FYI=AS OF JULY 31 NO Stops or Limits on US trading platforms allowed !!!

From: kurt
Sent on: Friday, July 3, 2009 9:05 AM
Too My Forex Friends       (There's alot here but all important)
The month of July many things will be changing no stops or limit windows on US trading platforms !!!!..........please read and study the following link and discuss all this with your broker !!
These new rules in Forex will change the way we all trade. Depending on who's system you use. FXCM will move full accounts to UK if you would on link above, for Micro link below
Here at Double Arrow entry times will not change but we will no longer be able to protect profit and let balance run on US platforms, so we will be taking smaller pip profits, our goal will remain the same 25-30 pips per day, instead of getting 100 pip runs once a week we will be getting (like the old days) 100 pip runs 4-6 times per month, total that up still a dam good month !!!
I still feel and now more than ever to be profitable you will have to trade the EU Session, volatility will not change, this is good for the way we trade.
I feel the changes will cause many of you to look else were but if you would like to discuss Double Arrow our system and compare it to what your doing now, please contact me..........
This could be a very positive situation but some changes will have to be done.
    1. More detailed information like from
        Ian is the best and has been doing it for 20 years, and does
        offer a free trail period
IMPORTANT: You may want to use demo and practice trading without stops..............and limits.
If you want to complain to somebody about all this 
I see a 3rd world country coming on fast...............the USA

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