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Ok, here are the games being run at the December RPGala. If you want to play in one of the campaigns (indicated in the game's description), it is *vital* you indicate such and which one in your RSVP so the GM can contact you and go through character creation. If you don't do this, you may not get a seat in the game as the campaign GMs don't want to spend the 1st session making characters. All one-shots will have pre-gen characters.

The one-shots are 1st come 1st serve at the day of the event, there is no early sign up for them.

As always, any questions, let me know!

EXALTED, 2nd Ed./GM- Allan/Type- Campaign/3-5 players
It is the Second Age of Mankind, an Age of Sorrows. While the Dragon-Blooded squabble over who will rule in the Scarlet Empress' absence, threats gather in all directions. Just beyond the edges of the world, the Fair Folk bide their time, waiting for another opportunity to march forth from the formless Wyld to undo shaped reality. Just beneath the skin of the world, the necrotic lords of the Underworld plot to share the gift of Oblivion with all living things. And imprisoned within the infinite body of the Yozi known as Malfeas, the Demon Princes strive to escape their prison to wreak vengeance on the gods and the gods' champions. Meanwhile, in the Celestial City of Yu-Shan, even the greatest of the gods cannot tear their attention away from the seductive Games of Divinity although Creation teeters on the brink of apocalypse. As the Chosen of the Gods, you are Creation's only hope.

STAR WARS SAGA Ed./GM- Mike/Type- One Shot/Up to 5 players
The game will occur in the year 7013 BBY, 17,000 years after the First Great Schism. Many Jedi historians believe that the Legions of Lettow were an aberration in the Force and that the main opponents to peace and stability are the political desires of governments, criminal organizations and interspecies conflicts, but they are wrong. The Legions were destroyed but their ideas still live and can be found in debates on the nature of the Force. Furthermore, something from myth moves in the darkness of space changing the Jedi Order in a way that will forever haunt the galaxy.

D&D 3.5/GM- Rob/Type- One Shot/Up to 6 players
The town of Falcon's Hollow needs a miracle. The plague has come to the town of Falcon's Hollow, and not even the town's priest can abate its wretched course. With the coughs of the sick and the wails of the dying echoing through town, the local herbalist uncovers a cure, but she needs some brave heroes to retrieve the ingredients. Finding the cure means risking the dangerous Darkmoon Vale, infiltrating a witch's haunted hut, and delving the ruins of an abandoned dwarven monastery.

D&D 3.5/GM- Joe/Type- One Shot
Description to follow

D&D 3.5/GM- Mark/Type- One Shot/Up to 10 players
A recently conquered city is under martial law. Amidst the city upheaval the pc's have been hired to assist an order of paladins recover a sacred relic. This relic is in the family tomb of a fallen member of the paladins' Aspen and Cedar Society. But with renegade mercenaries as well as loyalists to the former rulership barely contained by the conquering forces, the retrieval consists of urban skirmishes where survival is a matter of tactics and might.

D20 MODERN HORROR/GM- Jesse/Type- Campaign/3-5 players
It is a BPRD/X-files style campaign set in a slightly tweaked 1930s. It'll have a healthy mix of combat, character interaction, story, and creepy stuff. There will be an appropriately dramatic soundtrack as well. I'd like people to make their characters beforehand. The more detail, the better. Detail will get you more drama die (a d6 added to any D20 roll, a 'buffer' for critical failures) to start with, and I will try to work in at least some of each character's back story into the plot. My only request is that your character has some reason to associate with Rupert Merriweather, a retired professor of history at Miskatonic, and be someone that he would trust fairly well. Note: Though Miskatonic does exist in this setting, it is not exclusively

GURPS SCI-FI/GM- Malcolm/Type- Campaign/Up to 6 players
The Gates of Eternity: A campaign of interplanetary adventure and political intrigue set in the Sol system in the year 2130. Player characters will be military personnel, government agents or scientific specialist in a race against foreign powers to uncover the secrets of strange artifacts through out the solar system which give evidence of extraterrestrial and possibly the technological key to interstellar travel. Scenarios will include investigation, stealth, and negotiation in addition to combat; which will include ship to ship, mechs and battle-suits clashes.

AD&D, 2nd Ed./GM- Jason/Type- One Shot/Up to 6 players
The one-shot is a module called Rahasia. Rahasia is an elven princess that was spirited away by a cult that developed near the elven town. Many other elven maidens have been disappearing at the cult's temple not to far away. The adventurers get caught up in the fantastical workings of the temple as they try to uncover the plot of some mysterious villains that have been plaguing the countryside for generations. This excitement filled dungeon-romp is filled with challenging puzzles, deadly traps and a chance for players to use their wits to solve the mystery of Rahasia.

ARS MAGICA, 5th Ed./GM- Patrick/Type- One Shot/4-6 players
It is a bitter February in the year 899 Anno Domini amongst the fells of Britain's wild Lake District. Tensions are high: amidst charges of diabolism, the magi of the Covenant of Blackthorn have declared Wizards War on the Covenant of Rosalba. Although the Hermetic Code promises protection, three wizards of the Order of Hermes and their guards must make their way across the perilous fells of Britain's Lake District, all the while harried by mysterious opponents. Will they discover a path to salvation in time? A flashback to the history of the Hermetic Order during the Dark Ages, this scenario serves as an introduction to the standard setting and rules of Ars Magica, Fifth Edition. A Mad Irishman Production!

DOGS IN THE VINEYARD/GM- Nathaniel/Type- One Shot/3-5 players
"As your horses pick their way down the steep trail, you catch your first glimpse of Little Furrow, nestled in the foothills of the mountain. Like many of the towns of the Faith, it is small, no more than 10 families but growing fast. A sudden headwind whips up, carrying with it the faint smell of chimney smoke. And even fainter, something else: Sin. The tiniest ember, unchecked, could set the whole Faith burning. But the King of Life has granted you a strong will and the Elders have given you hard boots to stamp out that ember. You grip the reins and ride forward."

In Dogs in the Vineyard, you are a combination mailman/circuit judge/priest/inquisitor to the Faithful in a land not unlike the American Wild West. Dogs uses a conflict resolution system which is entirely unlike any other RPG I've ever seen, and is a hell of a lot of fun. It's very easy to learn, both for seasoned D&D veterans and people who don't even know what 'RPG' stands for.

WARNING: The religion is Dogs is, essentially, early Mormonism. Your character is a devout member of this religion, so you should be comfortable with the idea of playing that. As a player, you are of course welcome to believe in any religion you like, or in none at all. You don't need any background knowledge in any religion to play well.

SAVAGE WORLDS/GM- Kurt/Type- One Shot/Up to 6 players
Something dark stirs in the distant and forgotten places of Vietnam. Something vile that has pushed man to wage relentless war for millennia. And the body bags just keep coming. You know how bad the booby traps and ambushes are, but have you ever wondered what dark gods those forgotten jungle temples were built for? Or what makes those bizarre crying sounds in the remote highlands, far away from any villes? Or why even the locals fear the so called "cannibalistic" mountain tribes?
The time is the late 1960s. You're an American soldier about to start a tour of duty through this violent land, so strap on your rucksack and lock and load your weapon. You're about to embark on a Tour of Darkness.

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