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Hi folks, here is the list of games for the January RPGala. We have 9 games this month, something for everyone. When you RSVP, please indicate your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices if possible. Please do this! It is to help each GM/DM gauge how much interest there is in their game and lets them know approximately how many players to prepare for. If you want to join one of the campaigns (Exalted, d20 modern horror) please make sure you contact either myself or the GM for character creation. Thanks!!

D&D v3.5/DM-Eldyn/Type-One Shot/4-6 players
Living in the small town of Girgar you don?t see much excitement. You do your work and try to make a living and every few days, as time permits, you meet up with your friends at the local pub for food, drinks, and some local gossip. Recently there were several outsiders at your pub, they called themselves adventurers and had the greatest stories of battling monsters and finding treasures you have ever heard. After their departure you and your friends decided that you?d love such an adventure. But before you can make plans and gather your things you?re fighting for your life and the life of loved ones and have to prevent a great tragedy.

D&D v3.5/DM-Joe/Type-One Shot/Up to 20 players
The Kingdom of Ternathia has enjoyed 50 years of peace and prosperity. In celebration of this the Captial City of Carbad is holding a 2 week festival where farmers and merchants can display the plentiful harvests to sell and wonderful trinkets and sorts to purchase. The King and Queen, Lord and Lady Rainon, also invite any and all brave souls to participate in a tournament to acquire title and land. The participants will be gathered into 6 person groups. Each group will participate as a team with the following rules and exceptions.
1. 4 original members of the group must finish the contest in order for them to be considered for winnings.
2. Groups will not be permitted to offer assistance to any other group unless otherwise allowed by tournament regulating officials. Doing so without permission will disqualify both groups.
3. Each event must be completed for any point to be awarded. Failure to complete an event or partial completion will not render any points.
4. Individual groups may complete any event in any fashion they like. Hindering other groups in completing events is allowed, but be warned that no group may directly enter conflict with another group.
The Tournament will consist of 6 different events.

D&Dv3.5/GM-Mark/Type-One Shot/4-6 players
A city in turmoil as an unforseen force has been slowly corrupting everything it touches, but no one seems to know what it is. A group of 4-6 Characters will have the chance to choose to be either "good" or "evil", no neutrals, and play from either angle as they unravel the mystery surrounding the city. Pregenerated Characters will be available. This is the first module in my campaign should it take off.

D20 MODERN HORROR/GM- Jesse/Type- Campaign/room for ONE player
It is a BPRD/X-files style campaign set in a slightly tweaked 1930s. It'll have a healthy mix of combat, character interaction, story, and creepy stuff. There will be an appropriately dramatic soundtrack as well. I'd like people to make their characters beforehand. The more detail, the better. Detail will get you more drama die (a d6 added to any D20 roll, a 'buffer' for critical failures) to start with, and I will try to work in at least some of each character's back story into the plot. My only request is that your character has some reason to associate with Rupert Merriweather, a retired professor of history at Miskatonic, and be someone that he would trust fairly well. Note: Though Miskatonic does exist in this setting, it is not exclusively Lovecraftian.

EXALTED, 2nd Ed./GM- Allan/Type- Campaign/room for up to THREE more players
It is the Second Age of Mankind, an Age of Sorrows. While the Dragon-Blooded squabble over who will rule in the Scarlet Empress' absence, threats gather in all directions. Just beyond the edges of the world, the Fair Folk bide their time, waiting for another opportunity to march forth from the formless Wyld to undo shaped reality. Just beneath the skin of the world, the necrotic lords of the Underworld plot to share the gift of Oblivion with all living things. And imprisoned within the infinite body of the Yozi known as Malfeas, the Demon Princes strive to escape their prison to wreak vengeance on the gods and the gods' champions. Meanwhile, in the Celestial City of Yu-Shan, even the greatest of the gods cannot tear their attention away from the seductive Games of Divinity although Creation teeters on the brink of apocalypse. As the Chosen of the Gods, you are Creation's only hope.

GURPS, 4th Edition/GM-Malcolm/Type-Campaign/room for up to THREE more players
The Terrifying Plot of Dr. Z! The date is March 1, 1936. The place is Washington D.C., USA. FDR is in the White House, the civil war rages in Spain, and everybody is doing the Lindy Hop. This mini-campaign in truth is an extended adventure for GURPS Fourth Edition presented in short linked episodes, much like a cliffhanging serial movie. The game's adventure serial involves chases, fights, captures, escapes, deathtraps, mad Russians, Mongolian hordes, Nazi zepplins, and, yes, hanging off of cliffs.

ARS MAGICA, 5th Ed./GM- Patrick/Type- One Shot/4-6 players
It is a bitter February in the year 899 Anno Domini amongst the fells of Britain's wild Lake District. Tensions are high: amidst charges of diabolism, the magi of the Covenant of Blackthorn have declared Wizards War on the Covenant of Rosalba. Although the Hermetic Code promises protection, three wizards of the Order of Hermes and their guards must make their way across the perilous fells of Britain's Lake District, all the while harried by mysterious opponents. Will they discover a path to salvation in time? A flashback to the history of the Hermetic Order during the Dark Ages, this scenario serves as an introduction to the standard setting and rules of Ars Magica, Fifth Edition. A Mad Irishman Production!

Werewolf: The Forsaken/DM-Christopher/Type-One Shot/Up to 5 players
Hatred. That is what drives you. That is why you left your only family, your pack. It why you dove deep into the wild lands of the Shadow. That is why you made that Pact with a spirit older than Humanity. It is why you will travel to the ends of the earth. With this pure, all consuming hatred nothing can stand in your way. You will have you bloody vengeance. And yes, it will be be glorious.
In this game of Savage Horror, you are a Werewolf pack that was created for one thing: Vengeance. Each of you were wronged by The Eye Eater: a most sinister and sadistic Azlu (Spider Host). She ruined each of your lives, so you joined together to hunt down the this Diabolical monster. Investigation, Diplomacy, and Combat will all be important in this Hunt and all levels of Experience are welcome.

Shadowrun, 4th Ed./GM-Jason/Type-One Shot/Up to 12 players
There Shall Be Blood.
Seattle - 2070. The world has changed, some would say for the better, but most would probably say otherwise. Magic has returned to the planet's surface, lying dormant for centuries in wait for those whom are able to wield its terrible power. Elves, Dwarves, Orks and Trolls walk the buzzing streets of our metroplex's as though they never only existed in children's story books. The world wide web has evolved into the virtual world now known as the Matrix...a playground for cyber-life never before imagined. Even through all the changes, there are some things which remain the same. The rich continue to get richer and the poor grow ever larger and more beligerent. Massive mega-corporations have swelled to the point of taking over what were once known as countries and your allegiance is now pledged to the CEOs and powerbrokers running the show. In the midst of this bewildering new world is you...drenched in shadows, your identity doesn't pop up on any databases and your face won't be seen on the evening news. You are a Shadowrunner - a hired hand to perform certain tasks that those with clean hands find beneath their status. And tonight is shaping up to be the biggest score of your life. Two waring corporations. One of them hires an elite team of shadow professionals to execute a planned raid on a downtown facility. The goal? Steal an ancient manuscript, upload a devastating computer virus and then leave the compound in smouldering ashes on your way out...along with a healthy dose of dead security guards to make your point. Chose which premade character you'd like to portray: Axe-wielding cyclops, elven fixer, dwarf rigger, ork terrorist, vampire hunter, fire sorcerer, heavy weapon specialist, super-fast street samurai, computer hacker, Insect Shaman, or Insect spirit.
You have one night to get the job done and the rest of your lives to spend your hard earned reward.

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