New Meetup: BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT Hour with the Pros with Jeff Manson

From: Chris K.
Sent on: Friday, September 3, 2010 9:58 AM
Announcing a new Meetup for Washington DC Metro - Maryland Traders Meetup Group!

What: BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT Hour with the Pros with Jeff Manson

When: Thursday, September 16,[masked]:00 PM

Where: Dorsey Station
6865 Deerpath Rd Suite 101
Elkridge, MD 21075

Come Back to School as Jeff Manson presents the Hour with the Pros


Jeff Manson was Online Trading Academy Instructor of the Year in 2009. Jeff Manson has been trading for more than 15 years. His experience is broad-based, actively trading equities, futures, commodities, bonds, currencies, E-minis and options. Jeff is the author of two books and has designed and individually constructed courses for large groups of trading individuals. He has also conducted several online chat rooms and morning webinars to support the students he has shared his methodology with. He has been a speaker to investment groups, trading investment conference and private seminars with over 95% of students rating the courses and lectures as ?excellent.? Jeff has individually trained and mentored many students over the years. Jeff uses his trading methodology and personal trading experience to teach students how to use broad market analysis, fundamental and technical analysis, chart pattern recognition and a step-by-step trading plan, and also uses forecasting techniques like Elliott Wave and Fibonacci to teach students how to trade successfully the right side of the charts. After being taught by Jeff, you will have the tools and skills to:

* Develop your own trading plan ? specific to you - consistent with your objectives and life-style
* Know what you should be trading
* Know you are focusing on the right trades
* Know when to get in and out of a trade
* Know what the caveats are in your selection
* Know how to trade the ?right? side of the chart ? not what has happened, but will happen
* Understand the bad habits and or psychology that keeps you from taking money from the market when it should be yours
* Know exactly what to do when you get home
* Make your trading mechanical in nature and minimize the emotions that come with trading
* Understand why the market moves when it does
* See the next move of whatever you are trading before it moves

What students are saying about Jeff Manson:

"Jeff Manson is an excellent instructor!!! Jeff was the missing piece in my puzzle. I now know without a doubt, I can do this. Thank you, Jeff!!!" Melody M, June 2010

"Jeff is an amazing instructor. He has so much extra material that he incorporates which makes the course outstanding." Sue S., June 2010

"Thanks Jeff, Everytime I take your class, your teaching takes my trading to the next level. Thanks again!!!" Brian C., May 2010

"Jeff is one of the best, most informed and positive instructors I have studied under. He is able to relate to all students and is an excellent teacher. I really liked Jeff's ability to not only discuss the trade, but to illustrate the moves and then coach me in doing the trade. His approach of telling, showing and doing the trade adds much to his creditability." Floyd B., May 2010

"Jeff takes the time to go over materials thoroughly. Jeff provides additional help before class to simulate early morning trading. Class is great for a beginner since everything is presented at the right pace." Nancy B., April 2010

"Jeff really cares about his students mastering the material. He provides a methodology and set of rules that you can actually trade with." Jack H., April 2010

"I liked Jeff's consideration for his students - positive learning environment. The information he gave us was very, very specific - which should make it easy to incorporate into a trade plan." Linda C., March 2010

"Jeff knows the material very well and is able to break it down to simple, defined, measurable steps for the class. He shares his personal experience with the class, which is helpful in the journey of learning a new trade." Belinda, February 2010

"Excellent instructor. Both his knowledge and his ability to explain the materials and his methods are excellent." Reed G., February 2010

"Jeff Manson is excellent in every way. He not only understands his material in depth, he is able to communicate that knowledge effectively to students. His personality makes him very approachable and he welcomes student questions. He is definitely an asset to Online Trading Academy!" Mary Y., January 2010

"Jeff did a great job and was marvelous about answering questions. The atmosphere of the class was outstanding, we were all pretty much on the same page and wanting to learn. Jeff added a lot of extra information to help us make money trading. His real world info to actually help us make money was great." Dean T., January 2010

"Jeff is absolutely great. He is knowledgeable and has a great presentation style. He shows, tells, and explains, which is a great way to learn things. He goes over the material several times in class and does a great job answering questions. He has great sense of humor and is very patient with his students. In addition, he bring depth to the class with his years of hands-on experience and stories about his and other traders' experiences. I have taken classes from Jeff three times-the reason is that he is absolutely the best!!!" Michael L., December 2009

"Jeff Manson is a great instructor and helped make a complicated subject understandable. Not only was his technical analysis tremendously valuable but also the psychology of trading and his insights were invaluable." Jim C., December 2009

"Awesome teacher. He knows and trusts his trading system. He is able to pass that level of his confidence to us students." Lino, November 2009

"Jeff is the best stock instructor I have been trained by. He introduces an example with doing a live example and doing a lot of background introduction, and then goes over the hand outs in the book. This way it is easier to go through the matrerial and learn. Thanks Jeff." Santokh S., November 2009

"Jeff is very intuitive and makes sure he answers questions thoughtfully - even if you are not asking the "right" question, he will help you get to the bottom of things." Kelly S., November 2009

"Jeff impressed me to the extent that I consider him to be the pinnacle of the professional trader. I want to emulate his strategies, techniques, and philosophy to the degree that they are second nature. I feel blessed to have been exposed to this program." Luke H., October 2009

"Jeff Manson was very passionate about his teaching and presentation of his knowledge. I look forward to learning more from Jeff next time he is in Boston. A good teacher is often rare." Wendy M., October 2009

"Absolutely great. Jeff is the very BEST!" Steve H., September 2009

"Jeff Manson teaches with enthusiasum and passion that inspires me, has compassion with my faults, and he shares his knowledge in a way I can understand and remember. Thanks." Florence H., September 2009

"Wow! Jeff Manson really opened my eyes in the E-mini class. I feel like the haze has been lifted and I can see the patterns and the set-ups so clearly now, it's like getting 20-20 vision for the first time. Jeff is an awesome instructor. He really takes the time to make sure each person understands the material, patiently explaining things until we all get it. Thank you, Jeff!" Debi M., August 2009

"What a week! Jeff is very thorough and pours himself into the class, the subject matter and the students. I feel confident that I understand the material presented and now need to do research and practice what I have learned. I appreciate people that are willing to teach and mentor others, especially when they have a good sense of humor and lots of practical experience-Jeff exemplifies these qualities. This has been a great week, I am grateful that I was able to experience it." Michael L., August 2009

"Jeff alternated nicely between the curriculum and his own specialized knowledge. He brought the class alive with personal stories and anecdotes. He emphasized risk management frequently." Bernice K., July 2009

"Jeff is an excellent communicator and really knows his stuff. He has tremendous trading perspective and taught us some very valuable techniques." Darrell W., July 2009

"Jeff is a remarkable instructor and trader. He excels at connecting with students and finding a variety of ways to deliver his message. I have been in a lot of training classes throughout my life and I can say that Jeff is probably the best instructor I have ever had." John A., May 2009

"Jeff is awesome. He is very precise in his explanations, and stays with us until we understand him. Jeff has the unique ability to challenge the more advanced students, while at the same time assisting folks like me, new to the market students, understand the topics at hand." Anthony H., May 2009

"I believe Jeff is one of the best instructors/teachers I've had in any course or curriculum. He was the primary reason I retook the course." Steve B., January 2009

"The BEST Online Trading Academy instructor I've seen so far (all are good). It was so nice that Jeff elevated the content. It is obvious that Jeff has thoroughly studied the principles that he presents. He is also very good at presenting what seem to be complicated concepts." Lisa K., December 2008

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