MAY 21 Albany Event Now Bigger and Better

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Sent on: Monday, May 13, 2013 10:53 AM

NOTE: Sheriff Mack – not just a speaker. The Sheriff will march shoulder to shoulder with us on May 21.
This message is being sent only to the “core” connected email list.
This message is to clear up misconceptions and is intended to unite Grassroots. Behind the scenes roadblocks have had to be overcome. NOTE: In no way, is this intended to discredit or harm any others’ efforts to repeal the Safe Act or any rally.
I, Al Belardinelli, was a core member of a loose knit group that led the Pro-Gun efforts from the day the Safe Act was passed. I was a core organizer in the past major Albany gun rallies and the “Regional” series of rallies. I am not an organizer of the June Rally. I am one of the core organizers of the May 21 March on Albany.
What we have been hearing is: Has the May 21 event been canceled? Is the June rally bigger?
Here is the truth:
NOTE: we discredit no efforts and no grassroots loyalists. We encourage and support any and all efforts.
The May 21 event was planned months ago – was NEVER canceled – NEVER delayed – we NEVER wavered. May 21 was officially laid in stone – publically in Elmira on April 28. Any person or entity that claimed it was canceled LIED or has been maliciously or callously misinformed by those who acted unprincipled.
What you are witnessing is the status-quo trying to hijack the Grassroots. The "status-quo" includes any and all "entities" that have self-interest motives whether it is power, money or both. We - our movement - our dedicated people – are the ones that want the safe act repealed NOW. We have NO other motives.
BTW – the Mushmouth Marchione bill is not repeal it is an amendment and is NOT acceptable.
Keep Fighting - the May 21 organizers have now fought the many battles needed to make the march on Albany happen in the correct manner - we beat 'em back and will now march forward – bigger – better – purer – stronger than ever.
 The many details of a multi-action effort will be coming in a rash of emails. Please read every one carefully and the complete plan will become clear. You will see the tasks asked are important for FULL REPEAL.
Like I said – Keep Fighting – REPEAL – FULL REPEAL of the Safe Act is now more than a possibility
The harder we work the greater the possibility.

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