feeling of fear is what it feels like when you’re not in the vortex. That’s all.

Say to yourself, “Of course I can’t make the decision from where I am. I need to get into the vortex. Now what’s the best thing I can do right here and right now to get back in?”

You’ve been on a path of stronger clarity recently than you have been for most of your life. That’s why you feel this new eagerness of letting go of one thing and moving to another. You feel in particularly good alignment. But then you start getting practical about it and it jerks you out of the vortex. So don’t get too practical – and don’t take any action this red-hot minute. Just get in the vortex and fantasize and take pleasure from those thoughts –and before you know it, opportunities will be unfolding. Instead of feeling like you have to plan the oppty, you’ll just be saying yes to it.

Outside: what do I need to do today to get things to work for me?
Inside: oh, yes, this is what I’ll do today.

Exceeded limit; continued.
Teresa R.
Group Organizer
Washington, DC
Post #: 293

Pain is loud emotion
Pain is indication of vibrational discord
Pain is a vibrational indicator of contradicted thought
Your pain causes you to ask for an improved condition but you focus on the pain, which keeps you from focusing on the improved condition

If you can make peace with where you are, that’s the fastest way to get into the vortex. It releases resistance. The vortex is a strong magnetic pull. It’s drawing you over there.

No excuse is good enough but as excuses go, you’ve got a pretty good one.

If you can separate the difference between the physical pain and the emotion.
You can feel pain and feel hopeful or feel the pain and feel discouraged. The difference between hope and discouragement is the difference between releasing the pain.

This physical discomfort is only an indication of vibration, which you can change. What you want to do is find a different way of approaching the pain. Make the pain your friend. It’s an indicator of resistance. It comes and goes. Sometimes it’s worse than others. It comes and goes. I know at some time it will be gone.

I can get inside the vortex even though I have pain. I can feel positive even though I have physical discomfort.

Pain is saying, “There’s something going on with me that I care deeply about, where I’m focused in opposition to my true desire.” It’s something deep enough that you’re ignoring your emotion about it. Your guidance system is not letting you get away with the contradiction.

Life is supposed to be good for you, and you’re supposed to feel good in this physical body. And there is nothing that you are giving back or paying back with any discomfort. It is right that you thrive and it is right that you feel good.

Give yourself permission to be the happy person that you were born to be. There is a little bit of carrying this burden around to compensate for the thriving.

“You don’t have access to what you really want because you’re so obsessed with what you’ve been getting.”

You’re not speaking anything that isn’t true but you’re not speaking any statements that help anyone involved. Make statements that feel good to you.

When you are trying to motivate your son, you’re focused on his lack. If you would make a list of his positive aspects, it would pop you into the vortex, and from there you can call him forward. You can’t prod someone into the vortex. You have to get there first, and then coax them. Through your awareness of what he’s doing wrong, you’re calling him OUT of the vortex.

You represent to your child the failure they see in your eyes.

Ten most favorite things about your son:
Good heart
Draws very well
Great wrestler
Writes good poetry
Clear minded
Focuses easily
When he focuses, he achieves wonderful things
He’s a powerful creative being
And when he’s in alignment, the creativity flows

It’s your job to get into the vortex when you’re thinking about your son. It’s not his job to get into the vortex so you feel better when you look at him.

We see you as a vibrational being
You see yourself as a physical being
Your physical apparatus has the ability to repair those circuits

You say something that helps, then you say something that hinders
You say something that helps, then you say something that hinders
You say something that helps, then you say something that hinders
You say something that helps, then you say something that hinders
We want you to say something that helps, then something else that helps, then something else that helps. You cannot argue for your limitations and get the recovery that you deserve. You’ve got to stop it.

All you have to do is spend more time thinking about how nice it will be once the recovery has come than thinking how uncomfortable it is that it hasn’t.

Your physical reality is really compelling. When you look at your physical body, it seems really static. It seems like it’s doing what its going to do. You have to lead with your thought. You have to lead and your body will follow. But you have to lead consistently.

The vibrational circuitry of my physical body is in flux, and I have control over how my body performs.

Your body is responding to your thoughts. If you let your thoughts be about the condition of your body, that is what you will get.

Your dominant thought should be, “Regardless of the condition of my physical body, I’m going to get in the vortex. I’m going to get in the vortex on subject after subject after subject.” When you get in the vortex you will rendezvous with everything you want.

Which statements you’re making put you in the vortex, and which statements justify not being in there.

We want this not to be about the way to get the improved condition, we want this conversation to be about how to get into the vortex where you’ll rendezvous with the condition.

In the vortex means I feel good for no rational reason. I’m happy about life, I’m in love with what I see, I see the positive aspects of others. I want to get in the vortex because I want to laugh and feel clear-minded and be happy.

There is nothing that is a big enough excuse to be out of the vortex.

You can’t change your condition today but you can get in the vortex.

We are not going to do your work. We are only going to tell you that we know you can do your work.

“I have to feel good so that I can recover.”

This will not be as difficult as you think. Just practice it a little bit, you’ll see.

Don’t get in the vortex for recovery. Get in the vortex to feel good.

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