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Sent on: Friday, November 21, 2008 8:19 PM
Hey everyone, I hope you all are enjoying the onset of winter.

I was briefly at the November RPGala but left due to a severe cold (which I'm STILL fighting) at which point Aaron and the GMs took over. By all accounts that I have heard, the proverbial 'good time' was had by all and the new room was much superior to our previous locations. I got great feedback about all of the games and all of the GMs. So let's give a big THANK YOU to Will Nesbitt (FUDGE), Marc Shotter (Risus), Joe Greenspoon (Traveller), and Brian Phillips (GURPS) for providing all of the attendees with an enjoyable afternoon of gaming and picking up where we left off with a strong RPGala.

Most of all, everyone who values this group should thank Aaron in an email or when you seen him at the next RPGala. As I stated back in September, I had been dealing with some fairly severe health issues and a catastrophic business failure over the summer. Since then I have kind of stepped back and Aaron has picked up the slack while I have been regrouping and recouping and he has kept the group running and kept you all in contact with each other when looking for games and players. THANK YOU AARON!

Now we get to the ugly part of the update. After previously vanquishing our hated foe, Emperor No-Show, the forces of No-Show once again reared their ugly heads at the November RPGala. PLEASE, if you RSVP 'YES', make sure you attend come hell or high water. If you have ANY doubt in your head about attending either hold off on a response until you are sure or indicate your doubtful attendance in your response! If an emergency occurs where you can not attend, change your RSVP or email me! Yes, even if it is 10 minutes before the RPGala starts. I've said it before and I'll say it again, no-shows WILL kill this group. We cannot expect GMs to put forth their time and their effort only to show up at the event and find they have no players because a bunch of people decided to flake. And in fact, they won't. We HAVE lost the services of several GMs (yes, permanently) in the past because of the problem of no-shows.

Therefore, anyone who no-shows twice in a calender year will be permanently banned, not just from the RPGala's but from the Meetup group entirely. I will be changing the settings of the group so that the content can be viewed by members only.

Ahhh, now that the unpleasant stuff is out of the way... December 13th is the December RPGala! Again, we are starting at 12 noon and gaming until 5pm. The RPGala will again be in 'The Children's Room' at West End Library. We WILL have food at this event. It will still be cheap but I have to raise the price from 2 dollars to 3 dollars. 3 dollars will get you one sandwich from Potbelly Sandwich Works and a can of soda. Additional sodas will be 1 dollar. So, when you RSVP, please include in addition to your choice of games: Food-Yes or Food-No or Soda Only!

The games at the December RPGala will be Buffy the Vampire Slayer, GURPS Flight 13, 4th Edition D&D, Earthdawn, and the return of the very popular Fudge. There may be one addition. I will send out summaries and info for each of the games by the end of the weekend. Remember to include your top 3 picks for games in your RSVP.

RSVP here: December RPGala

Finally, I am soon to start two new campaigns and I am recruiting interested players. I will send out more detailed descriptions but this is just a first heads up. First is Delta Green. Delta Green is game of modern horror and conspiracy, it is internationally recognized and has won Origins and ENnie awards for all of its sourcebooks and novels. I can't say enough good things about the setting and its widely regarded as "The Gamer's Game". Whatever that means and for whatever its worth. The campaign is grown out of our Call of Cthulhu game that has been running for the past year and change. You need not have been involved in that game to play in this one. The game will take place in 1994 and deal in part with horrors and conspiracies that formed 60 years past.

The second is something I wanted to do back when Gary Gygax passed but due to vagaries of life I had to put it off. As a remembrance of Mr Gygax and how much fun his early D&D stuff was, I plan on running several of his old D&D/Greyhawk modules woven together into a (hopefully ;) coherent campaign. I plan to start by utilizing Mr. Gygax's rules for Zero level characters in the Greyhawk Adventures hardbound (done it many times before, its always a blast) to create more organic characters with attached and meaningful backgrounds before progressing into a class and 1st level. Then its on to the Village of Hommlet, the Temple of Elemental Evil (yes, I know Gygax didn't write the published version of the module but Frank based it off Gygax's notes, maps, and actual play through the Temple), the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, the Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun, perhaps some of the Slavers stuff, Against the Giants, and the Drow series, maybe White Plume Mountain, Tomb of Horrors, or Vecna Lives depending on time and interest. NO, I will NOT be converting these to either 3rd or 4th Edition. The point is to stroll down memory lane and enjoy the old days of the game.

Let me know if interested and like I said, I will send out a more detailed announcement for each of the games.

Oh, and RSVP for the December RPGala!!!

December RPGala

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